Running in a field.

She knows this scene, it has happened. Oh, yes, it has happened.

She runs with the wind, and it carries her on it's shoulders, priceless, joy, love. She runs through the flowers, and she runs through the souls.

"It's not real," says Annabeth, but she can't forget, and the same dream is rerunning itself.

They sleep deeply. Their bodies are frozen, a crystal in the midst of time. But their minds are free. Oh yes, their minds are free.

Free to love, free to hate, to prejudice, to create. And she lives with the flowers, with the souls.

They whisper, soft, snaky whispers that scare her. They have reasons, reasons to hate, but she does not like them. They scare her.

And she runs, slowly at first, and then faster. She is running not towards, but away. Away from what, she does not know. But she must keep running.

"I think she's waking up," Someone whispers.

Breezes whip past her face. Four breezes, actually: Life, Death, Despair, and Hope. Each from a different direction. Life and Hope branding together against Death and Despair.

The breezes struggle, and they whip out her hair. She gets mad.

Slowly, Despair and Death grow stronger. They push back Hope and Life, driving them away from the whispering flowers.

"I thank you," comes a voice, carried by Death.

"Yes, you help me." Despair, this time, brings her the news.

She is scared. She will not help Death or Despair. She is for Life, and Hope!

"Oh, no," Says Death. "You're working for us. Just look."

And so she does, and she sees the bodies the endless bodies, of the people. Not dead. Sleeping.

She raises a trembling hand. Death and Despair blow harder now, pushing her forewords. They push to the end of the field with flowers, to a blackness so deep it swallows her up. Death and Despair push her right off the edge and she falls down.

"Wake up," Says a heavily accented voice. "Wake up, now!"

And she falls until she hits a ground, a soft, shaky ground that trembles with every step she takes.

Her eyes adjust to see a soft glow. She treks out to what she somehow knows to be the middle.

A mirror.

A mirror, glowing white, blinding her. She cautiously steps forewords.

In the mirror, a scene takes place.

Not the perfect life. Her real life.

A girl stands small, alone. There is blackness around her. She is shunned and cast aside.

This, this was real. This was -no, this is- her life.

She reaches out, and as she touches the mirror, she is blinded. She is taken, transported. She is gone.

And above her, the winds howl.

I sat up with a gasp, panting heavily.

What was that?

It was like the dream from before, just... darker. Scarier.

"Ah, she eez awake," Came a musical voice. "Wake up, Anneebeth, wake up."

"It's Annabeth," I mumble, as I sit up. Then I freeze.

How they pronounce my name is the least of my worries.

Being trapped in a small room with five foreign kidnappers is a somewhat bigger issue.

"We're not kidnappers," A boy said. I couldn't make him out fully, but then again, my eyes were still adjusting to the light.

Wait. Boy?

Yes, a boy. Person kindly informed me, making me shriek and leap higher than I knew demigods could leap. Two boys and three girls. Well, at least the abnormal part of my brain was working.

Kids? Boys? Girls? Yeah. There were two girls that looked liked they were twelve or so, and looked like twins. There was also a boy with long, black hair tied in a ponytail. His brown eyes twinkled, as if he knew a joke but he wasn't telling. He saw me watching him and smirked slightly.

As my eyes reacted to the new light, I figured out one thing:

They were beautiful.

All of them. What, was I being kidnapped by the European Fashionistas club? The boys could be models, both of them. The dark haired one had a long, angled jaw, and high cheekbones. The other one had layered hair, blonde. He had baby blue eyes and more freckles than there are children of Hermes. He had a soft face, almost radiating kindness.

The girls... well, they were Aphrodite's kids, obviously. Or if not, they looked it, ten times over.

The twins were identical. Brown, wavy hair floated down past their shoulders, reaching one girl's waist. They both had creamy brown eyes. Never again will I call brown eyes boring, I swear. Small rings of gold circled their pupils. They smiled at me. Sister no. 1, with the waist length hair, wore a blouse and hipster or thightster jeans (Seriously, I don't know fashion!) with a gold, shining belt. Sister no. 2 just wore a baggy T-shirt with a Paul Frank monkey on the front, and a pair of green sweats. She was slightly taller than sister no. 1, but they were even in beauty.

And the last girl, ah. She had slanted eyes, almost Korean, but her skin was pale. She had high, arched eyebrows, and black-brown hair that curled into tight ringlets. Her high set cheekbones remind me of Percy, with a pang.

"So, what, am I being kidnapped?" I asked in mock amusement, though my heart was pounding so loud I was sure they could all hear it.

"No," said the dark haired girl. "We ask you a qvestion."

"A qvestioun, huh? Go ahead."

She glared at me, making fun of her accent. "We vant to know... are you Athena's dawter?"

I yelped. "How... who... how did you..." My voice trailed off as I considered this.

"I am Melina," She said. "I come from France. I am part of of 'Kinder von den Göttern', or 'Children of the Gods,' as you would say in Eengleesh."

I fell backwards, my head spinning. Melina continued.

"Ve are a secret organization. Ve are the known children of the gods," she said. She looked me in the eye.

That was it! Melina was the girl in my dream. I knew I was missing something.

"Zhees is Clare*," she was saying, gesturing to sister no. 1, "and zhees is Isabella Knight.** Zhee boys are Jon and Hugo." She gestured to the two boys so quickly I was unsure which was which.

"Wow," I said stupidly, my head swimming. "Um, great. "

Melina turned to me, her dark blue eyes shifting. I couldn't pull myself to look away. Her eyes were pulling me in, making me want to sleep. I was so tired. I could just lay down, for a minute, y'know...


Person pulled me back into reality. Thanks, Person, I thought hurriedly.

Melina stared at me, and Jon stopped smiling. He looked like he was concentrating on something.

"Look," I said, "I think it's great that you guys are part of some organization. But I need to find something, while I'm here. So if I could just get going...?"

"The Samothrace," said Jon. He had a dark, deep voice.

I smiled crookedly at him. "Yeah, the Samothrace. In Paris."

"No," snapped Melina. Then she composed herself, taking in a deep breath. "I'm sorry," she said stiffly, "But we need you. All of us."

Well, I can hardly say no to that, can I?

"We," Melina said, "are demigods. As are you, Annabeth Chase."

She turned around to face me and looked me in the eye. The same feeling of peace came over me.

"Now sleep," She said, in a voice lined with power.

This time Person didn't cry out, and I fell into the darkness.

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