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Chapter 1:


I guess I was sort of prejudiced against famous people. Really, it was famous anything, not just people. Anytime something became a big deal to most of the country, I shut down and lost interest. There were few situations I was able to hold on and persevere. I hated for people to think I was just following the crowd. I wanted to prove I was different and I hated it if my interests converged with the interests of the majority of people.

One of the few exceptions was a book and its three sequels. Two of my former co-workers had turned me on to the series. I figured it wasn't well known because I was really into books and I had never heard of them before. In the first 2 ½ weeks I had the three books, I read them three times. I was hooked before I even knew how popular they were. I read them a few more times waiting for the release of the fourth book. And then a few more times before the release of the first movie. I was in too deep before I realized just how popular the books were and how far the obsession went. So I went with it anyway. And I was glad I did.

I worked as the night manager at a small but luxurious hotel near Port Angeles, WA. I had been working there for ten years and had finally worked my way up to manager. I chose the night position because not only did it come with a raise, but it also gave me a few hours of uninterrupted time in which to study. The night shift was from 8pm to 6am. It was hectic for the first few hours and for the last hour. I usually had about seven hours in which to work on the homework for my Master's Degree.

We were a popular hotel during the big fishing tournaments. The Red Lion Hotel was more expensive and usually filled up years ahead of time. We were usually booked about six months before the tournament. We were close enough for guests to feel okay with driving yet far enough away from all the traffic and crowds. The biggest tournament usually drew fishermen for a total of two weeks.

It was in the middle of the season, during the first week of the tournament time. It was a comparatively slow night, since it was Tuesday and most of our guests had checked in Sunday. It was late, almost 11pm, and most of the guests were already asleep. Ericka, the desk clerk, had let me know that the last guest, a Mr. Richard Masen, would be checking in later than expected. At 11pm, a group of five men and one woman walked in, and the woman approached my desk ahead of them.

I could tell that these people were the type we usually got in the Meadow Hotel and Suites. High fashion clothes, expensive luggage, and an air of money and importance. I hated when these people checked in on my shift. They paid my check, yes, but they were so pompous and arrogant. And they looked down on me like I was dirt or something. The woman looked a few years older than my 26 years. Her dark brown hair was pulled up into a French twist.

"Excuse me, Miss. We need to check in."

"Sure, may I have your names?" I got a good look at the man who stepped up with her. He seemed to be the center of the group, and when I recognized him, I knew I was right.

"The reservation should be for three rooms in the name of Richard Masen," she said, inclining her head towards the man next to her. "We will be staying for at least three weeks, maybe more." I knew that was not his name. I was freaking out inside, but kept a professional attitude outside. This was not Richard Masen, who he obviously claimed to be, this was Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen. One of the hottest new actors on screen today. What was he doing in Forks?

"Okay, I need one person from each room to fill out one of these cards, please." I held the cards in between the two of them, not knowing which one would take them. The woman was obviously a secretary or assistant and the four other males were assistants and body guards of sorts. My voice was calm and steady. Good, no trace of the butterflies in my stomach. "Richard" filled out one of the cards, and when he handed it back his handwriting reminded me of the description of the vampire's from the books.

"Okay, here are your room keys. 519, 521, and 530. Room 530 is the larger suite." Our room keys were real keys instead of the computer cards other hotels went for. "Welcome to the Meadow Hotel and Suites, enjoy your stay." I rang the bell and the bellhop Tommy came from behind me with the trolley. The woman, "Richard", and one of the men headed towards the elevator. The other three men put the luggage they had on the trolley, and they went out to the car to get the rest. They ended up needing three trolleys total. Every room in the hotel was now booked. I typed in the command to turn on the No Vacancy sign outside. There had been a chance that he wouldn't show up, so the manager had lit the Vacancy sign.

I tried not to be too interested in the luggage they brought in. I was thankfully distracted from staring by a phone call from one of the rooms.

"Meadow front desk, how may I help you?"

"Yes, Isabella, this is Richard Masen, we just checked in?" I barely registered that he'd noticed my name in the flutter over his English accent. And wishing once again that my manager had listened when I'd asked him to put Bella on my nametag. I blushed, glad that he was not in front of me and that Tommy had gone up the elevators with the guards. "There seems to be a problem with our rooms."

"I'm sorry, sir, what can I help with?"

"Well, none of our rooms has a Jacuzzi and I was really looking forward to a relaxing bath after my long day of travel." I blushed again at that thought, but kept my voice steady and professional. I was such an idiot.

"I'm sorry sir, but those are our most requested rooms and we have so few that you have to ask for one."

"I did ask for one, but there's no harm done. We have not unpacked yet, we can just move rooms."

"I'm sorry Mr. Masen, but we have no other empty rooms. We're booked solid."

"But surely there has to be a room somewhere in here where the guests have not yet checked in. Move us to one of those rooms with a Jacuzzi and give our rooms to them."

"I'm terribly sorry, but these are the busiest two weeks of the season for us and all of our guests are checked in. You took the last three empty rooms."

"But we asked for a Jacuzzi and we did not get one. Could you not call one of the others and see if they would switch with me? Even if I have to be on another floor, I'd be okay." His voice was tinted with a bit of sarcasm and rudeness.

"Mr. Masen, you did not ask for a Jacuzzi."

"Yes I did, besides if it isn't in the computer, how would you know?"

"No sir, a Jacuzzi was not requested. I am now looking at your account and I know that no Jacuzzi was requested." I struggled to keep my voice polite.

"Are you saying I am a liar? That is not customer service, Miss. I say I did ask for one, and how would you know I did not?"

"Mr. Masen, I know because when , um, a Miss Jessica Stanley," I read off the computer, "called to reserve the room, I was the one who answered the phone and set up the reservation. There was no mention at all about a Jacuzzi." He was silent as he processed the information.

"Oh," was all he said before hanging up on me. I was instantly over the butterflies. He'd reminded me that I didn't like things or people that were too famous. Celebrities never seemed like real people to me. They were always fake and snobs to me. I wasn't one of the beautiful people, so of course they seemed that way.

I was very plain in comparison. About 5'5", brown hair, boring brown eyes, and very pale skin. Not one of the beautiful people. Now, for those of you reading this who may be saying 'Outside isn't everything. The personality is better', I will say that I didn't think I was a dog or anything. I didn't have bad skin, and my hair was beautiful when it behaved. Twenty-six years of experience had taught me, however, that I wasn't beautiful on the outside.

Edward Cullen, aka "Richard Masen", was beautiful. He'd been in several extremely successful movies in the past few years. Most of his movies were based off books. I hadn't been very impressed with his character in his first movie. Whether that was Edward's fault or not, I didn't know. I vaguely remembered not liking the character in the books, in spite of him supposedly being very nice and handsome. Then, Edward's next movie floored me. He'd played my favorite character from my favorite book and he actually matched my mental image of him fairly well. Beautiful, with a very nice British accent. And only three years younger than me.

I would add that last part to myself sometimes, imagining that I'd like to get to know the person behind the celebrity. But now I knew he was just like every other stereotypical movie star. Rude and demanding, expecting everything to be rearranged to fulfill his every whim. I was so furious with him that I had to calm down before I could go back to reading my book. My fun book at that time was the book whose movie version had changed my opinion of Edward. That connection was probably another reason I couldn't just go back to reading. He had been too convincing in the movie. He was the male lead to me now. Crap.

After I calmed down, the night passed fairly quickly. I did not get too upset after that, even though our newest guests kept the night shift hoping with the requests we could fulfill. Mr. "Masen" did not call again, but his secretary did. They finally turned off their lights in all three rooms at 3:15am.