First chapter of a small project I wanted to start. So this is a small, well not really small, but yeah…anyway, I wanted to write about my Twilight OC and I wanted to see where I could add her in exactly without, well, screwing up the ENTIRE story line…so here it is, just a small thing with my character.

Please have some mercy on flames if u have any n I'm still debating on which werewolf imprints on her, Paul or Embry…ah, I've got a while till I get to that point in time so here ya go

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PS: my OC is an old friend of Bella's from Phoenix!



She thought it was going to ring forever. This had been the third time she'd had to listen to the damn ringing of the damn phone. Why hadn't she answered yet, she really needed to talk to her. She was almost ready to hang up and just wing it, see what would happen.





"Yo!" she laughed her natural greeting into the phone's speaker and she could hear the other sigh.

"Hey El, what'd you need at…8:15 in the morning…on a Saturday? Huh…why're you up? You're more of a wake-up-at-noon person"

"Yeah I know, real weird, but I gotta ask you something," Elliot Hart said deterring her friend's attention away from her sleeping-in habits, towards the whole reason she called.

"Yeah, what do you need? Wait, whose nose did you break now?" the other girl, Annabel, interrogated from the other end of the line.

"Nice to know you have faith in me!" Elliot retorted, sarcasm dripping from each word.

Shaking her head, sending a whirlwind of messy blonde hair around, she tried to get back on topic.

"Anyway, I didn't beat anyone up today, this is a whole different matter entirely"

"Okay, shoot"

"Remember how Bella moved up to Forks last year?"

"Oh yeah and she met that dude-Edward?-and fell head-over-heels" Annabel giggled in a dreamy manner as she thought of their good friend and what first love had done to her.

"Yeah, Edward Cullen…but did you hear what happened?'

"…No…Oh, God! Don't tell me he-"

"Yup, he broke her heart"

"Damn him! Bella can't handle that! Oh my God, poor Bella! So much for being perfect!" Annabel sounded enraged over the phone; she must have been down right scary in real life.

"I'm going to have to call her to see how she is" Annabel seemed to be mumbling to herself at this point as she thought of the pain Bella must have been in.

"I already called her dad, Charlie…"


"She's a wreck in every sense of the word! She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't speak, she wouldn't even move! She's back to a normal routine, but he says he can still see the pain in her eyes and how she's just…just…"

"Just what?"


"Jeez, sounds bad, I'm definitely calling her…as soon as Angie gives up the PHONE!" now she seemed to be yelling at someone else in her house, "Yeah, walk away, Angie, walk away!"

"…Why not just call on this phone?" Elliot replied as she made faces about how obvious it was.

"Think of it as one of the those 'one phone call from jail' things…I'm only allowed to use my cell once a day since I'm grounded"

"Oops, guess I used that up" she still was unrepentant.

"Nah, it's cool, the house phone is an all use thing, but Angie's been on since five I'm sure" Annabel growled from the other end.

"Yo, chill, but yeah, about calling Bella…I was gonna do that, but I think visiting would be better"

"No, El, definitely not! Not now at least. If it's as bad as me when I broke up with Bruce-"

"Would that be after the first break up or the fifth break up?"


"Okay, okay, you were saying?"

"I was saying if it's as bad as that, she's going to need some time to gather her thoughts and really get over him. We'll visit only after our first week of spring break"


"El, don't tell me you jumped the gun"


"Elliot! You can't just act without telling me these things first!" Elliot cringed away from the phone as Annabel yelled at the top of her lungs.

Elliot waited as Annabel ranted on about how she never thought before she acted and, as Elliot had put it, blah blah blah. She knew it was safe when the other end of the line grew freakishly quiet.

"AB?" Elliot questioned cautiously, afraid to spark her friend's temper.

"El, when did you find time to leave to go there?" Annabel sighed tiredly.

"Well, I'm technically not there, I'm kinda-"

"When?" Annabel asked with more force.

"Yesterday afternoon, after we put all of Spencer's stuff on the front lawn" Elliot answered sheepishly and she saw the sigh of frustration from Annabel coming.

"Well…what else can I say, but to tell Bella that I hope she feels better" Elliot could picture her by the sound of her tone; laying on her back on her bed, petting her black lab, Smarty, as she shook her head in disapproval.

"Jeez, make her sound like she's ill or something" Elliot said jokingly; making faces as she said it.

Annabel was chuckling on the other end of the line when there was a knock on the oak door of Elliot's room. Following the knock, a brawny, white haired man that appeared to be in his mid-sixties popped his head in; a smile hiding under his gray mustache.

"Uh, gotta go AB, call ya later" Elliot said and flicked her phone shut after hearing a quick 'see you later' from her friend.

"It's a long drive from here to your friend's house, kiddo, better choose a car now and go" he said in a thick, gruff voice.

"Okay, so I guess my choices don't include Jenny, do they?" Elliot grinned as he laughed and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Definitely not! You know how I feel about Jenny!" he said jokingly even though she already knew.

Jenny was a dark maroon Fiat 125 and it was her grandfather's pride and joy. The whole reason he called it Jenny was because that was the name of one of his old girlfriends back in his days. Apparently she was supposed to be some beauty, but Elliot knew never to tell her Gram that reason. Everyone lied and said it was the name of a famous actress. She didn't watch TV much so she'd never know.

"So my choices are between The Beast or The Midget Mobile, huh?" Elliot said to both herself and her grandfather.

The Midget Mobile was a small, green Ford Escort and it was one of her grandmother's cars. The only reason they called it The Midget Mobile was because every time they bumped each other's cars, they were able to move the thing about three feet. It was just that small.

The Beast was the opposite of The Midget Mobile. It was an 81-93 Dodge Ram with a faded orange paint job and an engine that roared like a monster. It was huge compared to the rest of the family's cars and it had withstood every accident between Elliot, her father, her grandfather, and her brother, Spencer. Yet, there were only a few dents and some scratched paint that showed this. Hence, why they named it The Beast.

"I'll go with…The Beast, for two reasons" Elliot said without a debate.

"And what might these reasons be?" questioned her grandfather with a chuckle.

"Well, reason one, I hate The Midget Mobile! It makes me claustrophobic and it isn't fast at all! Reason two, I can't picture Gram in The Beast, I'm sorry, but I just can't" Elliot laughed as she pictured the frail, white haired woman sitting in the huge thing.

Her grandfather broke into bellowing laughter as he as well pictured his wife in the car she loathed so much. He patted Elliot on the back before both stood from the bed.

"Well kiddo, you made your choice so lets go grab a bite to eat before you go," he said as he lured her out of the room and down the stairs.

"Okay" she answered even if they had already entered the kitchen.

"Are you ready to go, Hun?" her grandmother, a woman who appeared to be in her early sixties with white fluffed hair and warm blue eyes, asked.

"Yeah Gram, I'm just gonna take a waffle to go" Elliot smiled to her grandmother as she placed a kiss on the top of her head; she was about a foot shorter than Elliot.

"Alright, but did you choose which car you're taking yet?" she asked as she placed waffles on a plate in front of her grandfather and Elliot just reached over her shoulder and grabbed one away from the older woman.

"Yeah, I'm taking The Beast, Gram" Elliot said as she nibbled at the edge of the waffle before dipping it in some syrup.

Her grandmother's brow furrowed as her lips fell down into a scowl of disapproval. Oh boy, did she hate that truck.

"Hun, I don't feel comfortable with you driving that…thing. It just seems so dangerous looking. Why don't you take Jenny instead?" she said with a smile.

Elliot tried not to chuckle at both her grandfather choking on a piece of his waffle and making hand signs 'no' and how her grandmother wouldn't mention anything about taking her car.

"No, me and Pops agreed that taking The Beast would be good, but I better get going incase Bella has plans today" Elliot said quickly before stuffing the last remaining piece of waffle into her mouth and walking out the door to the garage.

"All right Hun, but be careful…I still think you should take Jenny," her grandmother argued.

"Okay, bye Gram, bye Pops!" Elliot yelled from the garage before she shut the door.

She snickered to herself since she knew in Bella's state she didn't have very many plans, but she didn't want to end up having her grandmother use her persuading powers and end up driving in her grandfather's favorite car. Plus, chances are she'd total that car because that car was a treasure in her family, and that'd be just her luck to destroy it.

She walked down the length of the garage, humming the tune to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional. She passed the well taken care of and ever shiny Jenny, skimming her fingertips across the glossy paint job. She passed The Midget Mobile and laughed as she saw the many dents on the bumper. She sighed when she reached The Beast and pulled the keys out of her denim jacket pocket, unlocked the door of the huge truck, and hopped into the leather seats that still smelled of vanilla cigar smoke and oranges.

She started the engine and The Beast roared to life, ready to make all the smaller cars cower in fear. She went to back out of the garage, but then it dawned on her. She forgot to say goodbye to one other person. Leaning out the window, she flipped her head back and forth before her eyes landed on him, hiding in the darkest corner of the garage.

"Bye Simon" she said and waved; he nodded back.

Simon wasn't really a person. Well, not to her family members at least. To them, Simon was an imaginary friend she'd made up for when they visited Port Angeles from Phoenix. Simon was real though. He was the original owner of this land back in 1880 before he died from a heart attack in this very house. After a while everyone told her stop talking to Simon and grow up. And she did…she just didn't talk to him in public.

Elliot backed out of the garage after saying goodbye to her ghostly friend who disappeared soon after. As you may have noticed, Elliot has a strange ability. She isn't what you'd call…normal.

Then again, who is these days?


So what's the verdict? Good? Bad? No what don't really answer that question actually. But yeah sorry for throwing the whole 'psychic' thing at ya so suddenly, but I thought it fit since one of the people I based Elliot off of is a medium, so yeah. And some of this stuff is true, becuz, besides Jenny, we own both these cars and that's what we really call them. Plus, there is a ghost like Simon in my aunt's friend's house. Trust me, I babysit for them n I can even feel it, plus, Tina, my aunts friend who is a medium, has seen him.

Well, theres the first chapter, get back to it in a bit!