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Sasuke watched her lithe form pleasure his shirt as she danced and wiggled around the kitchen he rarely visited barefoot, humming a song he'd never heard. She was fixing herself some breakfast while he drank his coffee in none but his pajama pants, thoroughly and completely content.

He had to admit, though different and a bit awkward, this feeling of ease was actually kind of nice. It was a feeling he didn't have to be touching to feel, which was more new to him than a little bit.

He'd never felt anything like it, not even when his parents had been alive. It was incredible, he, him, of all people,just couldn't stop smiling, no matter how hard he tried. They'd been locked in the house for three days now, no doubt he'd loved every minute of it. He couldn't describe in words how happy he was that she was on the pill, because they hadn't stopped making love for none but the bare necessities, like eating, using the restroom, and showering. That was it.

He smiled again as he mentally relived their first shower together. Amazing how that one experience had him wanting to make Ben install one in every room of the house. The way her voice resounded off the walls could make a man wanna' be a man and do his own damn laundry. Shit, but she was talented in the finest subject in the whole wide world.

Which suddenly…brought a frown to his face.

That was right. She was talented...even more so than she'd been before she left him three months ago. Which meant that…that who'd ever 'devirginized' her…wait, that was if she'd refrained from sex long enough for her body to even get back to its virgin like state for her to be 'deviriginized'… nevertheless, whatever man she'd had sex with, a man who was not him, he'd taught her a whole lot of things. That man had done things to her that she'd liked, loved, and relished and brought back to him…to see if he was better perhaps? To see if he could keep up maybe?

Sasuke's hands tightened around his mug. Just the thought of her doing what she'd done to him with some other man made his blood boil, and even more so that any man had done what he'd done to her. They both knew she'd had sex with another. After all, why else would she have been on the pill, where else would she have learned to do that thing with her back, but alas, they hadn't talked about it, not really. It hadn't even been mentioned except when he'd been begging his brains out for her to remain his, and then when she'd told him that it was safe for to cum inside her. Even then, they hadn't really spoken in depth about the subject.

That…that suddenly bothered him to no end.

Sakura grabbed her bread out of the toaster and walked with a pep in her step to the table, sitting before him. She looked up at him as she simultaneously opened a jar of jam and proceeded to coat her toast. When she took in his frown the smile she'd been wearing slowly faded from her face. "What's wrong? Did you want some toast after all?"


"Oh…okay," she replied slowly, her eyes going back to the task at her hand, albeit uneasily. "Suit yourself then," she said shrugging. "Don't cry later on, 'Baby, stop. I'm tired. I don't have enough energy for round six', because I'm telling you right now, I don't want to hear it." That brought another smile to her own face and she looked up to see if his frown had been replaced with one too. It hadn't.

Her brows slowly nit together as she let out an exasperated breath, allowing her knife and toast to clatter to the plate as she spoke. "Alright, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said in a short, curt tone. He took a sip of his coffee and said none else, only stared at the marble cabinets behind her.

"You were all smiles just a minute ago, Sasuke. I don't understand how you can go from that to this in a matter of seconds."

That was met with silence. "Well?" Still, he did not answer her.

Sakura shook her head and simply picked up her toast, giving up. She was not about to baby a grown man, and with even more resolve, she wasn't going to allow him to knock her off the wondrously euphoric high she had, even if he was the cause of it.

They sat quietly at the table as she ate her toast and he drank his coffee. When Sasuke was done with his beverage he got up and went to the sink behind her, rinsing out his mug when he got there. It wasn't until he turned off the water, turned and leaned on the counter, then crossed his arms and ankles that he spoke…or tried to. "Sakura-"

"Sasuke dolls! They smirk, piss, bitch and whine! Call in the next five minutes and you'll win one that can say 'fuck you!'" She glanced at him over her shoulder. "So now you want to talk?"

He dragged his hand through his hair and sighed. "I'm sorry."

Sakura turned back around and simply went back to her second slice of toast, not responding to him or his apology.

Sasuke sighed as he went back to his seat before her. His hands folding before him, a deep breath roaming his lungs, he waited a single beat before he said, "Can I ask you something?"

Her eyes acknowledging his presence as she looked up at him was Sasuke's only answer. Even after receiving it though, he didn't speak right away. Instead he stared at her for a moment, his expression strained, his body language rigid.

Truly concerned now, she swallowed and brushed the crumbs from her mouth before she asked, "Sasuke, what is it? What happened?"

When he simply groaned and dropped his head into his hands, she shot up from her chair, rounded the table, and kneeled before him. Nudging his knee, feminine concern making up a whole new tone for her voice, she urged him to talk to her. "Are you hurt? Is the pain physical? Oh, God, I didn't hurt you last night did I? C'mon Sasuke talk to me! Tell me what's wrong!"

He finally looked at her, but his face was painted in so much anguish and fury it made her stand, leaving her to look down and him to look up. "I know," he said in a voice usually reserved for those who had no way of controlling murder impulses, "…that I have no right to ask you this. But will you please tell me the name of the man who…who touched you?"

"What? Where did that come from," she asked more confused than alarmed now.

Sasuke's frown deepened as his eyes made holes in her skull. "I just want to know his name. The guy you slept with before we got together, what's his name?"

She crossed her arms beneath her breasts as her patience waned. "What do you need to know their names for? What, you planning on hunting-"

"Names," Sasuke said in a hoarse whisper, his eyes nearly as wide as his face now. "There…there was more than one?"

"Ah, but of course," were the only words that whisked across Sakura's burning mind before her entire being, from her facial expression, to her body language, to the dangerous look in her eyes, everything, everything hardened. She'd been having such a good morning too, more's the pity though, for it was here. One of the most sexist issues known to man and very nearly the most unfair. It was the age old double standard that it was okay for men to have sex whenever, with whoever, but a mortal sin if a woman chose to do the same; no matter what he did or how he did it, who he did it with and when they did it a man would always be a man, but women would always be everything but the equal counter. Sad how that mean, ugly monster just had to go and rear its big, stupid head; because it was so idiotic and knew no better, well, one could almost sympathize.

Suffice it to say though…Sakura just wasn't that one. She was not about to put up with this crap, not even for a little bit. Not a chance in hell, not a chance in heaven. This argument was over before it even got started.

Her voice was borderline dead-like vacant and cuttingly brutal as she spoke with cold, narrowed eyes. "You're right. You don't have the right to ask me about this." Her angrily breathed words were barely audible to him.

Nevertheless, if not the words he caught the message, and his anger visibly tripled in depth. He did nothing however, nothing but shake and quiver in his seat. "I just-"

"I could ask you the same damn thing, Sasuke," she hissed, hands on her hips, she, too, shaking. "Couldn't I?"

"It's different."

"How so?!" She'd yelled it, at the end of her tether, jumping back and throwing her arms wide as if she'd been struck.

"You were still pretty much a virgin when you left here three months ago! Having had sex only twice in your-"

"What does that have to-"

"I was your first! I will be your last! There should never have been any in betweens!" He was standing now. Pacing on the other side of the table that separated them like a caged lion.

"Oh, I see," Sakura said nodding, her jaw rigid and set. "It's okay for you to have fucked every bitch from here to Japan, right? That's okay, right, Sasuke?"

"That is not fair."

"Why isn't it, huh?! Why?! I'll tell you what's not fair! The fact that you've managed to ruin yet another one of my mornings, Sasuke, that's what's not fair! And for what? For what?!" She was pacing now as he watched. "Because I decided to see what else was out there? Because I went ahead and had a taste of a little American dick? Because I finally took initiative and did something for me, Sasuke? Is that why you're wasting precious seconds of my life?"

"I'm just trying-"

"-to see if there was actually a man out there who could easily take your place," she hissed, ceasing her agitated pace and whirling to face him.

"…And if I am?"

"And if there were…what would you do?" Who cared if she was lying? He'd pissed her off, knocking her off of her high despite her resolve not to let him. Fine then. He wanted a fight? He had one.

They stared at each other for a long time, neither one of them backing down…as usual. So when Sakura began to walk around the table towards him, it was no surprise when the horizontal slits that were his eyes narrowed so dangerously it was a wonder if he could still see her. When she stopped before him they were so close only a thought kept their noses from touching. "What…would…you…do," she asked with her hands on her hips.

That question was again met with silence. She smirked and nodded then. "That's what I thought," she said. "Because it's just like I said before, I could ask you the same things. I could ask you the names of all the women you've slept with, praying that none of them had been friends of mine all the while. I could ask you if any of those women had been better than me, even while already knowing the answer as I'm sure their experience rate soared much higher than the virgin's. I could also ask you if you felt you could leave me for one of them if you grew bored of any incompetence you found within me and not in them. Oh, yes. I could. " She stepped back from him and again crossed her hands beneath her breasts. "But I won't." She shook her head as if to add emphasis to the statement. "So, as to not be hypocrites, out of respect for both me and yourself…let us simply agree not to bring the past up again, Sasuke, and let it lie."

His indignant gaze stayed fixed upon hers for a long moment, and for a time, he seemed as if he were going to object said suggestion; only to finally grant her one, crisp, I-don't-like-it-but-you're-right nod. Her posture softened and she nodded back, a satisfied smile spreading across her face. "Good," she said then, leaning down to pick up her plate and washing it in the sink; Sasuke watched her all the while. She turned when the scant cleaning was done and proceeded to leave the still silent Sasuke to his own devices.

She'd gotten as far as the other side of the table when Sasuke's voice halted her steps. "Just tell me one thing," he said, his tone so smooth it presented an air of uncaring and indifference throughout the room; there was the man she'd fallen in love with. "Were they better than me…bigger than me?" She looked over her shoulder to find his grimace ridden features overrun by red. Interesting, how much of a liar his tone could be. Even more interesting was how the day had actually arrived where she'd finally seen the expression of self doubt upon the face of the of the most narcissistic man she'd ever met. It was almost cute. Nevertheless she simply smirked before continuing on about her business, without answering him.

"Oh, you can not be serious," he said following her. "How childish!"

She looked at him over her shoulder again and stuck her tongue at him.

"That's so much more mature," he said letting out an annoyed breath. "It's a simple yes or-"

Sakura suddenly turned around, keeping her former pace as she walked backwards. Sasuke's pace on the other hand slowed and his words were cut off as he instantly went on guard. She had an extremely nefarious grin upon her face, and call him a chicken or whatever else, but he did not want to get punched again and that's just what her look said would happen if he allowed it.

But before he knew it she struck him anyway…with her pink pebbled breasts that is. He was literally stunned. Besides the fact that she had the best damn tits he'd ever seen, the fact that she was teasing him had the essence in his sac stirring from a slumber that'd been very rare these past few days. She'd lifted his shirt from her body and brought it back down again so fast he wasn't even sure if he'd seen correctly; that is until she took off running past the grand stair case, laughing all the while.

He ran after her, yelling, "Get back here and take responsibility for what you've just done!" Then he mumbled, "Damn tease," knowing full well that she'd successfully changed the subject.

She only laughed harder as she ran faster, rounding the leather couch in the living room so that it was between them. He grinned. "What was that for?"

Her smile widened when he ran to the right and she to the left, the result reversing their positions. She licked the sudden perspiration from her top lip as she hunched down into a linebacker's position, her eyes focused on the target, brimming over with determination. "Punishment," she grinned back.

He stood to his full height from his own hunched position and crossed his arms over his chest. His expression was one of ultimate belittling, as if he were scolding a child. "Punishment for what, Sakura?"

"For being a dick," she said licking her upper lip again, but this time it wasn't for any sweat. It was merely a reminder for them both of what that word and her tongue usually entailed.

He narrowed his lust darkened eyes and went back into his own readied football player stance. "Alright…first," he whispered, staring her right in the eyes, "I am going to catch you." He faked right, making her start to the left, before they both hurriedly went back to their original positions. "Then," he said licking his own lips in a slow, sensual manner, trying to make her lose her focus and only just slightly failing, "I'm going to rip that shirt off." He ran all the way around the couch to his left until he was in the spot Sakura had been in; now she was the one between the coffee table and couch. He watched as her breaths came out in shallow pants, her breasts swayed with her every twitch and jitter, the shirt constantly heaved up and down, veiling and revealing that perfectly trimmed triangle between her thighs. "And finally, I'm going to fuck you so hard you will never mistake which end is up again."

She stood from her hunched position and looked at him with a look so purely seduction she could have made a pillow hard, it didn't help that her nipples were reaching and begging for his mouth now either. "You know there's only one requirement, baby."

He closed his eyes and let out a shuddering breath as the lusting possibilities began to stream throughout his mind as if conjured and called upon by her dipping voice. "Make it good," he asked.

"Make it good," she confirmed. After a moment of steeling herself, Sakura then closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, and then…sprinted around the couch and up the stairs faster than you could say Sasuke-was-still-trying-to-recover. "Come make it real good for me, baby!" she yelled behind her.

With a taunt like that, Sasuke was on her heels before she could even 'eek' properly. "Don't I always," he growled before he grabbed her around the waist, tossed her giggling, squealing form over his shoulder and ran them to his office…the bedchamber that is. "'Til the last of our days I swear I'll deliver."

She simply chuckled.


Their hushed, excited whispers of infatuation; their biting, chilling death glares of jealousy…it all annoyed the living hell out of her. This was exactly why she hadn't agreed to this, had protested with all of her strength and might, had even threatened to ban sex.

Well, those empty threats had just as soon fallen upon deaf ears when Sasuke had enrolled in college right along with her. He was so spoiled! Always had to get everything he wanted! And had she known he was so much the jealous type…hell, maybe then she might've actually gotten over him successfully. He was ridiculous. If she didn't love him the way she did, she swore this factor in their relationship would be completely intolerable.

And, oh, sweet jeezus. His temper was out of this world. It was because of that that she'd lost her job. Foolishly she'd told him of how much of a freak her boss was. How he constantly hit on her and was always making small insinuations that it'd be in her best interest to put in a few extra 'hours' if she wanted to keep her job. Why, oh, why in the hell had she told him that? Sasuke had gone down to her job, dragged the man up to the 12th floor, and then laughingly dangled his short, old, nasty butt over the edge of the building (no exaggeration) yelling, cursing, and threatening him until the man had tears in his eyes and shit in his pants. Needless to say, because of him she'd been without a job; and no job meant no money, and no money meant no college, no shelter, and no food. But of course, the great Sasuke always had the most brilliant, inarguable ideas.

"You can move in with me," he'd said with a straight face, as if her loosing her job was no big deal.

"I am not going shack up with-"

"And while you're here I can pay your tuition, and make sure you're fed, get you some new clothes, make sure no other…" He'd completely ignored her, walking off and mumbling to himself as if she hadn't said a word.

The reason why at this very moment, she was here, in the same class room as him, trying her hardest to keep from punching the living daylights from the female behind her who kept kicking the back of her chair, jealous that Sasuke didn't hide the fact that she was his.

Sakura sighed. It was a double edged sword if ever there was one. For, she couldn't be completely upset at him for taking pride in their relationship, but the fact that he just kept on giving her new enemies was enough to make her spit.

She had to give him credit though, when he wasn't busy glaring off the slightest bit of eye contact those of the opposite sex tried to make with her, he took the classes a whole lot more serious than she'd thought he would. It really was hard to believe. When he'd first told her that he planned on going to the same college as her, taking the same classes as her, planning to teach at the same elementary school as her, she'd rightfully been incredulous.

Talk about controlling. That was going way over board and she'd untangled herself from him in bed and said as much, only for him to reply back, "I just want to be with you. All the time. Forever." Ever the sentimental one after a good, slow love making. "I don't want you to leave me again, not even to go to work in the morning. If you weren't so stubborn I'd keep you home with me all day."

"One, I told you I am not a freeloader. Two, you do realize your inheritance won't last for the rest of your life, right? You do need a job. And three, that was sweet."

He'd sighed then, closing his eyes and raking his fingers through his hair. "I didhave a job. Remember?"

It took Sakura a moment, but once she realized exactly what job he spoke of, her entire countenance took on one of pure fury personified. "The Cheesecake Factory," she hissed.

"I'm not an idiot. The only thing I was using the inheritance money for was to pay the employees, and even then, please Sakura, believe that my parents left me more than a lifetime's worth, okay?"

"Right. You only worked there for the pus-"

He'd cut her off with an air slicing smirk. "I thought we weren't going to talk about our individual pasts."

She looked like she wanted to argue, but restrained…barely. A change of topic was very much in order before those efforts quickly went to waste. However surly she said, "So what are you supposed to teach? Call me crazy but I don't think Fucking101 is apart of the elementary curriculum."

"I-am-no-idiot. Stop mistaking me for Naruto. I was the first in our senior class remember?"

"Get to the point."

A nefarious smirk took hold of his features. Looking her naked form up and down, breaking a sea of shivers throughout her entire body, he said, "I was thinking I'd teach the tots what real physical education is all about." She couldn't help it, with all they'd been doing lately she had no choice but to laugh at his word choice. Grinning he grabbed her and brought her back to where she'd been before, her back spooning along his front. "Honestly though, Sakura, don't you think it'd be nice working along side each other."

"Well," she said after a moment, "we wouldn't be working that close. After all, science is my area…but I suppose going to work together could have its perks."

"I knew you'd see it my way." She rolled he eyes. "After all," he said using her words, "how bad could it be?"

Looking back on it now, she should've known then that it would be about as bad as it could be. After all, Sasuke had absolutely no qualms about making it known that he'd fight over Sakura…and win. Trying to maintain her busy woman, business woman image, and supply and demand respect alike, Sakura didn't have that luxury. She wasn't the girl she'd been in middle school. She couldn't get up and hurt every girl who touched Sasuke a little too friendly-like for her taste, or even bumped her too hard for it to have possibly been an accident as they claimed it in the court yard. She had to be the bigger person.

In all honesty though, that bigger person stuff was getting older by the second with every childish kick the chick behind her delivered her chair. She'd thought college kids were supposed to be more mature than this. So much for that.

"I should just drop kick this girl and use her as an example to the rest of her no-self-respect having followers," the much more reckless side of her thought. The all other Sakura was about sick of this. The Sakura you didn't mess with. The one you didn't fuck with. The one who didn't hesitate to land a punch or two when and where she thought one was due, not even upon the man she loved.

A familiar, deadly chill raced down Sasuke's spine. He actually jumped in his seat, before his wide eyes slowly made their way to the woman beside him. As uncool as it was, Sasuke never failed to enter tail-between-his-legs territory when that chill came over him. Had you never been punched by her, you'd just never understand. "B-baby," he sputtered, whispering, "are…are you-"

"You'd better call this bitch off before I make her get off, Sasuke. This is all your fault." She looked at him then, and there it was. That look that he'd come to be wary of. "Fix it," she snarled.

Then he saw her body suddenly jerk forward, a second later he found the cause. He looked back and identified Carrie. A super thin, pasty pale, blond girl who was supposedly the same age as them. Seated above them he had to look up as he begged with semi-flirtatious, semi-pleading eyes that she stopped…before Sakura or in fact he made her. Though he didn't show it (on the count that he really wasn't in to the practice of hitting women) he was none too prone with the idea of anyone hurting his girlfriend, especially when, as Sakura had pointed out, it was because of him. Alas, there were other ways of stopping or distracting her, but now that he had Sakura, he really wasn't allowed to do those things any more.

Sasuke sighed. Sometimes, it just didn't pay to be so damn handsome and oh, so obviously…potent.

The chick licked her lips as she nodded with an extremely obvious lustful air about herself. She was making the nerd beside her sweat. Sasuke turned back around, shaking his head before he placed his hand upon Sakura's, not wanting her to break what he'd found out to be her favorite pencil.

Whispering he said, "Sakura, I'm-"

She took her hand back and resumed her note taking. She stared straight ahead as she cut him off with the words, "You will make this up to me," in a tone of voice that to any other would have been a pants wetting command...in more ways than one.

But Sasuke only sat back in his seat with an anticipatory smirk fixed upon his face, continuing with his own notes, and said, "Whatever you say," knowing exactly what his equal meant.

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