Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter. This is me making fun of one of my favorite ships and one of the favorite ways to get them together. I debated… do I get them together as friends, or something more… for this I've decided friends. And since this is AU, Dumbledore is alive. Please enjoy and have a good laugh.

1-14-2013 – This is one of my first attempts at Crack Fic. It was started long before I came to understand the ins and outs of the genre.

A Head Start
The Asking of How it Started

Professor McGonagall was told by Dumbledore to go and check on the status of the two heads of the house. She had been quite not understanding of how he could have chosen the two that he had, but she only put in a few words and hadn't argued the point. Putting those two into the head dorms was sure to cause chaos and destruction, much to the displeasure of everyone involved.

She stepped into the Head dorm and her eyes bulged out. Destruction was everywhere… it would take one good mending spell, though as she narrowed her eyes, at least one of them would be able to pull of the proper mending spell to clean the mess. She had been told by Dumbledore that the two were to have their punishments doled out by Professor Sprout.

The idea had probably had been that the idea was that she was from neither of the students houses. But McGonagall figured the house head would want to get their hands on their miscreant student, as would she, because she had a very big idea that this would be the most embarrassing head situation in the integrity of the school. She saw the two exhausted and slumped on some of the furniture.

"Alright you two, I want the two of you to clean up this mess!" Professor McGonagall said. "And then… you are both to report to Professor Sprout's office."