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A weird celebration will be held in Alice Academy. And this year, Mikan and the gang will have to experience it. Mikan's class was assigned by Narumi to host the event by putting up a show. Now, guess who's the main act? What will they sing? Will it affect the class' relationships? Or it's just gonna ruin it? Okay, btw, just sit back, relax, and find out...

Express Yourself Day

"Natsume, YOU PERVERT!"

Here she goes again...another day starts in the school for the special...uh, I mean...gifted children. A certain brunette just yelled those words the millionth time already at the boy genius of Alice Academy. I think they're just gonna stay fighting with each like that other forever. But on the other side, I can say that we can't really predict what's gonna happen, and what changes will occur after one day.

It all started when the gay-ish teacher, Narumi, announced something unexpectable.

"Class, did you that the Academy celebrates an 'Express yourself day'? Now, class 2B was chosen to host the event and put up a show showing how the people in this class express themselves. Each one of you should prepare something to show your personality and feelings...can you do that?" he asked them.

The class representative, Iinchou, raised his hand. "Narumi-sensei, we can do it if you just give us enough time!" he enthusiastically said. "Yeah!" the class shouted except the ice queen and the flamecaster. They really don't have much interest about all these commotion.

Narumi bowed his head and said, "That's the problem," "Your show must be put up tonight"

"WHAT?!" Everyone in the class except for you-know-who shouted together. Natsume almost fell off his desk because he was shocked to hear his classmates' combined voices...or closer to the word 'whines', while Hotaru in her seat almost choked a spoonful of crab brains when she was also shocked by the...okay, I'm gonna use a kinder term...her classmates' whines! What, again? Okay...back to the story.

"But we won't be able to make a show just for one day!" Nonoko said.

"Yeah we can, but the audience will notice that we hadn't have much practice!" Yuu said.

"What will we do now?" Mikan asked.

"I know how pressured are you, but the show MUST go on" Narumi firmly stated. Now everyone glared at him. "It's your fault, sensei, if you would've said this to us a week earlier, then we would've had more time to prepare for this. The teacher smiled nervously. "Ah, sorry I just really forgot!" he said and scampered away outside the room full of stressed monsters, I mean people.

"Okay, let's just get this on!" Mikan encouragingly said and raised her fists. Everyone cooperated and started to work,
even the fierce Sumire Shouda helped by making the stage design. By the afternoon, they finally finished preparing. All they need now is practice. The classroom was now full of people practicing their own numbers.

"The rest of the show has been planned and now we've got to decide who's the main act!" Yuu said. "Who's willing to do it?"


"I guess no one," Mikan said. Then the class representative got an idea. He mischievously looked at Mikan and shot the brunette a sly smile. "How about a duet of Natsume and you, Mikan-chan?" Iinchou said. Mikan blushed. "What? But I still gotta practice my solo..." she shyly said. Then the nullifier remembered how perverted her supposed-to-be-partner is. "And besides, I don't wanna be paired up with a pervert like him!" she added.

"But Mikan, you've just gotta do it, and don't forget to tell him he's gotta sing his own solo too! Now start practicing 'coz we still got a lot of practice to do," Anna said and went away. Mikan sighed. "This is gonna be the most humiliating day of my life!" she muttered and started looking for the damn kuro neko and she only has one place to go--the sakura tree.

There she found him reading his manga, as usual. She gathered all her courage and approached the raven-haired boy.

"Natsume, the class said we have to participate in the show too," she said. "First, you will be singing your solo. And then our duet," she added.

He ignored her and continued reading his manga. "C'mon, we've got to practice or else the show that our classmates prepared will be wasted!" she nearly shouted. He looked at her and said, "Fine, do whatever you want"

"Okay, let's start practicing!" she cheerfully said and smiled while Natsume was trying hard not to blush.

And that was how she convinced him to be in the show. The night has come and it is also their time to begin the show.
Everyone was excited but at the same time nervous. Will the show be successful?

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