I'll Never Love

Prologue: All for the money

Created by Heartsdale


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"Sorry Ruri, you just weren't my type of girl. But hey! You'll find a guy who'll actually love you." 'Not…' he thought.

"Really?" She asked with a gleam of hope and tears in her emerald eyes.

"Really." He said trying not to hold his laugh.

"Thanks, Taichi. I actually thought you'd change your manly habits for me, but I guess you're still that greedy bastard." She slapped in as hard as she could and ran away leaving a big red mark on his face.

He sighed as he rubbed his face. "She wasn't really my time anyways." He mumbled.

His cell phone rang with the ringtone.

"Hey Tai! How was Ruri? Let me guess she slapped ya, and left."

"Oh. It's just you."

"I can't even get a friendly hello? Geez Tai, someone woke up on a wrong girl of the bed!"

"Ishida, she was a waste of time. Just like the rest of those dumb chicks. And as I recall, I'm not a big fan of blind dates even from you. Anyways, are you getting along with Mimi?"

"Ouch, you're using the last name? Well, then Yagami, she is hot…"

"Well, duh she's a great dancer; oh did I mention I dated her in high school?"

"Shuddup Tai! I'm trying to get along with the new girl the boss hired, but she's just some spoiled slut! I can't believe the way her parents treat her! If I have to work with her or see her in my office one more time, I'd…"

"Whoa, there Matt. I thought we made a vow in fifth grade to never hit a girl!"

"Whatever. See-ya"

Twenty-five year-old Taichi Yagami flipped his Nokia sidekick and took a seat on the nearest sofa. He brushed his hand over his wild, brown, but cute hair and let his spiky bangs cover his eyes. He was still a professional soccer player and he still loved the adrenaline of the game. He wasn't just the best and most admired of his team he was also the one that all women would crave for. Who new how many women came to his mansion to 'play'?

"It just goes to show you are worthy enough to-"


"Get a boyfriend, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after-"


"And you'll finally live a life you've always wanted! Sora, Sora, Sora. You should've told me you wanted kids sooner, otherwise, you'd have kids right now!" she squealed.

"Mimi! First of all, I was keeping that a secret!" She sighed. "I guess it's too late."

"LATE? LATE? LATE! SORA! You are a good twenty four years-old. That is not what I call late. You'd be late until, hm, let's see, age 32?"

"Ha, well I don't see you having a husband or kids."

"Yes, because I'm only on the first step Sora! I have James to keep me alive! He's the best boyfriend I ever had!" Mimi bragged. "Not to mention he gave me all these wads of cash!" 'And because I hate kids.'

"That's weird. While you live in the house of wealth, I live in the house of poverty." Sora frowned. "I have more important things to do then find love. For instance, I need to earn money to help my mom in the hospital. She needs medicine. Not to mention very very expensive medicine. I can't even afford kids."

"Sora, dear, I'd be willing to help, but not an awful lot. James won't let me share money." Mimi lied. "The only reason you're not making any money is because you're still working in that flower shop! It's doesn't make that much money you know. You should be doing something other than that."

"I know." Sora sighed. "It's just that it's my mother's flower shop and-"

"It's my responsibility to take care of it. Blah blah blah blah blah." Mimi sneered after she finished her sentence.

Sora sighed. "Yeah, well you know."

"Well duh! You've been telling me for years! Oh no! I'm late for work! I gotta go meet up with my boss!" Mimi said and ran out the door.

'I do want kids, but is it worth it finding a boyfriend right now? Not to mention after my last boyfriend, I could've never forgiven myself to love someone ever again.' Sora thought and shook her head trying to forget about her last boyfriend.

Sora Ann Takenouchi tied her auburn hair up in a neat ponytail and finished arranging the last bouquet a roses someone had ordered for their girlfriend.

She sighed, thinking about her past. She once dreamt she'd become famous for whatever she'd do. Soccer was once her passion until her mother had forced her to quit. Her only choice was tennis. Sora liked it but not loved it. Even though she was a professional at both sports, soccer meant more.

A/n: Sora Ann Takenouchi? LOL I just thought it reminded me of the SATs

As Sora grew older, she learned that flower arranging was quite a peaceful hobby, although, she still seemed to stay fit going out to the gym ever so often. To her eyes, she was just plain old Sora, but to all of her friends' eyes she was a beautiful girl who can get any man she'd ever want. If only she could loosen up a little…

Mimi Tachikawa ran as fast as she could, hoping not to be late for her second job. Her first job that everyone knew about was being an advertiser for Chanel perfume. On the other hand, her second job she kept as a secret and she only did it for the fun. Heck, she didn't even tell Sora or James about it.

'I didn't even comb my hair!' Mimi thought as feeling her tangled pink hair moving against the wind. Yeah, people thought she was crazy getting her pink hair done, but she somehow agreed to it. In high school, she was just a teenager doing all sort of crazy things. However, when she became best friends with Sora a few years ago, Sora's personalities were rubbing off on her, but that never stopped Mimi from being Mimi. The air headed beauty queen. Just being beautiful was how she met her James, a man who can never stop being so nice to her.

"Yamato! Get out of my way!" Mimi said as she pushed him aside, against the concrete wall.

"Whoa there missy! Wow, someone got bedhead." He mocked. 'Damn, how can this chick be so strong when it comes to me?' Yamato thought.

"Yeah, right sissy. So boss what's the deal now?" Mimi asked covering her bed-hair with an unusually large pink cowboy hat.

"I'm putting ten big ones in the pot." The boss smirked.

Yamato and Mimi couldn't help but let their jaws drop. Surely, knowing that that was the biggest amount of money he'd ever gambled on.

"S-s-s-iirrr, did you mean j-j-just s-s-say 10,000?" Yamato stuttered

"Yes Yama, my boy." The boss said taking a sip of coffee.

He was a very mysterious man. The boss should've been more like a detective since he was so good at finding out people's most private information, not like he stalked people, but somehow he did it his own way. He always wore a long beige coat and a Black Fedora Hat covering one of his eyes.

"What's the catch? We have to kill someone again to get it?" Yamato smirked at his comment.

"No my boy, I couldn't help but eavesdrop on you and your friend's conversations early today. This counts for you too, Mimi."

"WAHHHHHHHHH!" they both cried.

Mimi thought that was the last straw for the boss to eavesdrop on her and Sora's private conversations. The last time he was caught doing that someone filed a restraining order from him.

"What do you want from my best friend?" Mimi and Yamato asked in a unison.

'UGHHH!' they both thought.

"Well, since it's so hard for your friend to have a decent relationship with someone, I'd figured to make this a challenge. Yamato find that big haired boy a girlfriend and make him actually love her. And I mean love her. As for you, Mimi, find that fiery feisty redhead a boyfriend that'll make her change the way she thinks about love since her last boyfriend." The boss explained.


"Um, okay that's easy!" Mimi lied.

"There's a catch" The boss said.

Yamato scowled everytime he heard that phrase.

"What." Yamato said harshly yet not as a question.

"You only have seven days. If Mimi's friend finds the boy of her dreams before you, Yama, then she gets the money, or it can be the other way around with your friend." The boss finished.

"Stupid boss. He only gives me seven days to beat up that soiled wench Mindy, er Mimi whatever."

Yamato Ishida's mind was wondering off in a different dimension by now. He was thinking about yesterday when he first met Mimi Tachikawa the new employee, his stomach was fluttering with butterflies, but then just a couple of hours later he felt in the mood to give her a good lecture about how big of a ditz she really is. But that feeling of butterflies for the first few hours, gave him a thought about if he had any feelings about her.

'Knock it off Ishida. You will not fall for this girl' a voice in his mind called.

"ISHIDA! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Mimi said as she turned around.

Yamato didn't even know he was in back of her, but he wanted to play around like his manly instincts would tell him.

"Hey there miss, wanna go out some time?" he asked with a slight stain of red on his cheeks.

Now, Mimi was absolutely furious.


'How could I be so stupid? For that kind of girl of course she already has a boyfriend. DAMN IT MATT. KEEP YOURSELF TOGETHER/ Oh god, this has got to be an embarrassing moment. Maybe not. Though, not like that time my dad caught me trying to piss on the neighbor's cat. But hey, I was a good aimer?.' He thought.

"Uhhhhhh..what's his name?" Yamato said trying not to sound nervous.


"James, James…Bond?"

Mimi rolled her eyes and left to Sora's house while Yamato went the other direction to Tai's.

"OH MY GOSH! TAIIIII!" someone screamed out from down the hallway.