Dear readers,

As this is my first story, I don't know what to write about. It may fit in with yall's style, it may not. So here it goes…

Once apon a time… lol jjk like I would start a story like tht.

Have yall ever seen the Decent… the movie kinda stunk right it was like blah. You never found out why in the end. Well here is my why, here is my pre-quell to the Decent.

Cave Dwellers

Ch 1 The Ungabonga indians

Creatures didn't always live in the cave, at one time it was a place of happiness and joy. The cave was once home to the Ungabonga Indians; they lived happily in the cave and its surrounding area. But, as most of you know not everything has a happy ending, sure movies do, but not real life. This isn't a true story though, as far as I know it's fake. Anyway back to the Indians. The Ungabongas called their land Appatchell moutanious, which is where the name Appellation mountains came from. They worked all day and told stories all night. The women were beautiful, the men strong, but all were smart. The Ungabongas had heard stories of a strange group of men who came from the Far East. These men were terrible dangerous people, who were not to be reckoned with. The Indians chose not to believe these stories thinking they were just tall tales. Chief Kingofmanyfeathers knew the truth, but he kept it from his people. He didn't think the strange man would come to his land. He believed the land would be protected by his ancestors and that nothing bad could happen. But he was wrong, very wrong, the thing he thought impossible was possible it could happen and it did. The reason why all the Indians died, the reason the land is not inhabited by anyone. Like the movie Decent their death was caused by one person who wanted to be stupid, Chief Kingofmanyfeathers.

To be continued…