It was another perfect day in the wonderful world of POKEMON! Ash, Misty, and Brock had been off being productive in their training careers, but all that would change after this one wretched day.

The Pidgeots sang gleeful songs of joy as Gwyneth skipped merrily along a dusty path carved out in the middle of the woods she was prancing through.

Her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair swung around her face as she struggled to keep on her Pokemon hat. She hadn't forgotten to put on her black friendship choker that she and a very special friend a few yards behind her had made together long ago.

Today she had worn a baggy red hoodie with white baggy shorts on underneath. Her red leather boots glistened with splotches of mud that were scattered around on them. She couldn't help but feel the incredible amount of sweat building up in her palms, because she was stupid and decided to wear long, thick, finger-less and pink gloves with pirate skulls on them.

"Ha ha, I'm beating you!" Gwen laughed as she stumbled across the pathway.

Her friend who used to be a few yards behind her was now thirty feet behind her, as she called out in desperation.

"Gwen, I'm seriously hurt, what're you doing? Stop running!" Beckie choked out these words as she examined how bad the gashes in her back were.

"Beckie, I know you like to win and all, but you can't use getting hurt as an excuse just because I'm finally beating you!" Gwen was still laughing in a cheery manner as she continued to joyfully skip around the woods.

Suddenly realizing how eerily silent Beckie had become behind her, Gwen spun around to see a sight that left her in disbelief.

Beckie was still about fifty feet behind her, but she wasn't even bothering to keep up with Gwen anymore. She was standing there, proudly holding up her palm, which was shimmering with a red substance coating it.

"Gwen, this is my blood!" Beckie announced in awe as Gwen cringed, sighed, and half-heartedly sulked back to Beckie. She was excited that she had actually been winning the race.

As soon as she got back to Beckie, she tried examining her to see what else had gone wrong besides the humungous deep cuts in her back.

Like usual, she was wearing a tight white top that blinded Gwen because of its extreme whiteness. It used to have long sleeves, and it used to go past her belly button, but considering she had just been attacked by a wild Teddiursa, one of the sleeves was ripped up to a few inches past her shoulder, and the length of the shirt was trimmed into a sideways cut that qualified the shirt to be a belly-shirt. The other sleeve hung long with a silver cuff around her arm. She had a tan belt on over her tight white pants, and matched the belt with tan combat boots. Like Gwen, she sported a black choker they had made together from stockings. Her dirty blonde hair hung loose in delicate curls that reached down to her waistline.

"Do you want to see the real damage?" Beckie smugly asked.

Gwen bravely nodded, although she wasn't sure that she really wanted to see Beckie's blood water falling out of her back.

"Are you really, really sure? Cause it's okay if you-"

"BECKIE! Let me see the cuts!" Gwen pleaded.

"If you really want to-"

"I REALLY WANT TO!" Gwen screamed in Beckie's stunned face, causing a nearby Apiom to fall off of the tree branch that it was calmly lounging on.

Finally, Beckie heaved out a sigh and slowly turned around to reveal the horrifying sight of three long, bloody gashes along her back. The Teddiursa had obviously left three long rips in the back of Beckie's shirt, which made her outfit seem all the more scandalous.

Gwen immediately screamed in terror and hid her face from the hideous injuries that her friend was suffering with.

"Warned you." Beckie teased as she turned back around to face Gwen.

As Beckie's body guard, Gwen probably shouldn't have been as afraid of blood as she was. Her job was to actually beat up anyone that came within three feet of Beckie, but whenever she saw blood, all she wanted to do was die.

Beckie laughed at Gwen who was hyperventilating on the ground, crouched up into a ball. Beckie advanced a few steps in front of Gwen as she chuckled and announced that now she was the one who was winning.

Gwen snarled at Beckie, and stood up. After all, Beckie was a princess of Pallet Town who made it her goal in life to give up all the fame and fortune to become a Pokemon trainer with her friend/body guard beside her. The only detriments to this plan was that Gwen was often more scared than Beckie, proving to be a horrible body guard.

Going through a path in the middle of the woods was the easiest way to get to Professor Oak's small lab in the middle of town, and Beckie and Gwen risked the danger because it was the quickest shortcut they could find to safety.

Getting to Professor Oak's was probably the safest thing that they could do for themselves, because then they could acquire Pokemon to protect them when they couldn't fend for themselves. Which was often.

After Gwen's "I-hate-blood-tantrum", and after Beckie had eventually beaten Gwen in the race which Gwen pouted about, they came to a clearing at the end of the woods.

Beckie, who was now in the lead by far, was the first to encounter the end of their journey. Still in the woods, Beckie could catch a glimpse of the town ahead.

"Gwen!" she happily yelled back to her friend, "Gwen, I see Pallet Town!" She smiled broadly and waited impatiently for her friend to catch up to her, heaving and dragging her feet.

"I can hardly wait, we're going to get Pokemon, and we're going to train them, and we're going to meet all the people I rule-"

Gwen, suddenly taking notice of the gap in the woods ahead revealing the town, put on a shocked look and gasped dramatically to her friend.

"NOT NOW, BECKIE. I SEE PALLET TOWN." Gwen then proudly took a few steps towards their destiny in what seemed to be slow motion. Beckie, shocked at Gwen's stupidity, rolled her eyes and calmly kept pace with Gwen.

Gwen, being the eccentric person that she was, decided to sprint towards the town, leaving Beckie behind in the dust.

Sadly, this would never work, because Gwen's sprinting was just about as fast as Beckie's normal walking pace.

So the two good friends (one sprinting and breathing heavily, one calmly walking at an even pace) reached Pallet Town side-by-side.

After Beckie made a spectacle of herself by confiding in Gwen quite loudly that everyone on the streets were wearing such horrid, common outfits and that the homeless people looked like they needed some financial assistance which Beckie insisted on giving them (and Gwen rejected the idea), they reached the large, towering laboratory with an empowering windmill standing still right next to it.

Beckie, who had once again reached the destination before Gwen, read aloud the sign standing in front of the walkway of the building.

"Welcome to Professor Oak's laboratory! Gwen, look, we're here!" Beckie chirped to her friend a few paces behind who had a far-off look in her eyes as she stared majestically at the building.

"This is no time for nonsense, Beckie. I have a feeling that we're here." Gwen stomped forward, smug with her precise accusation. Beckie stared in awe at her friend who was obviously out of it half of the time that they were together, before she continued after her.

Gwen reached the door, noticed the doorbell, and repeatedly pounded her fist against the small defenseless red button until the door swung open, revealing a tan, wrinkly old man with white spiky hair wearing a lab coat. Beckie, who was by now next to Gwen, gasped.

"Hello, my name is Professor Oak, how may I-"

"OH, MY, GOD! Gwen, get this man some help!" Gwen turned to Beckie to stare at her with a confused expression. "Can't you obviously see that this man is homeless and therefore needs our help immediately? Go, get him some… money, or something!" Beckie whispered hoarsely to Gwen who was still staring at her with a dazed look.

"You'll have to excuse her, Professor. I'm Gwen, and this is my friend Beckie."

Professor Oak shook their hands in the most polite manner that he could. He tried especially hard to be polite to Beckie, who was still staring at him with large, blue, sorry looking eyes. It was if she was saying that she was sorry to him for looking so horrible.

"Why don't you come inside?" Professor pleaded, as he lead the two girls inside the lab- one gazing in miserable disbelief, the other trying to nudge her friend for being so obviously shocked.

Using his old people instinct, Professor took a stab at what they were doing at his lab.

"By the looks of it, you two seem to be ready and willing Pokemon trainers! As newcomers, I'll have you know that being a trainer isn't all about winning. It's about getting along with Pokemon, having patience, and being careful-" Suddenly, the long lecture he was giving to the girls broke off in an awkward fashion.

"Dear God, what happened to you!?" Oak screamed at Beckie's back as he took notice to the large gashes that appeared to be there.

Gwen, taking over the conversation on Beckie's part because she was still speechlessly stunned, assured Professor that all was well.

"It's nothing really, we were just in the woods and she got attacked by a Teddiursa. Isn't that so, Beckie?" Gwen nudged Beckie with her elbow as hard as she could, as Beckie slowly and gravely nodded.

"But Teddiursa never attack people! Only Pokemon, when they're engaged in battle!" Oak stated in utter confusion, wondering what was wrong with this Beckie girl.

"Yes, well, that's why we've come here to get Pokemon of our own! As you can probably tell, we can't defend ourselves at all, and need some help." Gwen said with a fake smile.

"Yes, yes, well then… follow me, girls." Oak stuttered, still in awe, as he took lead as the girls followed him into a bright, yet empty, room with panels covering every square inch.

A gray silver table with three Poké Balls sitting atop it, arose from the ground automatically.

Professor Oak laughed cheerfully as he announced his rules for choosing Pokemon from him. They were very odd rules indeed.

"Before you are three Pokemon. Two are cute and cuddly, and one you can rule the world with. Because I like to watch people fail and not pick the Poké Ball that holds the all-powerful creature, I'm going to not show you, or tell you, what is inside of these three balls." He laughed again, except this time more maniacally.

Beckie, who had by now gotten over the fact that Professor Oak was a poor man in her mind, leaned over to Gwen and giggled.

"Not like it'd matter if I got the all-powerful one, right? I mean, what more power do you need when you're a princess?" She laughed almost silently again, and leaned back to her normal stance.

Luckily she hadn't looked at Gwen's posture or facial expression, because devious thoughts of ruling the world were passing through her mind as she huddled up and played maniacally with her hands, twisting and turning them with an evil grin on her face.

Realizing Beckie had just spoken to her, Gwen quickly snapped out of it and returned to reality.

"Yeah, ha, who would be stupid enough to care about that?" Gwen muttered lazily.

"You, young lady!" Oak called out to Gwen who was still in an evil dream world. Gwen sighed and returned to the present, trying to focus only on Professor.

"You can go first!" Oak said cheerfully to Gwen, choosing her as the favorite between her and Beckie for obvious reasons.

Slowly, Gwen nodded and proceeded towards the table.

Why did all the balls have to look the same? Maybe if one were blue, and one were green, and one were red, she would have chosen the red and gotten her dream Pokemon because red was her favorite color.

But no.

Here sat three perfectly good red Poké Balls, and Gwen had to decipher which one she wanted.

Deciding that the middle one was the simplest choice, she reached slowly and hesitantly towards the glistening red and white ball with her destiny held inside of it.

As soon as skin hit the metal, Professor Oak gave out a loud, deafening cry.

"AH! Yes! You have chosen the cuddly, cute… Pichu."

Gwen uttered a loud and dramatic, "NOOOOO!" as the dreams and visions of complete power over the world vanished from her mind. She then snapped back to reality for the third time in the last ten minutes, and shrugged, realizing what she had got wasn't all that bad.

"Aw, who cares." She stated calmly to Beckie. "I'm gonna call it… August Rush."

Beckie nodded, not really caring, but just to acknowledge that fact that she'd heard her.

"You next." Professor said in an unnecessary dark tone of voice.

Beckie gulped and proceeded with caution.

Why did Gwen have to take the simple choice? Now it was between left, and right, two complete opposites. One was all-powerful and all-knowing, and the other one was probably something Pichu-like, that was good to cuddle with, but sucked at everything else.

Since Beckie was a proud member of the right-handed society, she reached cautiously out for the ball.

When she had a good grasp of it, Professor Oak chuckled and snorted loud and obnoxiously in Beckie's general direction. Scared to figure out why exactly he was in such a merry mood because of her choice, Beckie wobbly turned around to hear what she had chosen that seemed to be so funny. She was guessing that it wasn't the world-dominating creature she secretly wanted. Or maybe it was, and Professor Oak was laughing because she would probably destroy the world with such a Pokemon.

"You have chosen a-" Startled, Professor Oak cut short his soon-to-be lecture, realizing that Beckie's Poke Ball was shaking and opening itself!

Beckie, screaming, dropped the ball and ran over to hide behind Gwen, who, as her body guard, probably shouldn't have been shaking in fear and about to run out the door.

The ball continued to vibrate as it picked up speed and slowly opened, shining a glorious blue-white light that gleamed off of every wall, blinding the two girls but not Professor Oak, who had wisely put on sunglasses.

Out of the ball popped a creature that could have possibly been nicknamed as Beckie's worst enemy. A Teddiursa stared back into the eyes of the three humans wincing curiously.

As adorable as the little creature was with teddy bear-like features, Beckie shrieked and trembled behind Gwen who fussed over how cute it was.

"Oh come on Beckie, it's so little and cute! Aw, and it even has red nail polish, look at that!" Gwen chattered happily.

"GWEN, THAT ISN'T NAIL POLISH! Professor, where did you get this Pokemon from?" Beckie asked squeamishly, still eyeing the Teddiursa with extreme caution.

"Oh, somewhere in the woods… the little guy seemed a bit feisty, as if he had almost had a kill. I decided to bring him back to the lab, and soon enough, he wound up in a Poke ball. I said to myself, yes I did, that I felt sorry for the poor fellow who would choose such a violent creature. Looks like you're the one!" Oak cheerfully announced, clapping his hands quickly.

Beckie stood there in shock, horrified about why Professor Oak was so excited about Beckie receiving such a destructive Pokemon. She then turned to face Gwen to ask her a somewhat obvious question.

"By any chance, Gwen, do you realize that the kill this Pokemon was trying to get happened to be ME!?" Beckie squeaked, and shoved Gwen a little for emphasis.

Gwen, who wasn't really paying attention, uttered something that sounded like a dazed no. Beckie shrugged and stared, horrified, at her first Pokemon.

"Well, it looks like we're all happy with what we've chosen! At least I am!" Professor Oak chuckled again to himself, before informing them that the other Pokemon they could have chosen was indeed the Unknown.

Beckie and Gwen immediately turned to face each other with shocked and not comprehending expressions plastered on their faces.

"THE UNKNOWN!?" Gwen yelled out, amused, yet resentful because she had only chosen a dumb Pichu, now named August Rush.

"How did you even get the Unknown?" Beckie, startled, asked in a puzzled tone of voice, still ringing with bewilderment because if only she had been left-handed, she would have become the most powerful person in the world.

Professor Oak laughed calmly at the confused teenagers, before leading them out the door back into the main part of the lab. He rummaged through his things, cursing to himself about why he had to find such confusing places to place his Pokedexes. Beckie and Gwen still just stood there, with leftover amazed expressions. They were a little speechless, and didn't mind that Professor was taking about five minutes to find the Pokedexes.

Finally, he returned to them with two large red rectangular objects held in his hands. Giving Gwen hers first, he explained to them that they were Pokedexes that would help the two girls store information and learn more about the Pokemon that they would come across in their journeys.

The girls thanked him quietly, as Gwen once again wrapped up the conversation.

"Thanks Professor, from both of us. I guess we should probably get going now! Ta-TA!" She exclaimed in a singsong way.

Beckie nodded silently at Professor, still in awe about two things; one, why he was such a common poor soul and didn't beg for any help, and two, how did he manage to capture the all-powerful Unknown into one tiny Poke Ball?

The two girls glided towards the door, opening it slightly, letting the light pour into the room and momentarily blind the Professor.

"AH, yes! Well, goodbye then! Come back whenever you need me! But try not to need me too much! Bye-bye! So long! Farewell!" As he was shouting goodbyes in several ways, Beckie had had quite enough of the farewells. Picking up a nearby brick that was lying on top of important documents as a paperweight, she chucked the brick with perfect aim, at Professor Oak's head.

"Stop talking!" She yelled, stamping her foot and folding her arms like a stubborn child. Oak, who was on the floor rubbing his temple, slowly creaked up and began to advance forward on the girls with an evil glare on his usually calm face.

Noticing what was going on, Gwen quickly grabbed Beckie who was ready to fight Professor Oak, and sprinted through the door, slamming it on their way.

By the time they had reached a mile in town by sprinting nonstop, Gwen realized that it would be a wise idea to stop screaming and act normal so that everyone would stop staring at the two girls screaming and sprinting down the middle of the street.