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Four adults who once thought each other as strangers actually held a closer connection than they thought from their high school days. Ah, high school: The nightmare.

For example, senior year of high school:

"Sora, where's my good luck hug?" His pearly whites grinned as he flipped his blonde hair to the side.

The young petite girl in front of him cried happily as she embraced him tightly. "Oh, Matt! I just know you're going to make it big once you get on that stage."

He scratched the back of his head, staring into her crimson orbs. "That's exactly what my idiot best friend told me, except of course, without the love." 'Freaking Tai' He thought.

Tuning his guitar, Sora was mesmerized by his gentleness and physical features. To her, he was definitely the epitome of a "Guitar Hero" (no pun intended). Once he would make it out big, maybe their relationship would blossom into something bigger—second base. With Matt, she felt ready even though he wasn't.

Snapping out of her thoughts, she stood up to kiss him on the cheek. "Hey, I'm going to pay a visit to Mimi after your big debut."


"She's Odaiba's cheerleader captain! How do you not know?" She gasped.

Matt smirked in return. "Maybe because I pay attention to you more than those bimbos."

For a second, her cheeks tinted in pink, but she sighed. "Mimi's not exactly a bimbo; she's a good honest person."

"If she's not you or my guitar, then I'm not listening."

"Aw, how sweet." Sora pecked him on the lips and walked to the front section seats of the stage screaming, "I will love you no matter what, Matt!"

The curtains unraveled. Lights flashed. The rest of the members stepped up to the plate. Their game was on.

"HEY ODAIBA, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK THIS HOUSE TONIGHT?" He shouted into the microphone.

Sora covered her ears tightly and closed her eyes as the high pitched screaming girls, nearly flashed their tops to him.

'He'll still love me. He'll still love me. He'll always love me.'

Honestly, Sora was not into the music genre as her boyfriend—rock. It was just so…ridiculous. She'd rather listen to the alphabet or twinkle twinkle little stars!

Once the final song finished, it was time for the after party at some mansion. Dear Lord, Sora was about to die with all of those skimpy girls around her. All she wore was a tank top and shorts!

"Ohhhhh..S-Sora!" A young pink haired girl slouched to her friend and hugged her tightly.

"Mimi, you reek!" Sora pinched her nose and laid her on a sofa.

Her pink glossed lips fickle her smile. "I just had the best fucking night of my life. W-who was that guy singing again?"

"Mimi! Watch your language. You're embarrassing me. And that was my boyfriend for crying out loud!" Sora was obviously a newbie at hardcore partying.

"He's hotttttt. B-b-but, haha! I said butt. BUT, he's not as hot as Odaiba's soccer captain." Her eyes were almost encircled with hearts. "Oh man, whatever you do Sora, please don't look inside the guest room. I think. I think I-I-I…I don't know."

"You're seriously drunk." Sora gasped. "We need to get you home immediately before you get the worst hangover of your life, Meems."

"Meeeeeee?" Mimi slurred. "Do you know 'Mimi" is actuallllllyy a redundant phrase for 'me me'? Do you think my English teacher would give me an A for that?"

Sora sighed. Sometimes, she wished her mom wasn't so conservative about the whole teen partying idea even though she knew she was missing out on a whole mess of fun. But after looking at Mimi, she was thankful, but less thankful schools were so out of it when it came to the brains of their students!

'Wow, I'm just like mom.' Sora thought.

"You know Mimi, I think I'm just going to visit my boyfriend. Maybe he's got some common sense built to him." She slapped her forehead and prayed that she would find him in the immense crowed of teenagers younger and older than her.

A tall violet ran to Sora immediately after her last statement. "Wow! I never thought Matt would have a girlfriend…Well, congratulations! Right after the show, a group of agents asked him for a huge gig and of course he accepted!"

Her voice was peppy and almost too happy.

"That great!" Sora smiled. "What's your name? And how do you know this?"

"Hi, I'm Jun Motomiya and I'm currently Matt Yamato Ishida's NUMBER ONE FAN!"

'Dear God…' the auburn haired girl quickly ran away from the other girl her age and hastily opened any door near her for some peace and silence.

Once she opened the door, she nearly fainted. It was a combination between a deathly gasp and a stab in the chest. "Matt…?"

Why were there so many girls in the room? Why was he half naked? Why did the room reek of alcohol? And why were most of their skin bare?

Sora couldn't help but collapse on the floor, crying.

End of Chapter.

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