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Chapter Twenty-Three

It had been a long journey for all of them, but they finally arrived in Tokyo and the new Orphanage.

As they walked through the gates of the Orphanage, Reverend Mother who was smiling and crying at the same time met them and she said, "Welcome my children welcome home."

As they walked around, Bakura and the children were amazed how great this new Orphanage was, and as Reverend Mother showed them around, all the children saw others that they knew and as they all hugged and cheered that, they were there.

Roland knew that for the first time since all this horror happened to them, they were now healed and on their way to a new life.

That evening when they were all seated around the tables for dinner, Reverend Mother stood up and she said, "Today we have been blessed by our new brothers and sister who have come here to live with us. I want to thank god for keeping them all safe on their way here and for bringing all of us back together."

When they were all done, eating the older ones cleared the tables and did the dishes while the younger ones went outside to meet the men who had accompanied the children, and when Roland introduced them, all the children ran up, hugged all the men, and welcomed them.

The next day, when everyone was awake, they all had jobs to do before breakfast, and while they were all busy working, Reverend Mother went over to Roland and she said, "I have something that I'd like to build, but I don't know what it'll cost or how to get it done."

Roland smiled at her and he said, "Well I won't know what you want done unless you tell me, so what is it you want?"

She grinned and then she said, "I think that we need a small house for Bakura and Michelle after they marry and I really want some kind of room for you and the men to live, because we need all the room inside for the children."

Roland laughed and then he signaled to Jacob and he said, "Get the other men and start measuring what land you'll need to build a small house and something that resembles a bunk house."

Jacob grinned and then he went over to the other men and he told them what Roland wanted and they started measuring and when they were done, Jacob went over to Roland and Reverend Mother and told them, "We will have enough room on the other side of the school to build both buildings.

Roland then asked her, "When do you want us to start building them?"

So with a lot of hard work and a lot of sweat, they finally completed both the house and the other building and as the men moved into the building, Bakura looked at Reverend Mother, "When can we get married?"

She smiled at him and said, "Tomorrow afternoon, we are going to be visited by the Bishop and I know that if I ask him, he'll marry you."

Michelle had tears in her eyes as she heard what Reverend Mother said, and she hugged Bakura and said, "I'm so happy, soon I'll be your wife."

So now Bakura and Michelle are planning their Wedding and neither of them knew what to do, when they went and told Roland, he smiled and said, "All you need to do is to say what's in your hearts and tell each other how you love the other person how you feel."

Reverend Mother smiled as she listened to what Roland told his oldest son and to be daughter-in-law and tears ran down her face because she knew that this man would always tell his children exactly how to deal with what life throws at them.

So Bakura married Michelle and along with his other brothers and sister, they helped their father and Uncles (Jacob, Steven, Donald, Vincent, George and Gregory) to help Reverend Mother with the children.

From an uncertain future, Bakura, Marik, Yami, Seto and Joey were able to become the men that made their father proud. The young ones also were the pride of their father and they all made him know just how much they loved him everyday.


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