Disclaimer: Peter wrote it, Peter owns it. And I love it.

"The harpy and I-let us free."

Fortuna's Folly

Call it greed, my pretty

Call it cowardice.

Call it folly, call it petty

Call me what you will.

Not yet, my pretty, not yet.

Sleep again

Be still.

Never forget—

I did to you what others wouldn't dare

It was I—

I who caged you

I who held you

And in all the endless years of your aging eternity

I have found my own immortality:

Your embittered memory.

Yes, you may be my death,

But by this dying I will live.

So come, come to me my pretty

Wings outstretched, I uplift my arms

Embrace me if you will.

Though you are free

It is my memory

That will hold you still.