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(Naruto POV)

"oh wow, Naruto." Sakura said slowly, looking at the doors of the exspensive restaurant he had led them to. "you really didn't have to buy me a nice diner!" she said, slightly shocked.

Naruto grinned. "don't worry about it, I called in a few debts and it's all good!" he said, trying to act cool, he couldn't help but flicker his gaze at Sasuke, wondering what the raven thought of that.

Sasuke had only raised an eyebrow in doubt, which frustrated the blond to no end. Naruto instead turned to Kakashi, whose single exposed eye looked amused. He knew that Naruto had won a bet with Neji, who had reluctantly agreed to pay for the outing in payment.

Naruto went to the person at the door, whose face brightened in a welcoming smile when he mentioned they were there for the Uzumaki Party of four.

"of Course, of course, Welcome to the Sky Dragon!" he bowed to them and showed them to their private dining room, which made Naruto raise his eyebrows a little, Neji had picked this restaurant and made the arrangements, saying that if he was paying for it, he might as well set it up right. He had sent Naruto away with death threats if he fucked things up again this year.

Sakura's eyes widened and seemed to be as huge as dinner plates as she looked around the opulent room. Naruto had simply told her to dress formal, she never would have guessed he had set up something like this. "N-naruto?" her voice was rather awed. "WHO exactly did you call in a bet with?" she looked at him. Naruto smiled and shook his head.

"Can't tell you that Sakura-chan." His voice was happy and rather dazed as he looked around the room in satisfaction. He looked at Sasuke who looked rather stunned. Sasuke looked at him in wonder.

"this is….amazing." he grudgingly admitted. He looked at Naruto with grudging respect. Naruto fought a flush and picked up the menu that was sitting in front of him, No prices. Naruto raised an eyebrow, Neji really had gone overboard. He Grinned, Too bad. The room had fallen silent as they regarded their menus'.

Naruto figured out what he wanted and looked discreetly over the top of his menu at his teammate and sensei. Sakura was glowing with happiness, Kakashi looked content and Sasuke…. Naruto quickly shot his eyes back at his menu when he saw the black orbs staring at him.

He had figured out about half a year ago that he wasn't only interested in females, it was an accident really, a simple mishap during a mission that ended with booze and an exceedingly painful rump and head the next morning. Thankfully it was a solo mission and he was able to hide the fact that he had let himself get drunk on a mission, even if it had been a bad night of nightmares forced upon him by the Kyuubi. Some things you simply didn't share, and that was one of them. However, Sakura who had seemed to relies this fact not long after they had started dating, that he wasn't straight supported him during his quiet mental identity crises. Things had settled and Naruto went back to a more normal life.

Until he relised that he was hanging around Sasuke an awful lot. His heart wasn't supposed to flutter when the raven haired young man cracked a reluctant smile, was it? It wasn't supposed to make him want to be around the irritating ninja just too see those onyx eyes glance his way to make sure he was still following. To hear that smooth voice flowing words at him, or to feel his touch as they sparred. It was the touch that he really craved, after a childhood of no one wanting to even hug him when he cried, or place a hand on his shoulder when he was down he craved touch, wanting to spar hand-to-hand any chance he got.

"Naruto?" He jolted out of his reverie with a hand swinging in front of his face.

"Neh? Sorry!" he turned to Sakura with an apologetic look on his face. The waiter was there, looking at him in amusement. He ordered and turned to his friends who were quietly discussing the new Ninja weapon material. The air was happy and amused when Naruto mentioned the Odd sound they made when they vibrated in a target.

"It sounds like a miniature Gong!" he exclaimed, having had one thud next to his ear in a sparing match.

"Hm, I really don't hear it." Sakura shrugged, a smile on her face. "but then again I'be never had one shave off hairs from my ear." She smirked.

"Awwww, Sakura!" Naruto pouted, unable to keep mirth from his voice. "Do you want me to show you?" he taunted lightly.

"No way! Your aim isn't THAT good you numbskull!" she burst into a laughter, happy that they had a room to themselves; the aura in the main dining room was too subdued.

"Half the time during training I think if he aimed behind him he might have a chance to hit me when I'm sitting in a tree… in front of him." Sasuke said with a half grin on his face as he sipped his drink.

Naruto groaned. "You to Sasuke?" He whined good naturedly, their laughter answered him.

The banter went on throughout diner, back and forth, leaving no one out as the four laughed happily.

They were ordering desert when Naruto looked at Sasuke who nodded, signaling it was time to give her the necklace.

Once the waiter left Naruto Cleared his throat, "Uhm… Sakura-chan?" Naruto said, kind of nervously. She looked at him in amusement.

"Yes Naruto?" She had mirth shinning in her face.

Naruto forced control over himself and grinned at her. He pulled out the small, neatly wrapped parcel out of his pocket. "This is actually from Me and Sasuke." He handed it to her Gently.

She blushed, looking between the two in amusement. "You really didn't have to! I mean after this diner…" she unwrapped it carefully and looked puzzled at the silky velvet box in her hand, she opened it and her jaw fell open in complete and utter shock at the beautiful necklace.

"Oh…oh….oh my god…." She had tears in her eyes as she looked back up at them. "this is so beautiful!" she got up and pulled them both into a warm hug. "thank you both!" she wiped her eyes and drew out the glimmering jeweled necklace and put it on with shaky hands.

Naruto smiled brightly. "I'm glad you like it!" he said, triumph in his voice. "it's also practical." He informed her. "that's not ordinary Emerald, it can store chakra for emergency situations, it took me forever to find an unused piece of it to have it made so it will mold to your chakra." He said in satisfaction.

Sasuke smiled at her. "Technicaly you should only be thanking Naruto, he didn't even tell me about it till a couple days ago when he had to pay for it." Sasuke grinned at her, the happy atmosphere rubbing off on him.

Kakashi Gazed at Naruto, impressed. He had his mask down so he could eat and everybody could see his beautiful face smiling proudly at them. "You've grown up a lot Naruto, stop it, you're making me feel old!" he teased the chunin.

"Sensei, you know you don't feel old and we all know it!" Naruto looked sly. "So does someone else."

Kakashi turned to glare at Naruto, a blush tinting his pale face. "Mind your own business." He commanded, earning laughs from his former students.

Naruto chuckled and brightened when the waiter came back with the desert. The waiter smiled brightly at them, delighted to see his charges in such high spirits.

He brought Sakura a Small birthday cake, making her blush and stammer her thanks as she blew out the candles happily.

(Sasuke's POV)

Sasuke waved the candle smoke away from his face, he hadn't been this content in a long while, just being able to relax and enjoy the night was something he wasn't familiar with, usually he had paperwork to do, mission reports to fill out, training to do.

He shared a happy smile with Naruto, who he could have sworn he saw blush before he seemingly casually looked back at Sakura. Sasuke filed the anomaly away to study later as he took a piece of cake, it was delicious, just as everything else had been. He wasn't fond of sweets so he didn't eat much, but he had to admit it was a very good cake.

Not long after they finished Sasuke admitted that he had work to do in the morning, causing the others to sigh.

"Life goes on doesn't it?" Kakashi sighed he stood slowly, he hooked his mask and slid it up, hiding his features once more. "Your right though, the only reasom we were able to all be here was Naruto was able to convince the Hokage that we all needed a night to relax."

"I know I did." Sasuke said with a sigh. "Being a jonin might sound good, but the twerps are going to drive me insane." He mourned, He had been assigned to a genin team as a teacher and it was running the recluse ragged to keep up with the energetic and social bundles of emotions and energy that he had been set free on. "were we so…." He searched for the word with difficulty.

"Insane? Emotional? Curious? Talkative? So sure that you were the biggest badass out there?" Kakashi asked dryly. "yea."

"thanks." Naruto said with a laugh.

The group got up and left after that, the bill already being taken care of. They smiled at each other and went their own ways at the door, Naruto and Sasuke heading south, Sakura west and Kakashi north.

Sasuke put his hands in the pockets of his dress suit and looked up at the inky midnight sky, A happy smile tugging on his mouth as he walked with Naruto.

"Thanks for the night, Naruto." He said quietly and smiled gratefully at the blond.

Again that fleeting impression of a blush and a hesitation in Naruto's step before he grinned at the serious young man beside him, "No problem Sasuke." He said fondly. "Everybody can use a break once and a while and a birthday is a good excuse." Naruto stopped and Sasuke relised they were at Naruto's slightly rundown apartment building. Naruto looked away almost uncertainly for a moment before he seemed to get control over himself and meet Sasuke's intense gaze.

"Yes…but thank you anyway." Sasuke said in a quiet voice, he was watching Naruto's facial features with curiosity. Sasuke smiled experimentally at the blond and the blush appeared like magic before disappearing like a ghost. "Goodnight Naruto."

Naruto Nodded. "'night Sasuke." He turned and walked into the building acting like he was desperate not to flee.

Sasuke frowned after him. He didn't understand what just happened but, he really did have to go home now. He turned to Leave, his shoulders prickled suddenly and he turned to see Naruto turning from the window, taking his Jacket and shirt off. Sasuke Stared for a moment before shaking his head and walking to his apartment.