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Chapter One

What would happen if Gozaburo Kaiba didn't die and that he continued to make machines that the Armies used against people that were rioting against the Government them?

In this story, he did exactly that except for one small thing, he started experimenting on soldiers trying to make what he called, "Super Soldiers" that would be stronger then anyone in the entire world.

In his experimentation, he tried everything he knew to alter the genetic codes of every man, but something happened and most of the men either died violent deaths or had to be terminated because they came out looking like freaks.

After all his set backs, he never gave up. One day he was going over all the data from all the tests, he thought, "If I used younger men, men that would respond to the gene altering drugs that they would be given, just maybe they would be the proto-types of his new bred of men, his "Super Soldiers."

One day while Gozaburo was riding in his limo, the driver drove past a dilapidated Orphanage and as he told the driver to stop.

He rolled down his window and there on the playground he noticed five young men, and he thought that they would be just might be what he needed to continue his experiments.

Five young men whose bodies would respond to the rigorous physical conditioning that he would put them through and that their minds would develop and then he would be able to control them and they'd do his bidding.

He told the driver to stop outside the Orphanage and as he got out, he rang the bell and a young Nun said, "How can we help you sir?"

Gozaburo then said, "I must speak with the Reverend Mother as soon as possible."

Then the door was opened and he was asked to come in and there stood the Reverend Mother and she asked, "What can I do for you?"

"I want to adopt some boys, who would be my wards and who would be given not only a good home, but would be able to receive the best schooling that money could buy." Gozaburo told her.

The Reverend Mother knew who this man was and that any young boy would be given the best of everything, so she said, "I'll give it a lot of thought, which young boys did you have in mind?"

They walked outside to where the playground was and Gozaburo pointed out the five boys he wanted to adopt. Reverend Mother said, "They each have a sibling and if you want to adopt each boy you have to agree to adopt their siblings."

Gozaburo didn't like that idea, but if he was going to be able to continue his experiments then he had to agree, so he told the Reverend Mother, "I'll adopt each boy and their siblings."

So they went back to her Office and Reverend Mother told him, "You'll have to fill out the proper papers on each boy and then I'll look them over and give you my answer in two days."

He couldn't wait that long, so he took out his checkbook and he said, "Here is a blank check, fill in the amount for each of the children and then I'll send a car for them tomorrow."

She couldn't pass up the opportunity to get more money for the Orphanage, so she closed her eyes and then she said, "Alright, I'll accept you generous donation and I'll have the children ready tomorrow."

As he walked back to his limousine, he looked back at the boys and a sinister smile came across his face as he thought to himself, "Maybe now I will be able to manipulate them into being the start of my "Super Soldiers."

After Gozaburo left, the Reverend Mother sent for the boys to be brought to her Office. When they got there, she asked them to sit down and then she said, "Tomorrow you and you're siblings will be leaving us and all of you will be living with a man by the name of Gozaburo Kaiba."

Bakura being the oldest of the boys asked, "Why does he want to adopt us, is there something about him that you're not telling us, because if he ever tried to touch my brother, I'll slit his throat."

The other boys then said, "We'll do the same thing if he tries to touch or hurt our brother's and sister."

Reverend Mother didn't know why Gozaburo really wanted to adopt the boys, she only knew that by him adopting them, they would have a better life then they'd have living here, and she said, "Mr. Kaiba said that he wanted to adopt you and all of you would have a better life with him then you'd ever have here."

Yami then said, "Alright, we'll give this man a chance, but if we think that we're there for other reasons, I'll kill him first and ask questions later."

Reverend Mother didn't blame them for wanting to protect their siblings, but she also knew that if they didn't get out of there, they'd never would, and they'd probably die here in this place.

And with the other children already coming down with "the sickness" it wouldn't take long before all of the children would be sick and without the proper medical care, all the children were going to get sick and eventually die.

The next morning, a limousine pulled up outside the Orphanage, and Roland got out and he rang the bell. He then told the Nun who he was and he was escorted to Reverend Mother's Office where she gave him the names and ages of each of the boys and their siblings.

Roland then said, "I'm here to take all the children back to Mr. Kaiba's Manor and they will each be given a room and they will have the proper clothes to wear."

Reverend Mother then sent for the boys and when they got to her Office, she told them, "This man works for Mr. Kaiba, his name is Roland and if you have any questions you are to ask him. I want all of you to be on your best behavior and to give Mr. Kaiba a chance.

I'll miss each and every one of you, but I'm happy because you are all being given a chance to better yourselves and to make your mark on this world."

They all hugged her and Seto said, "We'll miss you too, you have always looked after each and every one of the children here and we'll always be thankful for that."

Then they picked up their meager belongings and followed Roland outside and they got into the limousine, and they began their new lives.

Reverend Mother prayed that she was doing the right thing by allowing this man to adopt these children and that nothing would ever happen to them.

When the limousine stopped, Roland told them, "We have arrived at Mr. Kaiba's home, when we get inside you'll each be given a room. I will not permit any one of you acting up, if you do, then you will have to deal with the punishment that Mr. Kaiba hands down. Do you have any questions before we go inside?"

Bakura stepped forward and he said, "Yes, we understand, but what you have to understand is our brothers and sister will not be separated from us at all, is that understood?"

Roland didn't like the tone of this kids voice and he started to step forward to challenge him, when a man's voice came from behind them, "Roland that's enough, I'll handle this."

They kids all turned around and there coming down the stairs was this man, he looked like a father figure, but there was something that bothered all the older boys.

Roland stopped and he bowed and said, "Yes sir." Then he turned around and walked away.

Bakura turned and face the man coming down the stairs and that's when Gozaburo said, "There will be peace in my house, is that understood, because if you continue to argue with me or Roland, I'll just send your assess back to that broken down Orphanage."

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