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---- - ----

Kim kneed down and picked up the belt, "Ron… What's this?"

"Shit." Ron cursed when he realized that his bag was open and his title fell out. "Kim I…"

"Ulitmate Fighting World Champion." She ran her hand over the engraving and down towards the nameplate at the bottom, "Ron Unstoppable."

Kim looked at Ron, "Ron what's this?" She held out the title belt, "Please answer me."

"It is what it looks like KP. I joined the UFC last year and now I'm their World Champion."


"I like to fight. That's all there is to it. I never cared much for money, titles and glory. At least not till I joined the UFC."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kim sounded hurt and a little angry. She looked at Ron with tears in her eyes as she held the title to her chest.

Ron hung his head in shame, "I… I couldn't… I didn't think you'd accept this side of me. You're my best friend KP. I… I didn't want to lose you."

Kim handed the belt to Bonnie and walked over to Ron, he couldn't see her eyes; he wanted to say something but was cut off by a slap which echoed through the hallway. Bonnie looked shock at the fact that Kim just slapped Ron, hard. The bullies just took this opportunity to high-tail it out of there.

The slap didn't really hurt much but the fact that it came from Kim made it hurt worst than any other hits he's ever taken. He was sure Kim never wanted anything to do with him again.

"Why didn't you tell me!?" Kim looked at him with angry and tearful eyes before she threw her arms around him and held him close, almost afraid that he'd disappear if she let go. "How could you think I'd leave you? You're my best friend. I'd never leave you."

Kim just held onto him and sobbed into his chest; Ron not knowing what else to do just held onto her, afraid that she might change her mind and leave. Bonnie just held the belt to her chest and just watched as the two friends came to an unspoken understanding.

---- Bueno Nacho ----

"So let me get this straight. You've been with the UFC since last year and you somehow managed to convince your parents to sign off on the contract because technically you were and still are underage and about a month ago you became the World Champion and Bonnie was at that match which is why she knows before me and you saved her from some thugs which explains why she's been treating you better and has watched some of your other matches. Have I missed anything?" Kim asked quickly and in a single breath.

"Nope," Ron answered as he took a sip from his drink as Rufus grabbed a couple of nachos.

They were sitting in their usual booth with Kim and Bonnie sitting together facing Ron.

"And you enjoy watching his matches?"

Bonnie shrugged, "It's entertaining once you get pass the blood and guts."

"Blood and guts." Kim sounded nervous.

"It's not the GWA KP, everyone in UFC are straight up, no scripts, no gimmicks…"

"Ron UN-stoppable?" Bonnie smirked.

"Ring name, different. There is no you win, you lose because the writer says so though there is locker room talk about bringing writers in to spice things up but everything will still be straight up so ya some guys do get cut, bruised, lose a tooth or two and more often than not someone is sent to the hospital."

Kim looked horrified then looked thoughtful for a moment, "Ron how is it Wade doesn't know about you and the UFC?"

"Well me and Wade had a man-to-man talk way back then and got him to promise not to dig into my personal information and to use the tracking chip only in emergencies."

"This is going to take A LOT of getting used to if I ever get used to it." Kim groaned.

"Why don't you come and see my match next week then?" Ron offered.

"Oh ya you got that triple threat match for your title next week."

"Triple threat…" Kim did not like the sound of that.

---- Drakken's Lair ----

Shego sat in front of a large computer screen going through the information on all the data and equipment that Dr. Drakken had been developing and stealing.

"Toy design… Top secret cybertonic technology… Advance A.I programming… Synthodrone personality and performance up-grades… Metallurgist report… What is he planning?"

"You really haven't figured it out, have you?" Drakken appeared behind Shego sounding smug.

"There is no plan here. No way."

"Oh but there is." He sang.



"WHY NOT!?" Shego ignited her plasma.

"Kim Possible is not smarter than you."

"True." Shego calmed down and smiled at the praise.

"And if you can't figure it out, she can't figure it out. That means…"

"You just might actually win." Shego said somewhat disbelieving what she just said.

"Oh but I am very confident that I will win." Drakken turned to walk out of the room but stopped and rubbed his chin in thought. "Very well I shall show you." He brought out a remote and pointed it at the monitor.

Shego turned and watched as more windows and data sheets appeared on the screen. Shego's eyes widen and her mouth started to hang open as she preceded the information before her. She could only say one thing.


---- UFC Arena ----

Ron gave five hard shots to his opponent's gut before jumping out of the way as his other opponent speared the first guy into the wall of the cage. Ron turned the guy around to face him, kneed him in the gut and jackhammered him to the mat and followed through with the pin cover.

"1… 2… 3!" The referee counted and pulled Ron off, ending the match.


Ron held his Title high as he walked out of the ring, wiping away the blood from his nose and lip.

"Ron!" Kim ran up to him a look of worry on her face while Bonnie just walked up behind her.

"Nice match Ron."

"Thanks Bon-Bon."

"Nice match? He could have been killed or at least seriously hurt." Kim said worryingly as she held Ron's head in her hands and examined his injuries.

"Pff… P-please. He goes freak fighting and World saving with you on a regular basis and is the youngest UFC World Champion in history. I think he can handle a triple threat match in the octagon."

Kim suddenly felt a little silly, "Well… he should still have it checked out."

"Sure thing KP." Ron walked off to the medical room.

"Worry much, Kim?"

"I know. I know. But I still can't get over it. Just this morning he was still my care-free, devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky, never hurt a fly partner and best friend. Now he's a well honed, lean, mean, butt kicking, nose breaking World Champion fighter. It's still a lot to take in in a week."

"I know, took me almost two weeks and that whole saving me thing before I could even get it through my head that 'the loser' was really a nice guy." She quickly added the last part after receiving a glare from Kim, "could be king of Middleton High but chose not to."

"Sigh… Ya. He could be so much more than the distraction or 'that guy' in a News report. I can't help but think maybe… maybe that's why he's here, not just cause he likes to fight but at some level he wants to be recognized too." Kim wrapped her arms around herself to try and comfort herself.

Bonnie decided to change the topic before Kim sent herself on a guilt trip, "You know he's got another match next week against Cable."

Kim paled, she'd seen Cable's number one contender match earlier, he was a quite a sight, if he had been Kim's opponent, she wouldn't be too worried, even without powers the guy was about on par with Shego, stronger but not as fast. Cable was a few inches shy of seven feet, nothing but pure muscle, he had completely brutalized his opponent, the referee had to call the match off and call in the EMTs.

Kim looked calm but Bonnie has a feeling that Kim's imagination was running wild. Cable was quite a monster of a man. She was fairly certain that Ron was enough of a match for him, having seen quite a few of Ron's matches but Kim's never seen any of Ron's matches before today.

"Kim, Ron will be fine. I've seen some of his matches, he can handle himself."

Kim was starting to visibly panic.

"Kim? Kim? Kim. Relax. Ron's a big boy he can handle it."

Kim was starting to hyperventilate. "Ca…Cable will… will…"

"K! Relax!" Bonnie grabbed her shoulders and shook Kim. "Look what's the big deal? You've seen him in the octagon and he goes around the World dealing with all those bad guys so what's the big deal?"

"Right… No… Big."

---- Middleton High ----

"Chill KP. it's just another match and it's not like it's any more dangerous than some of the missions we've been on."

"I guess you're right." Though she did not really believe that after all those missions they were together, in the ring he was alone.

"Hey KP. How about you drop by the training centre tomorrow and let the Ron-man prove that he can handle himself."

"Well I guess so." Kim agreed entering the class.

"Booyah!" Ron cheered as the bell rang before he entered the class.

"Stoppable! Detention!"

"Ahh man!"

---- UFC Training Centre ----

Kim and Ron faced each other on the training mat, they didn't really want to face each other but a little 'push' from Jack and Joe, they decided to have a friendly spar.

Somersaulting end over end Kim quickly closed the gap between Ron and herself. Getting to within striking distance, Kim did a handspring and snap kicked her right leg toward Ron, aiming for his shoulder trying to knock him off balance. Ron grabbed her leg and used her momentum to throw her on her stomach and tried to hook her leg with his to get her into a submission hold.

Kim did not recognize the hold but knew she had to move or she would be in problem. She managed to roll over enough to kick-out Ron's leg causing him to lose his footing and his hold on her leg.

They both quickly got to their feet and were both back on offense, trading blows with blocks, not really aiming to get each other hurt but the match was getting serious. Kim threw a right kick aimed at the side of Ron's head.

Ron put his right forearm up and leaned into the kick, bracing himself and pushing Kim off balance, toward the mat. Kim landed on the mat with both hands and her right knee bracing her, while redirecting the momentum into a side heel kick.

Ron took the kick to his side and stumbled a little which allowed Kim to get back to her feet. She leap forward into a hand-stand and threw three kicks at Ron which he blocked, anticipating this Kim spun into a sweep kick which took Ron off his feet and onto his back.

As Kim stepped forward to follow-up with a straight shot to Ron's face, he sat up and grabbed her arm and pulled her down towards him. Ron was able to get his shin under her chin and was about to get his other leg behind her head but his eyes widened in shock and horror when he realized what he was about to do and kicked her off him.

They were about to continue when they were interrupted by the Kimmunicator. "What's the snitch Wade?"

Wade filled them in and they quickly grabbed their gear and left.

"You saw that, Joe?"

"Ya, he hesitated."

"That could cost them next time."

"His life or his title?"

Jack just kept quiet.

---- Drakken's Hideout ----

"How goes the preparations, Shego?"

"Fine Dr. D, the crates have been shipped to the different cities under the dummy corporations you set-up and the transport crafts should be loaded and ready to be moved into position by the end of the week." Shego reported.

"Excellent Shego. Excellent. Everything is going according to plan."

"I must say Dr. D this is quite impressive. You MIGHT actually pull this off."

"Oh I am very confident that I will succeed, Shego."

Drakken walked over to a railing and watched and long rolls of converter belts assemble countless number of large bluish battle robots.

---- UFC Arena ----

Ron was in the locker room getting ready for his match when Tony entered the room.

"Ron, can I have a word with you? Cause I think tonight we'll make history."

---- - ----

Kim and Bonnie sat near the front row and watched as the announcer entered the ring. It took a while but she had finally gotten use to the idea of Ron and his matches so she was kind of looking forward to this match.

"Ladies and Gentlemen tonight's main event for the UFC World Championship will held for the first time in UFC history in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!"

"WHAT!!!" Kim and Bonnie were shocked while the rest of the arena went wild with cheers.

"In this match there will be no disqualifications and no count outs. The only way to win is by pin-fall, submission or by escaping the cage and having both feet touch the floor."

Stagehands started to bring out the sections of the cage and push them up against the existing barriers and locked them into place. They were solid steel sections not steel mesh.

"Are they insane? Someone could really get hurt… Ron could get seriously hurt."

"I… I… I don't know K. Ron never said anything to me." Bonnie just stared wide-eyed at the erected steel monstrosity which rose four metres over the octagon.

"Introducing the contenders, first the challenger… CABLE!"

Cable walked out and threw his arms in the air as he entered the cage. He paced around the cage and checked how solid it was, it was very solid with no give at all.


Kim and Bonnie watch as Ron walked towards the cage, they couldn't help but feel that Ron was about to face a caged lion. Ron entered the cage and handed his title to the ref who held it up before handing it off and the door was closed and locked behind him.

The bell was rung and Ron and Cable faced off, Ron was about an inch or two below Cable's shoulder. They squared off with a test of strength; Ron was quickly forced to one knee as Cable pushed back on both his wrists.

Ron rolled on his back and used the momentum to throw Cable off him but Cable got up quickly and had Ron's arm up behind his back and twisted it. Ron flips over Cable's back and lands behind him. Ron then runs towards the barrier and leaps off hitting Cable with both his feet to the chest. Cable counters that by getting up and swinging him into the corner.

Cable aimed a kick straight for Ron's head but ducked and rolled out of the way. Ron ran towards Cable, leaped up, stepping on Cable's waist with his left followed quickly by a right kick to the side of Cable's head.

Cable fell to his knees; a dazed look in his eyes, Ron was about to follow up with a clothesline but Cable grabbed him by the throat and chokeslamed Ron hard onto the mat.

"I'M GOING TO BE THE NEXT WORLD CHAMPION!" Cable picked Ron up over his shoulder and threw him head first into the reinforced cage.

"Oh god!" Kim gasped while Bonnie winced.

Cable pulled Ron back to his feet and gave him two hard shots to the stomach and another to the face but he wasn't done. He relentlessly rained blows on to the cut on Ron's head which he received when he went head first into the cage, forcing Ron to his knees.

Kim was about to jump the barrier and into the cage to stop the match but was stopped by Bonnie.

"Kim! He has to do this on his own. If you interfere, he'll lose this match and his title."

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT HIS TITLE!" She yelled, pulling harder to get her arm free from Bonnie's grip, "He's getting killed out there."

"Kim, Ron has to do this on his own. It doesn't matter if he wins or loses. He wants and has to do this on his own. He wants to prove himself to himself and to those around, even you."

"But… But I…"

"I know. You just have to trust him and hope for the best."

Kim reluctantly sat down and watched the match, feeling sick to her stomach watching the punishment Ron was taking.

Cable threw Ron on his back and went for a pin cover but Ron kicked out at the count of two. Cable went for another cover but Ron kicked out again at two. After a second failed attempt at getting a pin cover, Cable changed tactics and tried to beat Ron into submission.

Ron just brought up his arms to protect his face and chest. Cable realized that he was expanding more energy than he needed to or should so he changed tact again and pulled Ron back to his feet before scooping him up and slamming him back to the mat.

Cable picked Ron up again and tried to attack him from behind only to have Ron's elbow driven into his stomach. When he doubled over, Ron round-house kicked him in the head. Ron moved forward and punched Cable a couple of times in the stomach.

Cable backed off for a second only to have Ron deliver a quick sharp kick to Cable's chin which knocked him straight on his back, he looked knocked out but started stirring almost immediately. Ron decided to climb the cage to get away from Cable, who was back up on his feet.

Cable climbed up after Ron who had his right leg over the top of the cage and managed to pull him back over the cage and started to drive Ron's head into the edge of the cage, opening up Ron further. Bonnie had to look away while Kim shut her eyes tight and try to hold back her tears and dinner.

Ron threw two elbows into Cable's face; he quickly used the opening to turn and face Cable before he tucks his head under his opponent's near arm, reaches across the chest and neck with his right arm and places his other hand against Cable's back.

"What's he doing?" Both Kim and Bonnie only to gasp as Ron kicked off the side of the cage slamming Cable's back into the mat.

That move looked like it took as much out of Ron as it did Cable. Ron crawled towards Cable and managed to put and arm over Cable's chest.

"1… 2…" Cable kicked out just as the referee's hand was coming down for the three.

Ron tried to create some distance, needed a quick breather before he could mount any kind of offence. As he crawled away, he left streaks and drops of blood on the mat. Ron made it to the barrier, used it to bring himself up to his knees. His face was a crimson mess, even parts of his hair was red.

Kim couldn't hold back her tears any longer neither could Bonnie; this was the bloodiest match she'd ever seen Ron in. Kim was openly sobbing now; she'd never seen Ron hurt so badly before. She had no idea how much more punishment she can watch her best friend take before she either interfered or ran from the arena.

Cable crawled up behind Ron and reached to grab his hair and pulled him into a combination sleeper-hold and body scissors. Ron struggled for a moment before he went limp. The referee held Ron's arm up and let it go, it fell back to the canvas, one. The referee repeated the process and again Ron's arm fell back to the mat, two.

"Oh thank god." Kim sighed in relief the match was almost over.

Ron's hand fell back towards the mat but shot back up, the ref signaled that the match was not over.


Before Kim even realized what she said, she felt a sharp stinging pain in her cheek. She turned with a stunned look on her face to see a furious and tearing Bonnie with her hand still in air after her slap.

"How dare you ask him to just give up?!"

"I… I…"

"He's doing his damn best right now! Win. Lose. It doesn't matter. He won't quit. Would you?"

Kim just shook her head no.

"Then why do you want him to quit? You said he's your best friend and partner so where's your faith and support?"

Kim feel she was being slapped again, as much as she'd hate to admit it but Bonnie was right, even on missions Ron could be seriously hurt or even… she didn't want to think about it. It was something she never really took time to think about it but now faced with a bloody Ron, she couldn't help but think was it ever a good idea to bring Ron along.

Kim shook her head, no it was the right thing, Ron always had her back and she could count on him in a clutch. She sometimes even wonders if she'd be able to do her whole save the World thing for so long without Ron.

"You're right Bonnie. You're right. Ron is my best friend and my partner." Kim stood up and started to cheer Ron on. Bonnie just smiled.

Cable released the sleeper and made his way towards the barrier and started to climb the cage. He was almost three quarters of the way up when somehow Ron managed climb up and catch up with Cable and started trading punches with him.

"COME ON RON YOU CAN BEAT HIM!!!" Both Kim and Bonnie started to cheer Ron on as he built momentum.

Cable lost his footing and fell slightly before he caught his foot in a lower step. Cable was now at Ron's chest level and Ron capitalized on that fact by grabbing Cable's head under his arm and pushed off the cage into a DDT, driving Cable's head into the mat.

The crowd was stunned silent for a moment before they started cheering again. Ron managed to roll Cable over and went for the pin cover.

"1… 2… 3!" The referee counted and called for the bell, ending the match.


---- UFC Arena, Backstage ----

Kim and Bonnie headed backstage and were about to be stopped by a guard before showing their all access passes and ran to the sick bay where they saw a flurry of activity and noticed Ron on a garnry.

"We have to get him to the Hospital." A paramedic yelled as they wheeled Ron in to the back of an ambulance followed closely by Cable.

In a panic, Kim and Bonnie ran out of the arena.

---- Middleton Hospital ----

Dr. Anne Possible was making her rounds when a nurse rushes up to her.

"Dr. Possible we have an emergency case arriving any minute from the Middleton sports arena."

"I didn't know there was a sporting event tonight."

"The UFC was there tonight."

Dr. Possible groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose, "I forgot it was Wednesday night. They should really ban that poor excuse of a sport but at least they have their own doctors and we don't see as many cases as before."

The nurse just nodded as the paramedics came through the door reading off the patient's vitals but Dr. Possible did not hear everything as she recognized the patient.

"Oh My Goodness! Ron! What happened to him?"

"He took a hell of a beating in his UFC match."

Anne looked shock, Ron in the UFC that can't be right, this is Ronald Stoppable, she'd known him and his parents for years surely they'd never let him join the UFC even if there was a chance he wanted to join, wouldn't they?

"Damn. That was a hell of a match. Can you believe the beating he took and still managed to win?"

Anne just looked at the paramedic in disbelief, not only was he talking so causally about Ron but he also claimed that Ron won but she pushed that to the back of her mind right now.

---- - ----

Mrs. Possible came out of the ward, after a few minutes. Thankfully, Ron's injuries only looked serious especially the gash on his forehead. Hopefully that won't leave a scar. She looked towards the corridor and noticed another redhead running towards her.

"Kim… Bonnie?" Mrs. Possible wondered for a moment if this was a cruel joke or if she was dreaming cause the last she remembered her daughter and Bonnie weren't exactly on very friendly terms.

"How is he?" Kim asked.

"He's sleeping right now. We closed up all his cuts, took about twenty stitches. He's also got a slight concussion and I can't even begin to count the bruises."

Kim and Bonnie sighed in relief.

"By any chance was that other large guy with the concussion Ron's opponent?"

"Ya, that was Cable. Ron and he went at it in the first ever steel cage match for Ron's World title…"

"Wait a minute." Kim's mom started to feel a headache coming on and decided to take a seat, "Can you two please take it from the beginning?"

Kim started to tell her mom everything she'd learn over the last couple of weeks with Bonnie filling in here and there.

"That's a lot to take in."

"I know."

"Anyway Ron should be out of the hospital in a day or two but I think he'll be out of action for at least a week."

---- Possible Residence ----

Surprising everyone, Ron was out of the hospital the following day and was up and about in his usual cheery self in a day though he still looked worst for wear, he healed up incredibly fast and the stitches came off yesterday with hardly any scarring.

Kim was having breakfast with her family and a noticeable addition of a tanned brunette joining them when they heard the door open and Ron called out, "Hola Possible clan… and Bon-Bon?"

"Morning Ron."

"Morning Ron-Ron." Jim and Tim choked on their juice at the nickname and tried to suppress their laughter.

"Morning Ron. Pancakes? I made them from scratch." Anne offered.

"Yum. Pancakes." Rufus popped out of Ron pocket.

"Don't mind if I do, Mrs. Dr.P." Get the offered plate and stacked on a couple more pancakes and poured half the bottle of syrup on it.

"So we good for Bueno Nacho tonight?"


"Got nothing else on."

---- Drakken's hideout ----

Drakken stood in the middle of his control centre; around him henchmen sat at different consoles doing last minute checks as a map of the world appear on the main screen with groups of flashing dot on the oceans.

"It's time. Activate the first wave, launch the second and bring me Kim Possible. Bwahahaha!"

The henchmen started powering up the systems, while a whole host of gates started to open and land transport craft rolled towards Middleton.

Drakken watched with glee as a bar next to a diagram of a giant battle robot with the named Diablo under it started to fill up and the words 'Activated' flashed across the screen when it was full.

"Bwahahaha! The world will soon bow to the power that is Dr. Drakken!"

---- Bueno Nacho ----

Kim and Bonnie sat opposite Ron watching in slight disgust and amusement at Rufus timing how fast Ron was ingesting his food.

"Honestly, I don't know where he puts it even after knowing him since pre-k."

"Damn. I'd like to know how he keeps the weight off. I'd bottle it, sell it and retire."

Their conversation was interrupted by the Kimmunicator. "What's the snitch Wade?"

"Kim! Giant robots are attacking Middleton!"

"Wha…" They were interrupted by a Diablo smashing part of the door and dove out of the way as another swung its arm through the window next to them.

The trio jumped out of the way, "Ahh man. I was about to beat my record too."

"Head in the game Ron."

"Right KP." Ron jumped out of the way of a plasma blast and rolled out the window when a scream from behind him caught his attention. "BONNIE!"

Ron turned around and noticed Bonnie leap out of the way of a Diablo heading for Kim but tripped and fell. Kim tried to get to her but was hit by a swing from the Diablo which sent her flying into Bonnie and into the back of a waiting mini-van.

"KIM! BONNIE!" Ron rushed for the van as it drove away but in his haste did not pay attention to the Diablos around him and was sent through a window back into Bueno Nacho.

"Kim… Bonnie…" Ron tried to reach out to them but darkness overcame him.