Phone Call

This is my first Middleman fic (and MAN is there some quality stuff in here). Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Middleman.

Phone Call

"I have to admit, those bunnies were pretty fearsome," Wendy said, as she and the Middleman walked into the top secret headquarters.

"Indeed," the Middleman replied. "But all's well that ends well. We managed to save the world from certain doom."

"Three times in one week? That's gotta be a record." Wendy glanced at her middle-watch (which she had recently learned actually told the time). "OK, I have just enough time to get changed and head over to Lacey's show. See you tomorrow!"

"Bye, Dubbie."

As Wendy ran out the door, the phone began to ring.

"Boss!" Ida called. The Middleman ran to the main room. Ida held the receiver to her chest. "It's Watson."

He took the phone from her and held it to his ear. "Hello. How's New Guinea?"

"Great, just great," Mr. Watson said. It was obvious where Wendy had gotten her sarcasm. "Just another island where there's probably no hidden lairs."

"I wasn't referring to the mission."

"Yeah, I know. How's Wendy?"

"She's doing fine. She's really coming along."

"Good. Glad you're looking out for her."

"Glad to be looking out for her."

"Have you told her that I'm still alive."

"No," the Middleman sighed.

"Why the BLEEP not?"

"Well, at first I didn't know how she'd handle the news, and now I can't risk ruining her bond of trust."

"What, so you preserve the bond of trust by not telling her about me?" Mr. Watson sighed. "Look, from what you've told me, Wendy seems like a great girl. She'll understand if you're honest with her."

"All right. I'll tell her first thing tomorrow."

"Good. I have to go now. Top secret lairs aren't located by themselves, you know. Say hi to Wendy for me."

"I'll be sure to."

"Talk to you later."

"Goodbye, Dad."