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Chapter 1

Steph was sitting on the old worn couch listening to Connie complain about her date the night before.

"I mean what kind of guy just drops a girl off and leaves."

"He didn't try to get an invite?" Lula wanted to know.

"Nope. I got a peck on the cheek and he left."

"Well there has to be something wrong with him. I never met a guy that didn't at least try."

"I know."

Both girls looked at Steph waiting for her to add something. Steph opened her mouth having no idea what to say. Thankfully she didn't have to as Ranger walked in stopping all conversation.


Connie and Lula fanned themselves.

"Could I talk to you outside?"

Steph pushed off of the couch following Ranger through the door. She got in to the alley and was unceremoniously pushed against the rough brick wall. Steph's breath caught in her throat as Ranger's mouth covered hers. She let her arms go around his neck, pulling him closer. Ranger's hands were at her hips and were slowly making their way under her shirt.

"Uh…Boss?" Tank asked standing at the opening of the alley, smirking at the scene unfolding before him.

"Tank?" Ranger asked pulling away slightly so that his lips brushed against hers as he talked.

"We have a time frame." Ranger leaned his forehead against Stephanie's and cleared his throat.

"Babe, we've got a job in New York, you in?"

"Distraction?" Ranger nodded his head. "We'll have the usual crew, two on the inside with two in the back and Tank and myself at the front."

"What'd he do?" That was excessive even by Ranger's standards.

"The usual rape, murder, possession, assaulting a cop."

The usual? "Fun." My usual is public nudity.

"And he always travels with bodyguards."

"I take it it's my job to get him away from said bodyguards."

"Got it in one." Ranger watched as she thought it through. "So?"

"What do I wear?"

"Thanks Babe."

"You didn't answer me." Steph watched as Ranger started to leave. "Ranger?"

"Something that will get his attention, but something you can sit in the car with the guys in."

Steph watched Tank and Ranger get in the shiny black truck that was parked at the curb. Steph ran back inside the bond's office, "Lula we need to go shopping."

"You're supposed to be working." Vinnie said popping out of his office.

"We'll bring the files with us." Steph told him.

"Yeah never know with Steph's luck." Lula agreed.

Steph hopped into Lula's firebird and the two off them raced off towards the mall.

"So what are you looking for white girl?"

"I'm doing a distraction for Ranger in New York, he told me to make sure it was something that I could sit in the car with the guys in."

"We need something that won't wrinkle, then."


"It takes four hours to get to New York, you don't want to be all wrinkly when you get there."

"I was thinking something that wasn't too short."


Lula pulled into the mall and pulled into the first parking spot near Macy's, cutting off another car in the process. Lula and Steph got out of the car and ignoring the man that was driving the other car who was yelling at them. Lula only grabbed Steph's arm and dragged her to the front doors.

"I'm thinking that you should get something will keep Batman's eyes on you the whole night."

"Lula I have a job that I will have to be doing."

"So that don't mean that you can't look good."

"I have to sit in the car with the guys, I don't want to have to be worried about my skirt riding up."

"Girl, you have to learn to strut your stuff in the short stuff, look at me!" Lula turned in a little circle in the middle of the dress department. "Oh here look at this." Lula stopped mid-turn and picked a dress off the rack.

It was black, with a red and white design, with a halter-top. She fell in love with it immediately. "And I have shoes that will match it perfectly."

Steph took it out of her hands and went to go try it on. It fit beautifully. She came out to show Lula.

"Oh girl you have to get it."

"Lula it is too short."

"Nonsense girl its perfect. You have to get it." Lula shoved Steph back in to the dressing room. Steph didn't even bother trying to argue with Lula she loved the dress even if it was a tad too short. The guys had seen her in even shorter outfits.

With Steph's purchase in hand they made their way through the mall to Victoria's Secret.

Steph was looking through the bins waiting for Lula to finish trying her stuff on when her phone rang. She looked at the ID. Batman.



"What's up?"

"You almost ready?"

"I just got a dress, now I'm in Victoria's Secret waiting for Lula."

Silence answered her.

"Am I late?"

"Get something lacey."

Steph went to answer him but he had already hung up.


"What's up girl?"

"Batman called."

"We got to go?"

"Yeah, I have to do my hair yet."

"Damn Skippy."

Lula and Steph made their way through the mall. Steph had to deter Lula only once from stopping in another store.

Lula dropped Steph off in front of her apartment building, the bass pounding as she drove away.

Steph made her way to the elevator where it was empty, Mrs. Bestler wasn't in the elevator today. It was weird that now Steph looked forward to see what she was going to say that day.

It took another hour but Steph finally deemed herself ready to go. She called Ranger.


"Yo yourself."

"Ready Babe?"

"All set."

"Be there in ten."

In that time Steph rechecked her makeup and packed everything she would need in her purse.

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