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Death of the Iceman

During the Earth-Kilrathi War:

"Iceman!" shouted the voice of a frightened pilot. "Iceman, I can't shake these guys! Get them off of me!"

Before Iceman could engage the three Kilrathi Gratha, they opened fire and obliterated the pilot. Then they moved to engage him. Iceman was understandably unhappy about losing his wingman. Right now, the best way to get over his death would be to kill these three Gratha pilots.

"Your time has come, Deathcat," spoke the Wing Commander of the Kilrathi.

"Maybe," returned Iceman as he hit the full throttle button and charged the Grathas. "But not before I take the three of you with me!"

"My claws are sharp," said another Kilrathi as a challenge.

Iceman turned and sped between two of the Gratha. He instantly zeroed the throttle, did a flat spin, and opened fire. His guns ripped into the side shields of his target and the two Gratha sped past him.

"Pathetic descendent of MONKEYS!" spat the pilot of the damaged Gratha. Iceman hit full throttle and gave chase. His targeting computer began its lock of the damaged Gratha. Then, out of nowhere, his port shields were hit hard by gunfire from the Kilrathi Wing Commander. He broke away and began evasive maneuvers. The three Gratha all moved to face him. Iceman was not to be deterred. He opened fire as a warning to them, but they continued to close in. He would turn to get away, only to be met with laser fire to keep him in the middle of them. His missile alarm went off. He deployed a decoy, but the missile still hit him in the starboard side. In a last-ditch effort, he hit his afterburners and charged the Kilrathi Wing Commander. His guns lit up the night sky and the front of the Gratha was heavily damaged. Two more missiles slammed into his fighter. His eject warning went off, but he ignored it. He continued to fire upon the Wing Commander. The Wing Commander finally opened fire and Iceman had no choice but to eject.

"I will be written about in the tome of Sivar!" snarled one of the pilots.

A Kilrathi Light Cruiser picked up Iceman's escape pod while the three Gratha docked. The crew was ecstatic over their victory.

"Jak-ta Ga!" one of the pilots said to his Wing Commander.

"Indeed," growled the Wing Commander. "Today is most glorious. We have defeated the greatest Human Chakta they have."

The Cruiser's Captain came down to congratulate the three pilots. "Jak-ta Ga!" he said, clasping arms with the Wing Commander. "We shall have much pleasure killing the monkey. Will you join us?"

The pilots stood silently then moved off.

"Why do you all behave like Tukas?" said the Captain. "This Human has killed more Kilrathi by himself than the three of you have killed Humans combined. The Wing Commander growled with disgust. He turned to face the Captain.

"The three of us are all TAKHAR!" he hissed. "He deserves a kabaka, not what you have planned for him. WE will take no part in this. That is no way for a warrior to die."

"Have it your way," spat the Captain. The three pilots moved off to go and find food. Elsewhere, a few Kilrathi warriors had opened Iceman's escape pod and were tearing him to pieces.

To be continued…