Title: Pulse Point

Pairing: B/B

Rating: T

Spoilers: THitS

A/N: This has been a marvelous ride everyone. I truly thank you all for taking the time to read story. It's been great fun. This is a short conclusion to one of the many possibilities I envisioned for their relationship. Let me know what you think. And as always, thank you for the reviews.


Someday. Maybe.


She's holding your baby. A baby that you made with blood (lots of blood), sweat (too much sweat) and tears (sweet, happy tears). It's a wonderful sight to see as she walks back and forth, cradling your baby girl's head as she coos softly in her ears. You aren't surprised she is doing well with her; she was great with Andy. Even if she won't admit it.

Thinking back over the years, the woman standing before you is a stark contrast to the timid 17 year-old you first met in college. She used to shy away from conflict, rarely spoke out, didn't handle attention or praise well, and preferred to coast by as a wallflower than announce her presence with shimmering beauty.

"Bren, remember when I cut your hair our first year?"

"Yes, I also remember having to wear it in a pony tail for a week until I could get it fixed."

"It is not my fault that you sneezed!"

"It's your fault you had that stupid cat though. You know I'm allergic."

"Picasso was not stupid! He was loving and left you presents."

"Considering that his presents consisted of dead mice that he found around the apartment, I think I'll pass. Besides. He peed on your comforter every time you left for more than two days."

"At least no one gave me an ant farm as a sign of affection."

"It was a Morpho Cacica butterfly thank you very much, and I'll have you know that he is a well known entomologist now."

"The types of men you have dated through the years Bren... Goodness, you're lucky you ended up that fella over there," you motion to Booth as he and Hodgins go over some blueprints.

"Hey, they haven't all been bad."

"Yeah well..." you smile as you take a sip of your tea. "I was wondering for a while there if you'd make it."

"Who? Me and Booth?"

"It's just that, he got offered that deputy position and he gave it up for you," you state sensibly… tentatively.

"Booth didn't give it up for me. He gave it up so he could stay close to Parker."

"Oh, don't act so nonchalant about the whole thing. You can't deny that having Booth three thousand miles away wouldn't hurt a little bit."

"He's a free man, he can do as he wishes."


"Look, we got over that... rough patch. He's here now and we are still together. Fifteen months two weeks and eight days later."

"Wow, do you have a play-by-play?"

"A what?" she asks and you give her a look. "Oh, no. I just was looking at my calendar today and I noticed."

"Yeah, sure you did," you say as she frowns. Your daughter just coughed up on her shirt. She doesn't look too happy about that.

"You can have this now," she says as she holds her away slightly, still supporting her carefully. The look of distaste on her face is priceless.

"Still don't want one, huh?" you ask as you take her into your arms, watching as Brennan wipes her shirt with a napkin.

"I honestly don't know anymore. In theory they seem like a reasonable idea. But I don't think my lifestyle would be conducive to supporting a child while still exploring my interests."

"Booth doesn't talk to you about it?"

"Not after we had that... conversation a few months ago."

"You know he doesn't want to push you, right? He'll wait for you, no matter what you decide."

"I know, but there's a part of me that recognizes he's always wanted more kids. I knew that when we got together. I never expected him to change that or give it up, but I never took into account what I would have to do. Admittedly, I do not find children nearly as elusive to me as I once did. But I'm still not certain I'd be ideal for that kind of role."

"You do realize most people feel like that, right? Not everyone thinks they'd be perfect for parenthood. Even then, no one, and I mean it - no one knows what they're doing. All you can do is take it day by day, and when push comes to shove, call your dad and ask what your he did."

"That's pretty fallible logic, Angela. You appear to be very adept at being a mother. Not once have I seen you have any problems."

"Ha, wait until three a.m. when I'm crying because she won't fall asleep. Or when I just want to run to the store for some coffee, I have to bring three different bags and her carrier. A ten minute trip takes about an hour."

"I thought you were supposed to be convincing me of how wonderful motherhood is."

"You already know how wonderful it is, Bren, you do it all the time."

"What are you talking about?"

"Seriously? Sweetie, have you ever seen yourself with Parker? That kid would kiss the ground you walk on if all you gave him was an ounce of praise."

"Parker would do no such thing. He understands how unsanitary the ground is. Besides, Parker is different than other kids."

"Not really, that's something parents say when they think their kids can do no wrong. And honey, whether you want to admit it or not, you're like another mom to him. So you already are a parent, regardless."

She seems to be startled into this realization and sits still for a moment, looking at the ground. You wonder why it never occurred to her before now. On more than one occasion, she's actually taken care of Parker when Booth was out of town or late getting home from work. Rebecca and Brennan have even had coffee once or twice – slightly awkward the first time around, but they found they have similar interests both in men and traveling. They aren't the best of friends, but they both respect each other.

You remember Booth and Brennan's one-year anniversary. It was shortly after Lily was born and your dad was in town for the weekend. He insisted that you and Jack take the night off, because you both had the crazed look of new parents.

The night was hazy at best, it was the first time you'd had a drink since you found out you were pregnant. You and Brennan killed one bottle of expensive champagne and were working through another when she got quiet all of a sudden. She looked over at Booth who'd simply been sitting back, casually chatting with Cam's fiancé and Jack. He had that look in his eyes that makes you get all prickly and that was just from sitting next to her. It was a small, subtle moment, but that's how there relationship worked: grand, extravagant arguments, punctuated by soft-spoken moments of sincerity and love.

Later, you recall leaving the restaurant, mainly so you and Jack could get back to check on Lily. Brennan's hand reached out to grab Booth's like it had so many times in the past, and you heard her whisper, "It's been a year, and we still haven't killed each other." Then he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it softly. "Nope, not yet," he said, "let's see if we can keep it that way."

There are only brief glimpses that you get into their life together. Surprisingly, Booth has managed to remain very professional at work. Brennan has never been particularly good at girl talk, so unless you drag it out of her, you don't have a clue as to what's going on.

Occasionally though, they slip up and you can't help the ensuing grin. Sometimes, she'll take a long lunch break and come back looking rather chipper, especially when her skirt is slightly askew. Or you'll see Booth with his hair a little ruffled while the rest of his appearance is pristine. Except for his flushed cheeks.

Your favorite is when you all go out together, and they sit next to one another. They are never overt in their body language, but there are always the casual touches, the glances that hold for too long, the secret smiles they give each other. The way they can still bicker but do it with grins on their faces.

They've both been very careful with one another, aware that their relationship affects more than just them. More than that, they know how much they mean to each other, and that they don't need rings around their fingers to show they want to remain in a long-term committed relationship.

You appreciate their efforts at privacy and care, but sometimes, you wish they'd throw caution to the wind and go crazy. Maybe they do and you just aren't around. You did find Brennan's bra in your office one time. She blushed appropriately and didn't even bother with an excuse.

"Bren, I think Booth wants you," you say as you notice him coming this direction.

"Yo, Bones. Been calling your name for a good minute. What'd you do to her Ange, tell her that you don't actually make that chocolate mousse pie?"

"I do too!" you say as you swat him on the arm, not trying to jostle the baby. "Bren, don't believe a word that man says."

"Oh trust me, I've learned my lesson," she says as she walks over to Booth who is holding out her coat. You watch as she slips her arms inside and buttons up while Booth taps her on the butt with his tube of blueprints. She tries to swipe it away, but he's too quick.

"How're things looking with that? Jack didn't do anything crazy did he?"

"Of course not, we just wanted to get better input on the layout. Not every day you get to build a school for some orphans," he says with a nudge in Brennan's shoulder to which she rolls her eyes.

"It's not like this is the first one I've built, Booth. I just feel like the next one could do with some improvements after what we went through with the school in Uganda."

"Understandable," you say with a smile. "What time do you two want to come over for dinner?"

"Is seven okay? We've got to get to Parker's basketball game. He's leading scorer you know," says Booth proudly.

"I do know. In fact, I think you and Bren have told me that about 4 times," you say as you place your daughter into her car carrier. Best way to get her to sleep is to plop her in that sucker and drive around the block twice. Miracles of modern invention can't hold a candle to the classic car ride.

"Sounds great. Jack got you a particularly choice cut of meat for tonight, so you'll have that to look forward to," you tell Booth as Brennan kisses Lily on the forehead and steals you for a hug. "I know you make the chocolate mousse pie," she whispers quickly, "just make sure you don't let Booth know it has tofu in it."

Grinning, you part for the afternoon with promises to meet up with them again shortly. As you watch them walk away down the hall, they both stick their hands out at the same time, grabbing the other hand with neither lover leading nor lagging, simply walking side-by-side.

"Hey Ange?" Jack asks you as he rounds the corner with his keys, bending down to run a finger along Lily's hand.

"Yeah?" you say as you break your gaze from the fortunate pair.

"Do you think we could beat 'em?"

"With what?"

"Making one of these," he says, motioning to Lily.

"Is that your backwards way of telling me you want another child, Jack?"

"Well, that," he says as you both walk out the doors of the Jeffersonian, "and a hearty dose of competition."

"Why? Do you know something I don't?"


"Jack," you warn as his fingers twine with yours.

"First, I happen to know that you want tons of babies."

"That I do."

"And that Booth mentioned something about Dr. B looking really good holding Lily."

"Jack. It's Booth. He thinks she looks hot when she's knee-deep in death and feces."

"Don't ruin my moment."

"Well, lets see how tonight goes. She seems to be coming around to the idea."

"That's my girl."

During the drive home, you can't help but think of the potential entertainment that could result from the birth of a child between those two. But you know more than most, that Brennan is not to be rushed. So you'll drop the hints and let Booth take care of the rest. As long as you're the godmother, it doesn't matter. As you hear your daughter sneeze behind you, you look back and smile at her tiny face and sleepy eyes. Everyone should get to experience parenthood. Even Brennan.

Maybe. Someday.

le fin