Sky High – School Gym

Everyone has gathered in the school gym under Principal Powers' request. She is standing on a stage as she presents the heroes of the day to the entire school. The Commander and Jetstream are standing behind her.

Principal Powers: And now I give to you the heroes of Sky High. Without them, we wouldn't have made it and Sky High would have been lost to Royal Pain forever. – Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sarox, Will Stronghold, Warren Peace, Layla Williams, Marlene, Max, PJ, Ethan, Magenta, Zach and Ron Wilson!

The listed eleven people go up to the stage. The principal opens up a tiny box with eleven golden medals contained inside.

Principal Powers: The world needs Sky High, and Sky High needs you.

Principal Powers gives three medals to Jetstream and three to the Commander. One after another, they put a medal around each of the eleven people's necks. The Commander places his three medals around the necks of Will, Warren and Ethan while Jetstream places hers around Layla, Magenta and Zach. Principal Powers places her four medals around Sarox, Marlene, Max and PJ. Zach admires his medal while Max rubs his. Will catches his father in a hug and Jetstream joins in. Sarox and Marlene share happy looks. Sarox, Will and Warren share looks for a moment then stand together and hold up their Keyblades and shoot out harmless fireworks from their tips.

Sky High – School Grounds

Sarox, Marlene, Max and PJ walk to the Gummi Ship, which is standing near to school buses, followed by the students and staff members of Sky High. They stop near the air lock of the Gummi Ship, then the quartet turn around to face the citizens of Sky High. Will, Warren, Layla, Ethan, Magenta and Zach are standing on the front while Principal Powers, the Commander and Jetstream stay in the background.

Sarox: Well, we're off then!

Will: So where are you guys headed next?

Sarox: Don't know, but we do know that we have to go. We have to set off to find the other Keybearers and the Princesses of Heart. (looks at Layla) She's in your protection now.

Will and Layla share looks and smile.

Will: Yeah, that she is. Thank you, Sarox, Marlene, Max, PJ!

They turn attention to Warren, who forms a large grin on his face.

Sarox: The world will be in both your and Will's protection, too. Hope you'll be good partners.

Will and Warren share looks, they are both friendly to each other.

Warren: I'm sure of it. You did a noble thing by coming here.

Jiminy: (off-screen) Hello! Let's go!

They turn and see Jiminy standing at the entrance.

Jiminy: We gotta leave now!

Sarox and his friends look back to Will and the others.

Sarox: Well, bye then.

Max: See you!

With that, they walk into the Gummi Ship. Will and the others wave them good-bye.

All: Bye, guys! Goodbye!

The Gummi Ship's engines start and lifts the ship off the grounds.

Gummi Ship – Pilot Room

Sarox, Marlene, Max and PJ are sitting in the pilot room and looking out through the windows, and waving them good-bye.

All: Goodbye!

Sky High – School Grounds

The citizens of Sky High continue to watch and wave as the Gummi Ship sets off to its next destination. Layla rests her head on Will's shoulder.

Layla: I'm sure we'll see them again someday.

Will: I believe so, too.

End of Story

Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you, dear readers.