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It's only when she's so high that she's almost passed out. When Emily is lying against her, Emily's hair brushing against Allison's neck as she laughs. That's when Allison allows herself to think about Emily's words.

"What if it's, like...we're on our deathbeds... and we're looking back at our lives... and, like, all the guys we've, like, loved... and just, like, fucked, and.. and it turns out that, like, the whole time... like, we were supposed to be together?"

Allison wonders if it would make her feel alive- to kiss Emily… to fuck her… She knows she feels more alive when they're together than when she's with Toby. Sometimes she wonders what it would be like if they stole money from their parents and ran away. They could get an apartment somewhere far away from here, just the two of them.

As soon as she's sober, all the daydreams fade, and she's left with sleepwalking through her life again.