Author: Sparta666

Title: Forsaken

Pairings: John & Rodney

Rating: R


Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: 10,000 years ago two Ancients stayed behind to defend Attaints while the other fled, for their loyalty they were granted ascension but were bashed with their memories erased for helping humans, now as the Atlantis team dig though the database John and Rodney discover something that's about to change their world forever.

Chapter Summery: Bad dreams

Authors Note:



"Yashtan come in Yashtan, how goes the evacuation?" asked a dark haired Ancient as he continued to check though the corridors as explosions sounded over head.

/all our people have been evacuated back to earth, were the last Kels /

"right get your ass though the Gate while I start the sequence to submerge Atlantis"

/But you'll be trapped here Kels, not on your life your not getting rid of me that easily?/

Sighing and rubbing his head Kels activated his com and spoke again.

"if you stay you'll die and I can't be responsible for the death of the smartest mind of our people"

/You wont be I will, I swore to honour you until our deaths and I'm doing that, now get you ass back up here so we can both do this/

"sometimes I wonder why I put up with you Yash?"

/because no one would put up with you stupid stunts otherwise Kels/

"Ok smart ass on way back see………."

A sudden explosion rocked Atlantis as the main tower was thrown into darkness for a few minutes before the power came back on.

"Kels? Kels come in?" yelled Yashtan over the Coms as he grabbed his weapon and raced to where his lover had last been seen.

The corridor that he'd been down was now buried under rubble but some how he found his way though, barely alive he found Kels bleeding heavily.

"Kels you stupid jackass why do you have to pull these stunts?" yelled Yashtan as tears flooded down his check as he knew that his lover wouldn't survive this.

"someone has to keep you on your toes?" groaned Kels as he coughed

"the Wrath do enough of that" said Yashtan as he took Kels hand in his own.

"the future holds no surprises for us my love, we've done all we can now" said Kels as he kissed Yashtan as the corridor they were in was blown up.


John leapt up from his bed, his sheets soaked in sweat and his heart racing. Calming himself he took a few moments to remember he was in his quarters on Atlantis, the weather outside was calm and still.

Turning to his right he saw his lover Rodney McKay sleeping sounding unaware of the strange dream John had been having for weeks now. Settling back down into to a dreamless sleep John hoped dawn would come soon.