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Kabuto hummed happily under his breath, minding his own business and reading medical reports. STD, med addict who wanted free stuff, STD, STD, noro virus –


Kabuto blinked, staring at the dust cloud at the end of the hall that was rapidly approaching.


The dust cloud stopped right in front of him and turned out to be a heavily breathing Sakura, who just started her residency at Konoha hospital. Kabuto was in his fifth year.

He glanced at his watch. "A minute past six."

She screeched and ran.


The break room was the mekka of Konoha hospital, but today it was especially crowded. It might have had to do with the rather large amount of females – doctors, surgeons, nurses – piled in front of the shockingly small TV.

The door burst open, and Sakura stormed inside. "Did it start yet?!"

Ino shook her head and scooted over to allow her friend some space. "Come on, forehead girl, it's about to start!"

"Shut up, Ino-pig!"

And then, the anticipated TV program beginning, eliciting a round of squeals and excited screeches from the women surrounding the TV when a silver-haired man became visible on the screen.

"Hey everyone, my name's Hidan, I'm the singer and guitarist of the band 'Jashin' and you are watching 'Jashin live at Hard Rock'!"

Sakura sighed dreamily. "It's so great to be seeing it live on the TV because tickets were limited…"

"It's not live," a deep voice muttered behind her.

She glared up. "And how would you know that, Kakuzu-san?"

He remained silent.

"Ah, Hidan-sama!" Ino grinned. "I love his voice, so bass-heavy…"

"Actually," Kakuzu commented dryly, "he's a tenor. You shouldn't be throwing random words you heard into the room if you don't know what they mean."

"Shh!" The other women glared at Kakuzu, Ino and Sakura. "We're trying to watch this!"

They were all silent for a while except for the occasional squeal and cheer and some singing along, until Ino decided to speak up again. "I wish I wouldn't have to work… I bet my nee-chan could have gotten me tickets, she was friends with Hidan-sama in school… I could have taken him in with my sexiness."

"He is hardly interested in women." Kakuzu gestured towards the screen. "He's obviously gay. Can't you see? Narcissistic and gay."

Again, all glares were turned on Kakuzu. "Just shut up!"

Tsunade, the only woman in the room who was not the least bit interested in the TV, smirked. "You should listen to Kakuzu. After all, he would know."

Ino huffed. "Kakuzu-san wouldn't know the difference between a gay guy and a guy who takes care of his looks if it was marked with flashing signs!"

"One more word, Ino," Rin growled, "and I will gag you. Don't even think I'm joking."

Silence just returned to the room when suddenly, the door burst open. The women turned around, all glares and fury. "Any more interruptions and we'll –"

They stopped short when they saw who had just entered.

Silver hair, light blue jeans which were ripped at the knees, Metallica shirt, leather jacket, purple eyes…


The. Fucking. Hidan.

And he was ignoring them, storming past the couch. "Kakuzu, you shit, you were supposed to pick me up at the airport an hour ago!"

Kakuzu smirked. "Seems you found your way here just fine by yourself."

"Just for your fucking information, you'll be giving me the fucking money I wasted on the fucking taxi back, you fucking bastard!"

Kakuzu didn't even dignify the women on the couch with a glance. He put his hand on Hidan's back, guiding him to the door. "Come on, I'm buying you a coffee. You're jetlagged and a bitch when you're tired." His hand slipped down to Hidan's ass, giving it a pat and smirking in satisfaction when he heard a collective gasp.

"That was really hot," Sakura commented with a grin once Kakuzu and Hidan had left the room.

The others gave her a dark look.

Tsunade smiled in amusement. "I told you guys that Kakuzu would know. After all, he has been dating Hidan since his last year of school, then all through college, medical school and his residency. That makes like… thirteen years."

Upon seeing some of the women looking like a certain painting called "the scream", she humbly decided to keep the symbolic ring exchange Hidan and Kakuzu had done about a year ago to herself. She didn't want anyone to faint, after all.

-- The End --

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Leo: „What was the change?"

Assuming you mean the plot change I mentioned, there were several.

- It was not a boarding school in the original version. At first, I planned to have everyone live in the same city, with their parents, and Hidan living on his own in a one room apartment.
- Kakuzu and Hidan, in the original version, met through being head of their respective clubs (all Akatsuki, including Pain, Konan and Zetsu were club presidents) and having to organize something at the school festival together.
- It was supposed to be focused a lot more on the individual character development rather than the relationship. While we're at it, each character was supposed to get more development. I ended up focusing just on Hidan and Kakuzu and their relationship.
- Hidan was going to have to perform with a Sound student, namely Tayuya, triggering Kakuzu's jealousy.
- They were supposed to break up twice in the story.
- I wanted to create a theme of dreams for both of them – Kakuzu's dream to become a surgeon and not caring about anything else, Hidan's eventual dream of becoming a professional musician. That was part of why I chose the title "Pajaros en la Cabeza", which is a Spanish song about a boy with his head in the clouds.