Ch 3 Burial of 100 souls

There was a strange quality to the way his people were killed. Some were killed with a strange object that made a loud noise, others stabbed. The ground was red with blood and there was a strange scent in the air. Chief Kingofmanyfeathers was confused, why were these strangers killing his tribe? They left the dead bodies on the ground, and started speaking to each other in a strange language. He could pick out a few words here and there, though to him they had no meaning. Two words were used often red-skins and land. He thought maybe red-skins pertained to the tribe, but what was this land they spoke of. He walked up to the one in charge "Red- skin?" he asked pointing to himself. They nodded their heads, "land?" he asked. Making a wide gesture they indicated the area around him. He understood now his home was what they called land.

He was still confused why would they speak of his land? He pointed to them and started talking in his language. They didn't understand him, laughing they walked away. Chief Kingofmanyfeathers stood there staring after them wondering what to do next. He knew first thing that they needed to bury all the bodies. As he went to pick one up, blood poured out of the open wound. He stood there and looked up crying out, "Oh sun god how can you let this happen?" The reply came to him in his head, "Chief Kingofmanyfeathers this is not my fault but yours," the voice boomed, "because of your ignorance and pride your people have died!" Chief Kingofmanyfeathers dropped to his knees begging for forgiveness, but in the end he knew his soul shall perish and not be reincarnated.

That night he and the women of the tribe Ungabonga preformed a mass burial for the 100 souls that died. For each woman that cried out in anguish over the loss of her loved one, the chief felt a heavier burden on his soul. Meanwhile the strange men were building shelters out of wood. Chief thought this was strange, did they not sleep in a cave like the tribe. What were these things they were constructing?

Later Chief could not get to sleep, the souls of his tribe kept him awake. "Do something you foolish man," they taunted him, "you must avenge our death for it is your fault we died." With that Chief started formulating a plan in his head to kill the strange men. But how to kill them? Well that he does not know. Should he suffocate them, or kill them with spears? Maybe he could steal their strange weapon and kill them. All he knew is he was outnumbered, there were 200 of them and he was the only man left in his tribe.