Summery: The NCIS team is called in by a five year old Harry Potter when his family kills a navy officer who was trying to help him. The family had to take Harry along on the trip to Washington D.C. as there was no one to watch him and Vernon needed to take the trip to be promoted. Our favorite team is on the case.

Notice: I don't own Harry Potter or NCIS. For this story a lot of things have already been invented, and Abby, Ducky, And Gibbs are the only team members until later in the story.

Chapter 1

Harry was scared. The man who noticed what had been happing to him had just confronted his uncle and aunt. Harry knew something bad was about to happen. Harry trying to distract himself started thinking to earlier that day when he had meet the navy officer named Max Brow.


Harry was pushed out of the car, being told to get the luggage from the back. Uncle Vernon watched him while aunt petunia brought there son inside the hotel to check in. After Harry was able to get the heavy bags lifted out of the trunk his uncle told him to get them up to room 30. After Harry saw the door shut after his Uncle Harry took a deep breath and winced from his injuries. Lifting the luggage hurt him because of the beating he got before they had left for the airport in England. Harry knew if he wasted any more time that he would get another for taking to long.

"Hello, kid" Max said gently. He had seen the evidence that the kid was abused and was going to help him, but he also knew that loud noises might scare him away. Harry looked up from the luggage to see a man with blond hair and brown eyes kneeling in front of him.

Harry was wary but didn't want to be impolite so he said "Hi mister", and hoped that was enough.

Max continued after getting a response "My name is Max, and I saw what happened with you're family just now. Do you need help? Oh, I almost forgot what is your name?"

Harry was confused someone wanted to help him but he didn't know why. Yes he knew what was happing to him was generally wrong but he was just a freak so it was okay. He thought sense Max was being nice so far that he would ask. "My name is Harry sir, but why would you want to help me I'm just a freak and not worth the trouble?"

Max sighed "you're not a freak Harry, you're just a kid and nobody should be treated like that. Okay I'm going to help you but I need you to do something for me." Max paused to take a card out of his wallet and grab his cell phone. He handed both to Harry while saying "Take these if something happens to me I want you to call the number on this card with this phone, to ask for help and tell them where you are. You will also have to tell them what happened to me, and that I am a navy officer. I also ask that you answer there questions truthfully. They will help you if I no longer can. Can you do that for me?"

Harry answered "yes but I don't know how to use a phone sir." Max showed him how then told him he would come back in an hour to help him that he just had to get something in place in case things didn't go well. He also asked for Harry's last name before leaving and sending him upstairs before he got in trouble for taking to long. The Whole conversation took about ten minutes but Harry knew he couldn't take much longer getting up stairs, so he listened to Max even though he wanted to stay with him.

End flashback

Harry was shaking out of his memories by yelling. He was in the closet that was to be his room while they stayed in the hotel, however when his aunt shoved him in there she didn't shut the door all the way so he could see what was happening in the room. Max was standing by the bed his aunt and uncle were using while his uncle was standing in between the two beds in front of his son and next to his wife. His uncle was arguing with Max about him, Harry knew while his aunt added something ever now and then but the rooms were sound proof so he couldn't make out the words being said. Harry still having the bad feeling watched what was happening hopping Max wouldn't be hurt. Max had told him that he would only say that he saw how he was treated so he wouldn't get hurt by his uncle has he would have if he knew that he had talked to Max. Harry saw his uncle reach for something in his suitcase, and wanted to scream when he saw the gun, he knew what it could do. His uncle had threatened him with it before. However he had promised max to stay quiet no matter what happened when he was talking to his family. Harry did not want to break a promise to the one person who cared enough to help him. His uncle fired the gun at Max, who was too startled to let his training kick in without thinking. Harry saw Max hit the floor and blood start to pool around him with tears running down his face silently. His aunt was trying to calm his cousin down who had started crying because of the loud noise. His uncle told her to take him to an amusement park or something not near the hotel in a cab giving her some money, while he took care of the dead body. Harry was feeling guilty about having someone die because they were helping him as well as in shock from having to watch someone be killed; he also found he was really sad about what happened. His aunt left with his cousin after being told that her husband would deal with the freak after taking care of the body, Harry had understood that because he had put his ear closer to the opening of the closet door after the gun fired wanting to hear what would happen next. Harry knew that after his uncle left he would have to make the phone call Max had told him to should anything happen so he got the phone and card out of the pocket Max had told him to put them in. After Harry saw the door close behind his uncle and the suite case he had managed to put Max in, Harry called the number on the card and waited for someone to answer.

"NCIS emergency line; state your name and how we can help you." Said What Harry thought was a women's voice.

"My name is Harry Potter, and I saw a navy officer get shot, and killed" Harry said hurriedly not knowing when his uncle would be back, and saying what Max had told him with a little variation.

"Where did this happen Harry and how old are you?" asked the person on the other end.

"It happened at the Classy hotel in room 30. I'm five miss, and it was my uncle that killed Max for trying to help me. I saw it."

"Are you still in the room? Where is your uncle and the rest of you're family? I'm sending help now but I need you to stay on the phone with me Harry. Can you do that?" Said the shocked women whose name we will find out shortly.

"Yes," Harry started answering "I'm in the closet my aunt put me in an hour before Max came. My uncle took Max's body out of the hotel room in a suite case telling my aunt he was going to take care of him. My aunt took my cousin to an amusement park away from the hotel after my uncle told her he would take care of me after he finished what he was doing. My I ask you're name miss?"

"Of course, my name is Jessie." started Jessie "Harry stay in the closet for me. Have your relatives ever hit you or not let you have something you needed like food, or made you do something kids you're age shouldn't?" Jessie asked gently.

Harry remembered what Max had said about answering there questions truthfully and answered "Yes to all three. Max had seen my uncle tell me to get all there bags out of the trunk and up to there rooms, and told me he was going to help me. That is how I got this number Max told me to call if something bad happened to him, and to answer any questions with the truth, that I could trust the agents at NCIS."

Jessica told Harry the things he could expect when the agents got there, and calmed him when the door was open loudly, telling him that it was the agents not his uncle. She asked to talk to the agent that had opened his door to make sure however, after confirming there identity to Harry she said goodbye and left him in agent Gibbs care.

The man in front of Harry showed him his badge, while introducing himself as Gibbs, telling Harry he didn't have to call him sir. Harry knowing he was safe instively got up and left the closet. Gibbs had a hard time controlling the emotions on his face when he could properly see Harry. The two agents he had brought with him couldn't and turned away to look around not wanting to scare the kid. Gibbs knelt down to get to a closer look at him, while talking to him. He knew that Harry was five but he looked three, Gibbs thought before talking to Harry.

"Harry you're going to come with me back to head quarters, so we can make sure you're not hurt, and then we will talk. Okay?"

"Okay, Gibbs." Harry said before letting himself be picked up by Gibbs. When he was secure in his arms Gibbs looked at the two agents giving them orders, while walking out the door with Harry, he told him that he wasn't going to let anyone hurt him again. Harry could some how tell that Gibbs wasn't lying and relaxed in his arms with his face buried in his neck. After getting Harry settled in the back set, Gibbs said that they were going to make a quick stop first. Harry just nodded turning to look out the window finally getting to see what D.C. looked like. When the car came to a stop, Harry was not sure why they were there, but was too scared to ask. Gibbs picked Harry up and walked in the kids clothing store knowing Harry would need something to change into after Ducky examined him and possible stuff if he needs to be protected. Harry was shocked but happy when they left the store. Gibbs had let him pick out clothes that would be his along with pj's, shocks, a new pair of shoes, a jacket and under things. After getting in the building on the navel base with Gibbs Harry was starting to get nervous again, as they were on there way to Ducky who would make sure he wasn't hurt. When Gibbs got to the doors with him following Harry thought here we go, as Gibbs opened the door.

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