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Pairings: Mainly KakuzuHidan

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Akatsuki Academy was a relatively unknown school; it had been founded not too long ago with the principle of supporting every student's individual talents.

The academy was in a small city in between a lot of larger ones with famous schools (the most famous one being Konoha Academy, closely followed by Suna Academy).

If you wanted to get into this school, you had to be personally chosen by the founder and headmaster, Madara Uchiha. Madara's goal, the students always said, was to outdo his biggest rival, Hashirama Senju, the headmaster of Konoha Academy.

The school system was relatively easy; you had six hours of classes per day, one hour lunch, and clubs.

The ages covered in the academy ranged from sixteen to eighteen; there were three grades, and at the moment, the number of students was small enough to have only one class per grade.

Despite how boring it sounded, Kakuzu was glad to be back.

Ah, yes. This is Kakuzu Hoku; he was in his third year at Akatsuki Academy and this was his first day back after a longer stay at the hospital due to a car accident.

Kakuzu was a tall guy, always wearing his school uniform (black dress pants, red shirt, black jacket) in a neat way, tan skin peeking out from behind dark brown hair and a mask covering the lower part of his face. He looked a little old for his age, with broad shoulders, and every bit like a man, not a boy.

As he entered his classroom, he sat down next to the only guy he got along with: Kisame Hoshigaki.

Kisame was of the same build as Kakuzu, though a little taller, with dark blue hair, small eyes and very pale skin that even appeared blue at times; he was the captain of the swimming team, the only sports club in Akatsuki Academy that actually had enough participants to form a team.

"Glad to see you're back. What's with the mask?"

Kakuzu didn't bother to reply, he simply grunted.

"You moving back into the dorms?"

"My things are being moved there as we speak."

"Good." Kisame grinned. "Not having a roommate was starting to suck."

"Has anything interesting happened during my absence?"

Kisame shrugged. "There's a new guy in Itachi-san's class. He's kind of a weirdo, though…"

Now, Kakuzu was a simple man; what didn't concern him, he didn't care about. This applied to things as well as people, and thus, Kisame's information was irrelevant to him.

"Ah, Kakuzu-kun!"

Kakuzu looked up calmly, spotting their headmaster Madara Uchiha standing in the doorway. "Good morning, Uchiha-sensei."

"Good morning. Listen, I know you only just came back, but do you think you could do me a favour? Cash is involved."

At the mention of money, Kakuzu immediately perked up. "What is the favour and how much?"

"Tutoring someone in Spanish, 15 an hour."

"Es un placer hacer negocios con usted, Senor Uchiha."

Madara smirked. "Alright, he'll be meeting you in the library at 5. Now study hard!"

Kisame sweatdropped. "You're so greedy, Kakuzu."

Kakuzu glared at him. "Money is important."

"Your family is rich. What would you possibly need money for?"

Kakuzu's glare darkened even further. "That isn't any of your business. Buzz off."


Hidan yawned loudly, sitting on a desk in the library; it wasn't as if the librarian, Konan, really gave a shit as long as you didn't harm her precious books.

Why was he even here? He should just ditch. He didn't care about Spanish, and having to learn half a year's worth of the class in time for the finals was impossible, anyway. That was what he got for entering the Academy in the middle of the school year. Stupid fucking piece of shit.

He looked left and right; neither Konan, nor any of the teachers were in sight. He could just escape to his dorm room and pretend to be sick – but then again, his roommate Tobi Uchiha was a fucking moron and super annoying, too.

Why the hell was that tutor even late? Weren't tutors supposed to be disgusting nerds who were always on time?

"Tu eres mi alumno?"

Hidan scrunched up his nose in a mix of disgust and confusion, looking up at the source of the voice; it was a tall guy with dark brown hair, bright green eyes and a mask covering the lower half of his face. "What the fuck did you just say?"

The guy sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. "My name is Kakuzu, I guess you're the one I'm supposed to tutor in Spanish. Name?"

The white-haired boy blinked. "I'm Hidan."

"Which level are you on in Spanish?"

"Uh, this is basically my first fucking class, seriously. I have no idea why Uchiha-sensei insisted I take it."

Kakuzu sighed again; it was driving Hidan mad, the way Kakuzu could sound so arrogant from just one sigh. It practically screamed 'You're a moron and I'm so much better than you' and Hidan would love to punch that guy in the fucking mask.

"Alright. Can you say anything in Spanish at all?"

Hidan glared. "Hijo de puta."

"Thanks for calling my mother a whore. Now sit down properly and take out your books; we're starting with sentence structure."


After one hour, Hidan and Kakuzu found out they had one thing in common: they hated each other's guts.

"Dios mio! For the millionth time, Hidan, the double l is pronounced like a y, not an l! Me llamo Kakuzu, me yamo Kakuzu, not me lamo Kakuzu!"

Kakuzu quickly realized that, handsome though Hidan looked for a sixteen year old, he wasn't the brightest in the bunch. He lacked any kind of logical thinking and had zero knowledge. How the hell had he even made it into the academy?

Hidan smirked. "Me LAMO Hidan. Kay tal?"

Kakuzu growled; he had actually been raised bilingual, seeing that his father was Japanese and his mother Hispanic, and to hear someone butcher the language his mother spoke so badly and on purpose made his blood boil.

"No tienes idea de cuanto quiero matarte por esto..."

Hidan's smirk just seemed to grow. "Aww, c'mon Kakuzu, relax", he cooed, pronouncing the 'relax' with a mock Spanish accent.

"That's it. No more. I can't take any more of you today." Kakuzu slammed his book shut and got up, glaring at Hidan. "By the way, you sound stupid when you try imitating an accent, not witty or funny." With that, he grabbed his book and turned around.

"Oh yeah?!" Hidan glared after him. "Well, your mask fucking sucks, seriously!"


I'm sorry if any of the Spanish is incorrect; I only take it in school, and though I love the language, I'm not very good at it TT


Es un placer hacer negocios con usted, Senor Uchiha – It's a pleasure making deals with you, Mr. Uchiha

Eres mi alumno – Are you my student?

Hijo de puta – Son of a whore/bitch

Me llamo ..., que tal – My name is..., how are you?

No tienes idea de cuanto quiero matarte por esto – You have no idea how much I want to kill you for this

If there are any Spanish people amongst the readers who could help me correct the sentences, I would really appreciate it!

Anyway, please let me know if this story is worth continuing or not.