September 3rd 2009

Dear Diary,

Just another summer here and gone. Where does the time go? Oh right life guarding. So its my last year of high school and wouldn't you know I still don't know what I want to do with my life? But how does one just make that decision and choose the right classes for themselves? I think I might want to be an art major but that's a really competitive field but then again so is being a music major. So here are my options as I see it I go for what I want and take the risk of ending up a washed out talent less slob or a artistic master mind like Picasso. Or I reach for the stares and attempt to get into Juliard and take the chance to have my dreams crushed. But then that's what dreams are aren't they? Something to reach for? So what the hell I'll go for and even if I don't reach it no one can say I didn't try my ass off. And mommy says that's all that matters and I've never doubted her before why start now? See you don't have a rational response to that do you? Thought not. :) Nira says she wants to be a Spanish teacher because she's already fluent. I guess we see she wont be reaching for the stars any time soon.

Have you ever gotten the feeling like something phenomenal was going to happen? Something other worldly? And no I don't believe I'm physic or any thing nor do I practice ancient voodoo but I can't shake the feeling. And lately I keep getting the feeling I'm being watched... Like when Im walking home from the pool, or going out for my morning run, even when I'm in the shower... Am I going crazy or what? And... I've been having... The dream... Again. Not all of it just snippets... So tonight because I REALLY need to get some sleep Im going to take a shower read a chapter or two of Through The Looking Glass and pop one of those really old sleeping med's and go out cold. I know they have side effect but screw it I need sleep and I really don't want to think about what Ill look like if I don't get in at least six hours...

Xoxo Wish me Luck Ryan :)

Ryan sighed, and closed her lap top putting it under her bed and walking across to her bathroom. She began to removed her clothes, and lit some scented candles around trying to calm her already stressed nerves. She knew it was stupid to be stressed in her twelfth year of going to the same high school, but with every thing being so freaky lately she couldn't help it. She needed her sore swimmers muscles, and poured vanilla scented bubbles in with the water. She un-clipped her necklace and placed it on her jewelry hanger. She released her mane of warm golden colored hair lighter from the constant sunshine. Her face was bright red and it was peeling slightly in certain placed. She grimaced, dropping her panties in the hamper and jumping into the water being sure to scrub her face with the moisturizer. She reached over and turned on a cd of soothing Disney melodies and sank into the bubbles. She rolled her neck, letting the water work its magic. She sighed when suddenly the door squeaked. She hadn't even remembered leaving it open.

"Hello?" She called quietly. "Mom?" Then she remembered it was Wednesday and she wouldn't be home until late. She held up her hair, and wrapped a towel around her self. She walked forward peeking her head out, she walked slowly down the hall and down the stairwell. Nothing or should she say nothing was there. She began to walk bath too her bath tub but as she peeked in her room she noticed the window open and she was positive she had kept it closed to keep the AC in. Her stomach dropped but being brave she walked over and slammed it shut. She walked quickly back to the bath room locking the door. She shook her head; before jumping back into the water and turning up the music a bit louder.

AN/ OKAY This is the first chapter of the sequel tell me how u like this one... If you like it Ill write the sequel if not we'll just live and let live. Oh and yes this will be under M instead of T just in case you were wondering.