16-year-old Gabriella Montez and her family just moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gabriella's father died a few months ago and his death rocked the Montezs' household. So they decided to move from Chicago to Albuquerque. The truck pulled up to the driveway of the Montezs' new house. Gabriella, her mom Maria, and her older brother 17-year-old Nathan got out of their car. Nathan had his Ipod on full blast blocking out any thing his mother or sister said. Of course being the caring brother he was, he has been protective of Gabriella ever since their father's death.

"Wow. The house is beautiful mom." "I know. It is. Nathan what do you think?" After no response, Ms. Montez and Gabriella looked at Nathan who was leant up on the car looking at his Ipod. Ms. Montez pulled the headphones out of Nathan's ear. "Mom. Why did you do that?" "I asked you a question about the house. Do you like it?" Nathan looked at the house. He nodded. "Now can I have my headphones back?" Ms. Montez shook her head and handed Nathan his headphones as she walked inside the house. Gabriella leant up against the car next to Nathan. "I wonder what the school is going to be like." Nathan looked at Gabriella. He had shut off his Ipod and listened to Gabriella. "I hope it's a good school." "Yeah. What's it called again?" "East High I think." Gabriella looked up at the bright blue sky. Nathan followed her as he stared up at it too. "What are you thinking about?" Gabriella's eyes came back down to the ground. "Dad. I miss him Nate." He nodded his head in agreement. "I know me too. I promise you we'll get through this together. You, me, and mom."

She nodded her head. Nathan put an arm around her and gave her a hug. "Now let's go in and unpack our stuff." Gabriella rolled her eyes. "Oh that's going to be fun." Nathan laughed and they walked inside their new home.

16-year-old Troy Bolton ran downstairs and into the kitchen where his parents, Jack and Lucille Bolton were. His parents looked up at him as he ran into the kitchen and straight into the refrigerator. "Troy what have I told you about running in the house?" his mother asked. "To never run in the house cause it's dangerous." He replied pulling out a bottle of water. He gulped down half the bottled. He looked up at his mom. She was pulling out a rack of chocolate chip cookies, his favorite. He went over to the table where the cookies were being carefully taken off the cookie sheet. He grabbed one but his mother smacked his hand and he dropped it. "Ow. What was that for?" he asked rubbing his hand where his mother just hit him.

"Those aren't for you mister. Those are for the new neighbors who just moved in." "Oh new neighbors great." Troy said sarcastically. His mother glared at him. His dad laughed. "What?" "You should be more grateful Troy." "Of course sorry mother." "Yeah Troy. I mean I heard that the new neighbors have a beautiful daughter. Who knows? You might like her." Troy glared at his dad. He hated it when his personal life was brought up. "Hey I'm just saying Troy." his dad replied after the glare he got from his son. Troy shrugged. "Oh well I'm going to the river courts to practice with the boys. I'll see you guys later." Troy grabbed his water and walked out of the kitchen. "Troy!" His mother yelled from the kitchen.

"What mom?" "Come home at 6:30. We're going over to the new neighbors to welcome them." Troy groaned. He hated meeting new neighbors. "Fine. I'll see you at 6:25." "Okay. Have fun son." His dad yelled back. "Bye." Troy left his house and walked past the new neighbors on his way to the river courts. He saw a beautiful young brunette girl caring a box inside. "I wonder who that is? She's kind of cute." He thought to himself. He then walked to the river courts. The river courts were a miniature park next to a river. It had basketball courts where Troy and his friends from the team would practice after school. It also had a playground with a few black tables around the park. It also had a pathway that most people walk or skateboard on that surrounded the entire river. Troy ran over to the courts where his best friends Chad, Zeke, and Jason were.

"Sup captain. What took you so long?" Chad, the one that knew Troy the longest asked. "Oh nothing. My parents were just telling me that we're going over to the new neighbors later." "Oh that'll be fun huh Troy?" Zeke said taking the ball from Chad and shooting it into the hoop. Troy chuckled. "Oh yeah. It'll be super fun." Troy took the ball and shot it into the hoop. "Okay two on two. Let's go." They practice and stopped at 6:18. Troy looked at his watch and saw what time it was. "Sorry guys. I gotta go. I'll see you guys at school tomorrow." "Okay. See you later Troy." Troy waved goodbye and ran home. He walked in through the door to find his parents all dressed nicely. His dad was in a suit with a red tie while his mother was dressed in a black dress.

"Hey there you are Troy. Go upstairs and take a quick shower. Then wear the suit I put on your bed." Troy didn't get to reply as his mother shoved him a towel and shoved him upstairs. After a quick shower, he dried his hair and put on the suit his mother laid out on his bed. It was a black suit with a light blue shirt. He put it on and ran downstairs to meet his dad. Mr. Bolton shoved him some shoes and Troy put them on. Mrs. Bolton came from the kitchen with a plate of cookies and brownies. "Okay come on you guys. Let's go." The Bolton family then walked over to the Montezs' house.