Head Spin

Hermione and Draco found themselves walking into the Headmaster's room to hear the punishment they would be receiving for their behavior. The two sat down in two chairs, before looking at each other. Hermione was the first to speak up. "What is our punishment going to be?"

"I want the two of you to plan a dance where each person's date happens to be from a different house then them."

"Headmaster... have you lost it?" Draco's eyebrow suddenly raised up as he shook his head in disbelief. "Or have you become senile like my father thinks?"

"Quite probably." Hermione muttered under her breath.

"Well, your mother Draco Malfoy does in fact approve. In fact, she suggests that the two of you go with each other. Which makes sense because the two of you are indeed the heads of your house and you do know the legend."

The two suddenly looked at each other before standing up. "Apologies sir, but we shall be taking our leave."

"And no... we won't be planning a dance. Think of a better punishment where we aren't working together. It will keep the school sane." Hermione stated.

The man waved him out and Draco muttered so that only she could hear. "If everyone else isn't going crazy already."