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Sasuke Uchiha stared at the infuriating blond in front of him. How the hell had he gotten into an argument about the best kind of CANDY with him?

They were sitting in Sasuke's living room, Sasuke had been lounging on the couch before the argument started, and Naruto Usumaki had been on the bean bag.

Now? They were facing each other, Sasuke arguing that the only kind of edible candy was Dango. Naruto arguing that candy was alwase edible. Anytime, anyplace. Stupid Dobe was shoving himself in Sasuke's face. What was his problem anyway?

"Are you INSANE? Seriously have you even tried Skittles?" Naruto complained. He reached into his pocket and and pulled out a bright red bag.

"Oh hell no, you are not making me eat those!" Sasuke's yelped and leapt over the couch. No matter what the shrink said. Naruto was nuts.

"Teme, they taste like fruit! Now get the heck back here!" naruto yelped

they ended up chasing each other all over Sasuke's house. Finally naruto trapt Sasuke in the bedroom.

"Teme, just try one and i'll leave you alone!" Sasuke's stared at naruto like he was nuts, which he was.

"erm, no." Naruto locked the door. Sasuke cursed his lack of windows in the bedroom. Naruto lept. He knocked Sasuke down, and ended up straddling Sasuke.

Sasuke blinked. He felt a flush rise in his cheeks, what was he doing? Naruto was panting.

"Sasuke. You ARE going to try skittles." Sasuke glanced away, his cheeks got even hotter. Did the dobe know what that sounded like?

He glanced back just in time to see Naruto holding out a red candy. Sasuke glared at it. He clenched his jaw. He would NOT eat it. Naruto was oblivious to Sasuke's blush and simply help out the candy waiting for sasuke to take it.

15 minute's later

"Teme! Just take it! My ass is getting numb!" Sasuke glared his best glare, witch was utterly ruined by his flushed face. His ass? Sasuke didn't know if he still had one, Naruto was cuting off circulation he shook his head. Not daring to open his mouth. Naruto sighed. He squirmed a bit and Sasuke gasped. Ok, mabey he wasn't entirely numb.

Naruto saw his opening he popped the candy into Sasuke's mouth. He then held Sasuke's mouth shut until he saw Sasuke swallow.

"See...that wasn't so bad." he took his hand away and sasuke grimaced.

"how the Hell can you eat that junk?" Sasuke gasped, he squirmed trying to get away. Naruto still wouldn't let him up. "Jeeze, let me up i need a drink before i DIE, dobe." Naruto was studying his face.

"why are you blushing?" Sasuke stared at naruto who had leaned in to ask that question. Sasuke swallowed hard.

"Maybe because you've been sitting on me for the last 20 minutes., ass hole." Naruto blinked. A blush darkening his cheeks as he sprang up. Sasuke climbed stiffly to his feet.

"ah...sorry about that...Sasuke..." Sasuke glanced at Naruto. He was as red as a tomato. Sasuke blinked...bad combo. Especially since tomato was his favorite food. He blushed and ran for the shower. For get a drink, he needed a cold shower.