Rating: K+

Category: Humor

Disclaimer: I don't own GIJOE or any of the members thereof.

A/N: This is a bit of mindless fun based on an actual prank program I have (no, I'm not giving it out.)

I Told You Not to Touch…

Hawk settled down at his desk, eager to get back to work.

Well, maybe "eager" wasn't the right word…okay, he was dreading returning to reading those dry and unending reports.

But if he returned to working on them, he'd get through them sooner and have the added bonus (until he was done) of citing too much work here at the Pit to be recalled to the Pentagon soon.

He looked the computer screen over. Mainframe had been busy all week with upgrading the senior staff's computers. It annoyed Hawk that every time an upgrade to some bit of software came out, Mainframe was the only one authorized to install it. It was supposed to be a security precaution.

However, every time for the last two years, little bugs and problems, even pranks had begun appearing soon after the upgrade was loaded. Hawk was beginning to suspect Mainframe of installing them while also installing the upgrades. But he had no proof.

Suddenly, he found some. Yes, this was definitely proof of Mainframe loading something unauthorized on his computer.

A new icon sat off by itself in one corner of the screen. It was named Warning – Do Not Touch. This had to be some kind of prank. But it said not to touch. If he opened it, who knew what would happen? But if he opened it, he'd have proof.

"Well, I'm ready for anything. Any problems should be proof of tampering."

With brazenness only exhibited by those on a holy quest, he clicked the icon.

The computer responded almost immediately with a command prompt.

Ready to delete drive c:. Proceed? Press y or n:

Uh-oh. Hawk knew enough about computer systems to know that deleting the hard drive was a very bad idea. So he pressed 'n'…and watched in horror as the computer screen began scrolling with the words "Deleting….."

Then the situation got even worse – the computer shut down.

Hawk was beginning to actually panic. He really didn't want to explain that all his reports were deleted because he opened a program. In fact, not only he not supposed to open it, but the icon also expressly warned him not to open it!

Suddenly, his fortune changed moments later when the computer rebooted. He waited for his profile to load, but was interrupted by a new window opening and taking over the whole screen.

A window with the words, "I told you not to touch…"

Hawk closed the window, noted the date of 01 April, and decided that getting back to work was the most prudent course of action.

In the monitor room, Mainframe noted with a smile the message on his network control screen. Hawk's computer had just been tripped by the program he'd loaded into it during his upgrade session. He glanced at the scrap sheet he was keeping a tally on and chuckled. "Let's see…that's five…"