Title: Irony In Imperfection

Pairings: Kisame/Itachi

Rating: M (contains sexual scenes- come on, it's me, you should have expected it! )

Summary: For Kisame, Itachi's imperfections only make him more alluring. Oneshot drabble. Lemon.

Disclaimer: -sob- Not mine... -sob-

A random little drabble-type thing that came to me one day. It only took a couple of days to write, in comparison to the usual few months it take me to think of something, write it at a pace of about a sentence a week and then leave it in a drawer for a month because I can't be bothered to type it up. Maybe in the future I'll be able to post fics every couple of weeks! Or maybe this was a fluke and you're going to have to wait at least a year before you get any more smut from me. Anyway, read, and hopefully enjoy. I think I was trying to sound intelligent when I wrote this, and I quite like how it's come out- that probably means everyone else will find it a big load of fail. I hope not. :D

Irony In Imperfection

Itachi's legs, lean and smooth, brush rhythmically against Kisame's hips, skimming tantalisingly over hypersensitive skin as he rides his lover slowly; he moves with a fluid elegance and grace that seems inherent in everything he does. He's so tiny, Kisame thinks, his strong fingers tightening their grip on the narrow waist, resting his thumbs on the soft skin above the jut of Itachi's hipbones.

With his hair falling across his face and shoulders like dark silk over porcelain, he looks utterly, utterly beautiful, and it is then that Kisame realises that Itachi must be as close to perfection as anyone has ever been. This precious little thing, this beautiful creature straddling his waist, holds such immense power within him that he seems almost infallible, a higher being who cannot be defeated by mere mortals.

That is not to say, of course, that he is completely without fault or flaw; it is these little things, though, that make Itachi human; real and tangible and not an untouchable, unreachable god.

Ironic, Kisame thinks. Itachi's imperfections serve only to make him even more perfect.

He is dragged from his thoughts as Itachi shudders and gasps; hit the spot, Kisame thinks. With a smirk, he uses one leg and a jerk of his hips to nudge Itachi forward, off of his cock and flat against his body, before flipping them over and looking down at the Uchiha, who is flushed and gorgeous and for a moment just a person and not a coldblooded killer.

Kisame props himself up on shaky arms and pushes into him again, Itachi's voice and scent and oh god, so hot, so tight overwhelming his senses, making him dizzy with pure lust and raw passion.

Arching his neck and grasping the bedstead with sweat-slick fingers, Itachi rolls his hips to meet his partner's thrusts. Kisame hooks a slender leg over one arm and slams into the lithe body again, shaking the walls and ramming the bed up against the wall. The pleasure is almost blinding.

Perfect, Kisame thinks.

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