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A/n: I was formerly known as Imagination Queen, but I got tired of that name and decided to change it.

Things I can never say

It is so complicated
two lives, two worlds.
That's my life, the life of a hero
I guess.
I can't complain
the people I meet can be interesting
and the experiences
are things I'll never forget.

That makes me think
about him
Major Steve Trevor
that's how I knew him.
He knew me as Yeoman First Class Diana Prince,
he never knew the other side of me
Wonder Woman the American hero
and Amazon.

Sure he knew about Wonder Woman
he had worked with her more times
than I can recall
but he never knew her…

Then I look at his son
Steve Trevor Junior and I am spooked
by how alike they are.
Modern Steve has no idea
that I am the Yeoman
his father probably told him about
and maybe its best that way.

I want to tell him
what a wonderful man his father was
but I can't, so I smile
and bite my tongue so I won't
say what is threatening to come
spilling out about him looking
exactly like his father.

Then again, I'm sure he's heard that
a million times before,
but either way I'm stuck
with my double life
and these things I can never say.