Seto Kaiba couldn't believe he was doing this.

When he'd first hired the Pokemon Trainer known as Jamelia Francis and told her to bring in any Pokemon she found, he hadn't expected her to get so many so quickly.

The ground floor of the Kaiba Corp tower had begun to look like a menagerie.

So he'd purchased two warehouses which stood side by side and had them built to house the Pokemon that the Trainer was gathering. By his count she had sixteen, and they were of various shapes and sizes, and each had needed something different in the Day Care Centre, a pool, a wooded area, grass… the logistical nightmare had nearly given the CEO a headache on more then one occasion.

But now it was opening and it was finally out of his hands, to be watched over from a distance, but it was like any other building belonging to the company now, he'd keep an eye on it, but unlike other projects, he was putting in charge the one person who was most qualified.

Kaiba looked at the crowd forming, he could see Muto and his crowd near the front and found himself unsurprised, since the new Day Care Leader was living with Muto. Of course they'd be there to see their friend get her new job.

Now he just had to wait for…


There it was.

His Day Care Leader flew overhead, on the back of her Charizard, leading a group of Flying Pokemon, who circled overhead once and flew into the Day Care via the open skylight, a huge, mechanically controlled pane of glass that slid open and shut to let air in and Flying Pokemon out.

There seemed to be a gap of five minutes, which made the CEO frown, since the Trainer had been supposed to come straight out, then the double doors opened, and there she stood, pausing for a moment in her Kaiba Corp flightsuit with her 'Glaceon' by her side, then she smiled and came to the side of her employer.

She was a loyal employee, a little headstrong, but it was understandable under the circumstances and she never stepped beyond her boundaries unless he tried to do something that she didn't like regarding the Pokemon. They'd butted heads over the Day Care so many times that he'd seriously considered firing her. Only the facts that the Pokemon were bringing in huge profit, he already had people working on a game based around the creatures, and she was the only one he knew who could possibly take care of the animals, had stopped him.

"Welcome one and all, to the opening of the Domino City Pokemon Day Care Centre!" The crowd roared, and the Trainer by his side got an expression he couldn't quite read, it was somewhere between amused and exasperated. "Open to all, and watched over by Pokemon Trainer Jamelia Francis." He paused to introduce the girl who bowed to the crowd, "This Centre is home to all of the Pokemon currently belonging to Kaiba Corp, and I ask, that you treat them with the same care you'd treat any animal."

He hadn't expected to have to give that spiel but Jamie had insisted and after seeing what some of her Pokemon could do he'd finally bowed to the plea, but more for the company's sake then hers. He didn't want any law suits on his back.

He and the Trainer walked in and he smirked as she paused to appreciate the place. From the double doors, it looked fantastic, the area spread out to look like a glade, he'd had his designers work on it, had redesigns several times and generally shocked everyone but Mokuba with how single minded he'd been on this project.

"Move Francis, others are allowed in."

The Trainer quite happily fled to the small group of Pokemon she considered 'her's' even though technically all the Pokemon in the Day Care belonged to her. Her friends soon joined her and were led to the largish pool at the back to be introduced to today's find.

It was a graceful blue and white Pokemon with a horn on it's head, a blue ball under it's chin, strange white stylized wing like ears and balls on it's tail that glittered in the light.

"She's a Dragonair." Jamie was saying, "A Dragon Type Pokemon, that can change the weather. She'd normally live in a sea or lake."

Then the crowd surged in and the peace was broken.

Jamie was actually wondering where Bakura had gone again.

He'd been inside the Day Care with Dragonair, which, like the other Pokemon, he'd 'found' in town, and had wished her luck before vanishing again.

She wasn't stupid, all those Galactic Team Members causing trouble around town were probably short of Pokemon and in her own world she would have frowned upon a Pokemon Thief with no exceptions.

But this wasn't her world, any Pokemon that were out of THEIR hands was one less that could be used to attack innocent people who didn't have Pokemon because they were from this world.

"Jamie, you OK?"

The Trainer wheeled around, to look at her friends from this world.

She'd been dumped on the doorstep of the King of Games when she'd been caught up in the battle to stop Team Galactic catching Palkia. She'd been hit by Palkia's Spacial Rend and she hadn't been the only one. She knew that Palkia had been captured, that she'd failed to do anything to stop it, what she didn't know was how many other Grunts had been pulled through the Rends with their leader Cyrus.

She'd been found by Joey Wheeler, the best friend of Yugi Muto and had been living in the Spare Room in the Game Shop ever since, getting their help to look after her Pokemon while she lived there, as she had some rather big ones.

She'd gotten acquainted with Bakura when he'd brought a Houndour to her to look after. The Pokemon in question had gotten attached to Mokuba Kaiba and now followed the younger Kaiba brother around like a little lost puppy, which, if she was honest with herself, it was.

"I'm fine, honest, but I might go for a swim, check on our Water type guests."

"Go, it looks like everything's going well here."

Jamie grinned, slipped out of her flightsuit, to reveal the black and blue swimming costume she was wearing underneath and ran down to the wooden platform and dove into the water, breathing deeply as she hit the water.

For anyone else, this would have resulted in surfacing and coughing.

For Jamie, who had been Chosen by Suicune and given the gift of 'Water's Trust', it was a chance for her lungs to get used to the change in what she was breathing. She didn't know how it worked, but she could go from breathing air to breathing water without blinking.

Something splashed into the water next to her. Something blue and white.

The Dragonair.

Joey had seen her dive in and sighed.

The first time he'd seen her vanish underwater, she'd been gone so long that they'd been really worried about her. Then she'd surfaced with her huge serpent and a huge grin on her face.

He was certain she went under to relax and think things over, after all, above surface the world was a very different place to the one she was used to, but below surface the creatures were slightly different but a lot of things were the same.

Tea picked up and folded up the younger teen's flightsuit.

They could guess where Jamie would be spending most of her time from now on. She felt so relaxed here that she'd come home from setting up yesterday with the biggest smile they'd ever seen on her face.

Tea guessed that to the Trainer, the Day Care was a place where she could almost feel like she was home. The Dragon Type Pokemon they'd been introduced to followed the Trainer in and the gang found seats at the picnic benches around the pool, a Butterfree fluttering past them and Mokuba's Houndour barrelled past.

"Hey guys!" Mokuba waved and grinned, his Houndour clambering up onto an empty part of the seat and then onto the table, before padding over to Yugi and licking him on the face.

"Hi Mokuba." Yugi waved back. "This place is amazing."

Mokuba beamed at him, "I know, we worked hard. Jamie and my brother almost came to blows."

Joey snorted, unsurprised, "That's how Jamie is."

"Houndour, get down." Mokuba scolded, "I've noticed." He directed to Joey then chased his Pokemon off in the direction of a group of people gathered around an Onix who was looking a little lost and confused. It used Dig to get away, leaving the crowd disappointed until they spotted Gaia and came to bother the sleeping Torterra.

"I hope Jamie surfaces soon."

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