Gwen struggled to open her eyes as the sun came shining through the blinds by the side of the room. It startled her at first where she was, because she wasn't expecting it to be a suite at the Calgone, probably the most fancy hotel Pallet Town had to offer. Her brain recapped the events that had enfolded the past day, as she laid there observing.

She was lying in a silky waterbed with polished wooden floors underneath her. She was only in the bedroom.

The suite also contained a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. In the bedroom was a porch that overlooked the vast recreational Pallet Town Park. The door that opened up to the porch was currently covered in beige, satin curtains.

Looking over to the beds next to her, Gwen quickly realized that two others were in the large room.

One bed was occupied by her closest friend, Beckie. The other was occupied by some creepy other person that Gwen couldn't recognize at all. At the sight of this hideous monster, Gwen let a loud shriek escape her mouth.

Beckie, although slowly, opened up her eyelids, obviously not concerned about Gwen's yelling. On the other hand, the "hideous monster," better known as Misty, screamed herself and after kicking and rolling around on the bed, eventually fell out of it onto the hard floor below.

Beckie, who wasn't paying much attention to the redhead on the ground, yawned while stretching out her arms, and asked, "Yes?"

Gwen, who was shocked at how not scared Beckie was of the surprise woman in the bed next to her, screamed at the top of her lungs.

"How did this stalker get into our room!? What are we even doing here??" Gwen kept yelling and freaking out.

"Gwen, calm down. Don't you remember anything about last night?"

"Hey, the only thing I remember is when we were in the forest and I got chased around by some Beedrill's. But I was being brave, so I attacked it back, and I won too!" Gwen then put on a smirk, and became satisfied with her heroic dream self.

As soon as she heard these words, Misty struggled to heave herself back up onto the bed to face this Gwen person.

"BEEDRILL!? That was no Beedrill, you ding-dong, that was me!" Misty yelled in a deep rage, her face as red as her hair.

Beckie, interrupting the feud, introduced Misty casually.

"Gwen, this is Misty. Misty, this is Gwen." She said in an unconcerned tone of voice.

Gwen, being the friendly person that she was, immediately apologized and hopped out of her own bed and into Misty's.

"I'm sorry, Misty! If we're going to be traveling together for a while, we should at least be best friends - forever, and ever!"

"Traveling? Together? Forever? SHOULD?" Misty gasped, bewildered.

"Yes, of course! We can make biscuits, too! We can make biscuits every day! Oh, why don't we make some now? You wanna make biscuits? You wanna make biscuits? YOUUUUU wanna make BISCUITS?!" Gwen was by now, screaming in Misty's face about biscuits. The hotel guests underneath them had woken up, startled at the avid biscuit lover's cries above them.

"No, Gwen!" Misty cried, scooting away from Gwen on the king-sized bed. "I never want you to mention biscuits again!" As swiftly as she could, Misty rolled out from underneath the covers and ran out of the room. Gwen sat, stunned, in the bed, staring after her new soon-to-be-friend.

Beckie, on the other hand, was trying to contain her laughter at the situation. She was making evil faces at Misty who was being dramatic in the kitchen, leaning over the sink, sobbing her eyes out. Beckie leaned over to Gwen to comment on Misty's displayed behavior.

"Wow, talk about drama queen." She muttered.

Misty, being an eavesdropper quite like Gwen, heard this remark and gave a loud cry, punching her fist through the kitchen window.

Beckie immediately began chuckling to herself, as Gwen stared, worried, at Misty who was having a melodramatic moment to herself.

"You're an eavesdropper too? Oh my gosh, we have more in common than I thought!" Gwen gleefully said to herself, as Beckie got off of her bed to get breakfast in the kitchen.

As soon as she stepped foot inside of the fancy, humungous kitchen that Misty was also currently occupying, Beckie glanced at Misty's bloody clenched fist.

"Hmm, you're gonna need to clean that up, you know. Gwen, how much do you think that window would cost to repair?" Beckie purposely yelled loudly and obnoxiously to Gwen, lying obliviously in the bedroom.

"About seven-hundred dollars, why?" Gwen asked Beckie, who obviously didn't comprehend why she was asking her such a question.

At hearing this answer, Beckie looked over to the horrified Misty with a slight smirk on her face, and a small granola bar in her hands, as she headed back to lay in her bed.

As soon as Beckie got relaxed in her bed, Gwen shifted to her side to ask Beckie a question she had been pondering for quite some time.

"Beckie, what are we going to do for breakfast?" She asked with a quizzical look on her face. Beckie responded with a sigh as she rolled off the bed to pick up the tan phone provided by the hotel. "I'll call Ash." She replied to Gwen as she punched in the phone number connecting her to his and Brock's suite.

In the room next door to Beckie, Gwen and Misty (the girls') suite, was another suite that held Ash and Brock. In this room, a phone shrieked and yelled, noisily waking up the boys. A startled Brock attempted untangling himself from the sheets to get up and answer the phone, hopeful that it was a certain someone, but in the process he rolled himself up even more in the sheets and fell in a ball on the floor. Desperate, he reached up to grab the phone just before the rings broke off.

"HELLO?" He yelled, a little over-the-top ecstatic.

"Brock? Hi, it's Beckie. Is Ash there?" A polite voice rang out from the speaker.

"Uh, n-no. Ash is still sleeping. Are you sure you don't wanna talk to me?" Brock insisted, with a confident smile on his face. Ash, who was not sleeping, stared at Brock as he stuttered into the receiver.

"Brock, I'm right here, who is it?" Ash called out from the kitchen as he looked at the morning comic strips with Pikachu by his side.

"NO ONE!" Brock yelled defensively, shielding the receiver from Ash so Beckie couldn't hear his distressed cries.

"Brock, who's on the phone?" Ash tentatively questioned again.

"HITLER!" Brock sarcastically shouted as Ash scrunched his face in confusion.

"Was that Ash? I could hear him, Brock. Stop lying and hand over the phone." Beckie demanded in an authority-like voice.

"It was not Ash! It was Hitler! I swear!" Brock was, by now, even confusing himself.

Ash gave Brock a mature yet somewhat threatening glare as he hovered over the still-tangled Brock. Giving out a groan of defeat, Brock handed Ash the phone.

"Beckie? Hi, sorry about Brock."

Beckie laughed in reply as she relayed off Gwen's question to Ash.

"What're we going to do for breakfast?"

Ash contemplated in silence. He glanced over to Brock, who was grinning because he could sense that the girls wanted breakfast, and Ash knew that he was a great cook.

"Well… I guess Brock cooks." Ash said, not knowing exactly why he was saying such a thing. He knew that Brock would much rather stalk the girls (more specifically, Beckie) than cook for them (or her.)

"Oh, cool!" Beckie cheered with enthusiasm, as Ash swore he could have heard Gwen's voice in the background ranting on about biscuits. "We'll be over there in a sec."

Ash looked down at himself, still wearing morning boxers and a wife beater.

"Maybe it'd be better if you came in like a half-"

"See you soon!" Beckie sang, and clicked the phone, ending the conversation.

As soon as Ash heard the line go dead, he dropped the phone and sprinted to find his regular outfit of blue jeans with a black t-shirt covered by a blue jean vest. Since it was breakfast, he didn't feel the need to shove on his forest green fingerless gloves or his red and white cap.

Looking around the suite to see if anything embarrassing was lying around that he needed to improve, he saw Brock who happened to still be topless and in his bright pink boxers.

"Brock, aren't you going to get ready?"

"Ready? I am ready!" He chuckled, as he grabbed Axe body cologne and sprayed it all over his figure. Ash, disgusted, turned to read Pikachu's response. He could tell Pikachu was as disturbed as he was, shielding his eyes nervously at Ash's feet.

The door bell then released out a soothing melody into the suite.

"Don't even think about getting the door, Ash!" Brock reacted, hopping off his bed and galloping to the door to then stop and make a manly, dramatic pose, as he slid open the door.

"Hello ladies." He cooed in a rather unnecessary deep tone.

"Hi, Bogdan!" Gwen happily greeted as she made her way past Brock, not caring whatsoever what he had on (or lack of what he had on.) She had been informed from Beckie (after she had gotten off of the phone with Ash) that these were the trainers they had decided to look for at the bar. Beckie had indeed told Gwen that Brock's name wasn't Bogdan, but Gwen refused to believe so.

Misty, with Brock already on her bad side, scoffed at the gross appearance he presented.

"Nice underwear?" She muttered sarcastically, brushing past him, purposefully nudging him slightly on the way.

Last but not least to enter for the girls was Beckie, who would prove to have the most difficult time even making it through the doorway.

As soon as Brock saw Beckie's long blond curls, he immediately blocked the doorway in what he thought was a sophisticated pose. His arm was blocking her on the left by reaching upwards to grab the side of the door. He leaned on this side, to slant himself across the doorway. His other arm was blocking her right side, by protruding out from his hip which it rested on.

"Brock," Beckie said playfully with a smile, "Brock, can I please get into the room?"

Brock stood there, intrigued by her light manner.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk for a while?" He asked, trying extremely hard to be as flirty as possible.

"Maybe when we're inside." Beckie promised, gently moving Brock's arm from the doorway, as she glided into the room.

The sight that greeted her wasn't all that pleasant. Misty was grasping onto Ash in a locked hug, she seemed to be whimpering to him about something or another.

"They hurt me, Ash! They hurt me so bad! Look at all this damage!" Misty let go of her suffocating friend long enough to shove her bandaged hand in Ash's bland face.

He took her hand in the most genteel way he could manage, as he examined her hand to see if what she was saying was altogether true. As soon as he took a good look, he saw glass protruding from one of her bandages.

"Glass? Misty, if I went into your room right now and took a glance around, would I still see all of the windows in tact?"

Misty, teary-eyed with a damp nose, hesitated to shake her head.

"Misty, did you punch another window out of anger and jealousy?" Ash mused, catching on to what really took place.

After a long and awkward pause, Misty gave in and nodded.

"Well, we'll fix it later." Ash decided, dropping Misty's hand as he walked away from her, and closer to the rest of the crowd.

"So, Brock, what're you making us?" Ash asked genuinely. Before Brock could answer, however, Gwen piped up what she thought they should be having.

"Biscuits? You're gonna make biscuits?!" Gwen screamed at Brock, who was taken aback by this sudden excitement.

"Oh… sure. Biscuits it is!" He tried to say as calmly as he could, making his way into the kitchen as the other became situated in the living room.

Coming to a dark conclusion as he set foot into the linoleum-floored kitchen, Brock realized that the more time he spent cooking, the less time he could spend with Beckie. Frantically, he searched throughout the kitchen drawers to find some type of microwaveable biscuits.

Thankfully, in a cabinet, Brock took notice to some Easy Bake Biscuits as he slyly slid them into the stainless steel microwave. Turning around, Brock glanced at Pikachu, who had its eyes set on Brock intently.

"You didn't see anything." Brock muttered darkly as Pikachu made a quick motion as if to say 'I'm going to tell Ash!' Acting on instinct, Brock lifted up a steel pan lying on the table and whacked Pikachu on the forehead with it as Pikachu limply fell over.

"What's going on in there?" Ash called out from the living room.

"NOTHING, ASH! NOTHING! Just a Gyarados!" Brock said all too quickly, realizing that a Gyarados wouldn't even fit into the kitchen.

"What?!" Ash, stunned, answered back.

"No! Not a Gyarados! Silly me, I meant a Rattata!" Brock's voice shakily replied as Ash responded with a convinced laugh.

Brock, hesitating as much as possible, picked up Pikachu by the legs and chucked him into an empty cabinet in one brisk motion, not to cause any attention to himself. After brushing off his hands to reveal no evidence of what he had done, Brock tried as coolly and casually as he could to make his way back into the living room.

When Brock had made his way into the living room, everyone was already standing in various places, huddled around the dining table, deciding where to place themselves to eat. Brock decided this was his chance to snag a seat next to Beckie. Taking charge, Brock grabbed a chair on the end of the table. There were four shining dark wooden chairs on each side.

"Hey Beckie, you wanna sit next to me?" He asked in a rushed voice, almost so fast that Beckie had to take some time to comprehend what he was asking.

"Um, no, but thanks for the offer. I like sun in the morning." She said, smiling, as she jerked her head towards the open window next to the right side of the table. Brock scolded himself silently inside his head. How could he be so stupid and choose a chair all the way to the left side of the table? He sulked as he slid into the chair.

To make things worse, another person popped up right behind Brock to disturb his moment of misery to make it a bit more miserable. It was Gwen.

"It's okay, Brock, I hate light in the morning, it burns my eyes!" She squeaked, smiling brightly, as she slid into the seat coherent to his. Obviously, she hadn't heard him groan out of discontent. When Gwen took her seat, Beckie gratefully grabbed the chair directly next to Gwen's. Ash, being now on friendly terms with Beckie, took the chair next to her, leaving Misty to stand and question what was going on.

"Guys? Can someone come over to the other side with me?" She asked shyly, making her way slowly towards the other side of the table. All the while, she was intently looking at Ash who was paying no attention to her request.

To Misty's dismay, Gwen quickly took notice to the situation and bluntly shoved herself out of the seat she was sitting in. Brock then shot her a thankful smile and scooted into her seat to be next to Beckie. Gwen boldly took her lead towards Misty on the other half of the table, as Misty started to scoot away from her.

"Don't worry Misty, I'll keep you company! After all," Gwen said with a humungous smile, "We are best friends!" She let out a disturbingly loud laugh before coughing even more loudly and obnoxiously, as she shoved Misty into a seat next to her.

To pass the time, Beckie and Ash discussed their personal backgrounds as Brock rudely interrupted to brag about himself occasionally. On the other side of the table, Gwen was occupying Misty quite well by shoving a million questions into her mind.

"Why is your hair red?"

"Where do you live?"

"What color is your bra?"

"Are you hated by everyone, or just us?"
"Do you love Ash?" This last question Gwen asked immediately brought with it an awkward silence that left everyone glancing about the table nervously at one another. Brock, breaking the silence, announced that he should probably go take the biscuits out of the "oven."

As Brock was taking the Easy Bake Biscuits out of the microwave, Ash yelled out to him from the living room.

"Brock, could you tell Pikachu to get out here? He's gonna miss a good meal!" Ash requested with a hearty laugh.

"Uh, Pikachu? Pikachu's tired, Ash, from- you know, carrying Pichu."

Gwen made a loud noise from the living room as she snapped back to Brock.

"BOGDAN, HIS NAME IS AUGUST RUSH! GET IT STRAIGHT!" She yelled to Brock, who stared, befuddled, in the kitchen. What the heck kind of name was Bogdan? He shrugged it off and continued to exaggerate his story about Pikachu.

"Ash, Pikachu's taking a nap, so I wouldn't want to wake him up." Brock tried to sound as concerned as possible for Pikachu's sleeping habits. After he said this and Ash responded with a content grunt, Brock, who was reminded of Pikachu's real condition, opened the cabinet he was in slightly to take a peek at what the small yellow Pokemon was doing. Brock sighed peacefully before closing the door as he realized the creature was still knocked out.

After sliding the crispy warm biscuits onto a large plate with a small cup of butter to the side, Brock made his way back into the living room to sit next to Beckie.

"Breakfast is served!" Brock said gaily, placing the plate delicately in the center of the table. Gwen, being overdramatic, nearly leapt onto the table to grasp hold of three biscuits at once. She began feasting on them as everyone else calmly and cautiously took one per person. After a long time of consuming the biscuits in silence, Ash began to speak to Beckie.

"So, what are you guys doing in Pallet Town? Do you live here? It's kind of a small place, so I'm guessing not because I haven't seen either of your faces around town too much." He told them, laughing a little at himself.

Gwen, with her mouth still full, decided that she should answer Ash's question that was directed to Beckie. While sort of mumbling through food, Gwen began to rant.

"No, we aren't from around here at all! We decided one day to become Pokemon trainers and so we set off from where we used to live, and came down here to Pallet Town. We found that interesting old man, Professor Oaks, and he gave us Pokemon. Good thing, too, because me being the body guard of the- OUCH!" Gwen stopped short, Beckie had kicked her leg from underneath the table. There was a reason why she went by the name Beckie, everyone knew her as Princess Rebecca, and Gwen was about to bust her cover.

Gwen thought about what to explain herself with next.

"Body guard of… you know, it doesn't really matter. You wouldn't want to know anyway!" She offered, with a wink. "What really matters is that we got our Pokemon, but still have no idea how to do anything with them, and are extremely clumsy and probably will die without protection!" Gwen, not noticing everyone staring at her in awe and confusion, began to clamor away and continue eating her biscuits peacefully as if she hadn't just said anything somewhat disturbing.

Ash, who was in a thinking mode, exchanged glances with both Misty and Brock as he excused the three of them from the table. As soon as they had made it to a corner in the room, Ash offered an idea to the two.

"Guys, they sound like they could really use our help." Ash silently told them, in a voice that was almost on the same level as a whisper. At hearing this, Misty's face contorted into possibly the most perturbed face she could put on as Brock's face practically glowed with happiness. The two, being complete opposites, began screaming out YES!'s and NO!'s. Ash hushed them, but they continued nodding and shaking their heads from side to side and flailing their arms around, making a scene out of themselves all the while.

"Didn't you hear Gwen?" Ash asked seriously, suggested with a glance over to the table Gwen and Beckie were still occupying. Beckie coated another biscuit with the smooth butter as Gwen sat there playing with the crumbs that coated her placemat. "She said as seriously as she could that they'd probably die without protection, and I'm failing to see how that could be a lie. If they could just join us for a while, until we've taught them all they need to know-"

"YES! Ash, please, ask them!" Brock screamed as he dropped to his knees with his fists folded together in a begging position. Misty, seeing the pleading going on next to her, then dropped to her own knees and yelled.

"Ash, no! Don't you see how miserable they make me? It's horrible, I hate them! I can't spend another day with them without going absolutely nutty!" Misty tried her best at attempting to make a puppy dog face at Ash, who stared in awe at the two desperate companions of his.

"Misty, you don't even have a legit reason to dislike them as much as you do. Gwen's obviously trying extremely hard to become friends with you, and I know that I'm already good friends with Beckie."

At this, Brock began muttering to himself while scowling, but Ash continued anyway.

"Listen, Misty, I know you're not going to be a happy camper at first, but this is something we need to do."

Brock added an enthusiastic nod.

"Me and Brock want to spend more time with them- we're friends with them, Misty. And they need us until they're, you know, ready."

Brock was, by now, about to give Ash a standing ovation for this speech, and Misty was about to burst into tears. She wanted to be the only female representation in their trio, but this dream was quickly crashing down upon her.

"Fine. Just, don't ask them in front of me." Misty surrendered.

"Oh, thank you Misty!" Ash sighed, pulling in Misty to hug her for a few seconds before breaking away to retreat to the table. Brock then pounded Misty happily on the back as if to congratulate her, but Misty could only focus on the mystifying hug that Ash had just willingly given to her. His sweet scent still lingered around her as she became intoxicated in it before also making her way back to the table. She had surrendered for now, but hadn't completely given up the fight.

When they reached the table and had sat down, only four biscuits were left. Gwen snagged the first one she could see, as Brock and Misty claimed their own. Ash and Beckie were left to compete for the last one, as their hands gently brushed against each other before either could grasp it.

The two blushed as Ash picked the still warm biscuit up and placed it in front of an amused Beckie.

"You have it, I'm good for now." Ash said in a sweet, gentlemanly tone. Beckie smiled just as sweetly back, as she broke it in half and shared it with Ash, who grinned as she placed his half in front of him.

"No, after all, you did beat me to it." Beckie, still smiling, whispered softly as she took a small bite out of her half.

Misty, who had been watching this event from afar across the table, was just about to hit her boiling point. She was obviously going to deteriorate or explode. The least she could do was go jump out of the window next to Ash, or pull her hair out in the most painful way she could imagine.

She uttered out a small grunt so that some attention would be focused on her from other people besides Gwen who still chattered happily next to her. She was still asking questions like why she followed around Ash, why was she wearing such a creepy belly shirt.

The table was yet again coated in silence that succumbed everyone and everything. Ash, who had by now taken the official job of silence-breaker, turned to Beckie to ask her a question in a loud voice so that the others could participate in the conversation.

"So, Beckie?" Ash volunteered.

"Yeah?" Beckie responded, turning to him.

"Last night, I remember you had some…" Ash paused for a moment, trying to find a polite way to put this. "…cuts, on your back-"

"YEAH, WHAT WAS UP WITH THOSE HIDEOUS GASHES?!" Misty rudely interrupted, shrieking into Beckie's stunned face as Ash gave her a cold glare.

"Well what I was really going to ask was, are you alright?" Ash took back his side of the conversation as Misty slouched further downward in her seat.

Beckie began giggling, embarrassed (because everyone in this story has a right to be embarrassed.) "Thanks for asking, Ash, but I'm really just fine, it's a long story actually-" Beckie's voice slowly droned out, as everyone's attention focused on the struggling and heavily breathing Brock who had one leg draped out across the table as he profusely attempted kicking his other leg up onto it while groaning and causing a scene.

After what seemed an eternity of staring at Brock and contemplating why exactly he was trying so hard to get up onto the table, he finally made it on top as he rose to his feet in between pants to stand. In the process, Brock managed to knock over Gwen's glass of Kool-Aid with his limp leg, but paid no attention to it as he began to lecture dramatically, pumping his finger into Beckie's face.

"If you, EVER, are in any danger or need ANY help whatsoever, you can know that I will ALWAYS be here to fix up your wounds and bandage your broken heart!" He broke off suddenly, not caring that everyone was staring at him in disbelief as he casually stooped down onto his knees, hopped off the table, and back into his chair as if nothing had happened.

Gwen, being shocked and alarmed at what had happen to her Kool-Aid, but not so disturbed by Brock's ranting, gasped suddenly.

"My Kool-Aid! You killed it, Brock! YOU KILLED IT!" She whined in a baby voice, sliding off of the chair and onto her knees, staring in bewilderment at the ruined drink she had been enjoying a few moments ago. "NOOOOOOO!" Gwen cried, screaming up at the Heavens, as if to ask 'how could you let this happen to me?'

Beckie, as if she had no recollection of what Brock just gave a speech on, quickly turned to Brock, yelling.

"Brock!" She moaned, hitting him gently on the arm. "Brock, go get her another Kool-Aid!"

Brock gazed at Beckie sullenly. Had she not just saw him struggle to give her a heart-warming lecture about how devoted he was to her being? He gave up, shrugging out of his chair to go pour a glass of the cherry drink.

Ignoring what happened in the past few minutes, Ash began talking comfortably with Beckie again.

"You said there was a story that went along with your cuts…?" He asked, a little bit tentative because he didn't know if it would hurt her to talk about it or not. "I understand if you don't want to talk about it-"

"No, it's okay!" Beckie said cheerily as Misty, Gwen, and Ash all devoted their attention to this anticipated story.

"Well Gwen and I had been coming through the woods. After all, it's the quickest short cut to Pallet Town that we knew about. We weren't sure how dangerous it'd really be to take the wooden offbeat path, but hey, we had to go somewhere!" She continued, as her smile faded.

"Gwen decided that we should have a race to pass the time. So I went along. I knew that I would win, so I thought it couldn't be that bad. But after we'd ran for a couple miles without stopping, I could tell Gwen was starting to get tired. She was panting and falling over her own two feet, so I faked being tired too and told her to slow up, so I began slowing up too. To emphasize even more how 'tired' I was, I leaned against the closest sturdy tree I could find. And it just so happened that the tree I leaned on was one that served as a home to a livid Teddiursa that obviously didn't want any visitors. Gwen still hadn't bought into my 'oh I'm so tired,' act, so she was still sprinting along the path not caring." Gwen, hearing this, had frowned guiltily, realizing that she probably should have waited for her friend.

"And yeah, basically I got attacked. I'm rather strong for my age, but I underestimated the little thing. No matter how strong you are as a human, you probably can't beat even the weakest Pokemon." Her voice became quiet again, as she nervously stretched out her shoulders. Luckily, a sky blue morning robe covered her clothes underneath that revealed her scars.

Ash grimaced, watching painfully at Beckie as she struggled to stay calm. He recalled way back when he himself had some trouble with a Pokemon. His Pokemon, actually, Pikachu. Quite like the voltage he had suffered the other night, Pikachu had shocked him and half of the town twice right after they had met. In a way, Ash was a tiny bit glad that he wasn't the only one who had an original bad start with Pokemon. He chuckled, and this response triggered off confusion in the others. It didn't really seem to be a laughing matter. To clear himself up, he spoke.

"No, it's just that you and I… we have a lot in common." Ash said sweetly, flashing a smile at Beckie as Misty tensed up greatly.

"You know who else has a lot in common with you? ME!" Misty screamed as Ash became baffled.

"I don't see the similarities?" Ash kindly put the words into Misty's brain, as Beckie unexpectedly defended Misty a bit.

"There must have been some good reason for you two to have been together for so long, though!" Beckie said as Brock came striding into the living room with a glass of Kool-Aid in his hand. Placing it down in front of Gwen, Brock spoke before Misty could say something witty.

"Misty, didn't you just stalk Ash around 'cause he stole your bike before? You've been waiting for him to pay you back for, like, what? Three years now?" He ventured as Misty became aggravated with him even more.

"Maybe." Misty mumbled to herself as Beckie suddenly remembered where she had left off explaining the history of her scarred back.

"Oh, well back to my story! Gwen eventually slowed up and we made it to Pallet Town healthier than we thought we'd be- that is, not dead. When we got to Professor Oak's place, I chose a Teddiursa as my first Pokemon. But the catch is, that it was the exact same one that attacked me before. I haven't really attempted to take it out of its Pokeball yet." Beckie laughed timidly as her story ended.

"I remember my first time at Professor Oak's. He's a great guy!" Ash happily noted.

"He didn't rape you, did he?" Gwen bluntly asked as Ash gave her a what-are-you-talking-about type of look.

"Um, well, no. What makes you ask that?" Ash asked, suddenly realizing maybe he didn't want to know.

"He's just a very- interesting- person." Gwen emphasized, sipping her Kool-Aid.

"Yup. So then we… left… there… quite, um, quickly. You know, so many things to do, so little time! And we decided to take a rest at The Cotton Blossom, and after this weird creepy guy kept giving us free sundaes-"
"Which were highly addictive!" Piped up Gwen.

"Yes, which were very addictive, he invited us over for a bit. We said no, though, because… well actually, I don't know why. Gwen was the one who insisted no. But anyway, we were starting to feel a little weird so we stumbled out of the place and ran into you!" Beckie concluded.

"Yup. Then somehow we wound up in the forest, and Beedrills were chasing us!" Gwen began stating fascinatingly, as Beckie cut her off.

"Yeah- well, that's what she thought." Beckie looked up to meet Misty's eyes, and laughed as Misty looked away in disgust.

Ash, realizing that their sundaes had been drugged and they were too foolish to realize it along with him, was suddenly reminded of the new plan to invite the two to venture along with Brock, Misty, and himself.

"Hey, Beckie, Gwen, that reminds me. Earlier Misty, Brock, and I talked it over, and we all agree." He shot Misty a glance to tell her not to say anything to mess up his offer. "We think you guys should come along with us. You know, share our adventures? We really like you guys, and from what you're telling us, it seems like you could use some personal training with Pokemon." Ash hopefully looked at the two girls, who were exchanging glances of their own. Brock was on the edge of his seat, praying that they would say yes. Misty was reluctantly twisted in her chair, turning herself away from the table.

"Yes!" Beckie and Gwen squeaked in unison.

Brock, taken aback, shouted a gleeful "YES!" as Misty smacked her forehead with her palm and groaned a muffled "Nooo!"

Suddenly, all voices ceased as a familiar noise came from the doorway of the kitchen.

"Pikaaaaaa!" All heads turned towards the kitchen to see a scuffed and bruised Pikachu standing lamely in the humungous doorway with yellow static about to burst from its normally cute and cuddly red-dotted cheeks.

Although the others didn't know why, Brock got up quickly from his chair and began to run away with the evil-intended Pokemon chasing after him.