Here is another J/C fanfic for you all!

A/N: this story was the result of word challenge I was given to me by friends. I had to use some of the words they came up with and turn it into a fic….

Janeway lay draped on the end of her bed watching the passing stars that let them know they were at warp speed. Her breathing became ragged, in short gasps. She dug her hands in the blanket on her bed trying to hold back the inevitable force of her release. Kathryn arched her back, taking the view of the stars away from her eyes, only momentarily. Her nerve endings felt like they were dozens upon dozens of fireworks exploding at once. A deep satisfied sigh escaped her. Male lips kissed her right knee, down her shin, all the way down to her ankle. Then his body was over hers, eye gazing into hers. "That... was... amazing," Kathryn breathed out heavily. Chakotay was a man of many talents indeed.

"I felt you needed something after today." Chakotay licked his lips arching his eye brow. Today had been one of the more harrowing days in the Delta Quadrant, and it had been particularly hard on Kathryn. All day today he had wanted to take her in his arms, kiss her, and assure her that everything was going to be ok. But he couldn't. This, in the shadows of her quarters, were all they were allowed right now. That would have to be enough for him.

"I would never be able to survive this place without you." Kathryn tangled her hands in his jet black hair. She always marveled at how soft his hair was. It was as soft as fur. "You're the reason..."

"Kathryn, you would survive even if I wasn't here." Chakotay interrupted smoothing her bangs back from her face.

"No, you give me the hope, the resolve, to keep fighting." Kathryn admitted. Her afterglow was still lingering and she didn't want to have this TALK now... so she changed the subject. "I heard and interesting rumor today."

Chakotay smiled, then rested his head on her chest, over her heart. He knew she wasn't ready for an emotional talk. A change of subject was what she needed. "What kind of rumor did you hear?" Chakotay asked listening to the beat of Kathryn's heart.

Kathryn chuckled, "I head that our very own Tom Paris was taking bets on us." She angled her head to look at Chakotay when his head popped up.

"Are you sure?" Chakotay smiled, barely able to contain his laughter.

"Oh yes," Kathryn kissed his forehead, "Though I don't see why we would be of any interest to Tom." she shrugged trying to hold on to the intense feeling of euphoria that Chakotay inspired in her.

"Who knows? Tom is an odd one to be sure." Chakotay said, "Though he must see something that we are unaware of that shows between us."

"Like what?" Kathryn asked. She tried to be careful how much affection she showed to Chakotay outside of her quarters or her ready room or his quarters.

"Like, I can't stop staring at you or your lips when you're in briefings." Chakotay answered playfully.

"Oh," Kathryn arched her eye brow at him, "You like my lips?"

Chakotay levered himself up on his forearms, loomed over her, "Oh yes," He kissed her deeply. "They are soft." A kiss. "They feel like a rose petal every time you kiss a trail down my chest."

Kathryn nipped his chin. "What else?" She could feel him hardening in response.

"I truly adore your lopsided grin." Chakotay would feel his heart beat faster, his blood pump harder, when she would give that grin to him. Every time he wanted to haul her against him and ravish her mouth. "What about me fascinates you?"

"Well," Kathryn shifted under him making sure to elicit a groan from him, "I adore those wicked wicked dimples of yours. Every time you flash them, I go..." She kissed him, "Weak at the knees." Kathryn brought her knees up against his hips. He was at the right angle to take her, to join their bodies together.

"Are you ready for more... relaxation?" Chakotay teased rotating his hips.

"I think... I can handle it." Kathryn answered draping her arms over his broad shoulders, smiling devilishly at him.


Kathryn shifted in her Captain's chair feeling every bit of play she and Chakotay indulged in last night. She reached for her fifth cup of coffee of that morning because of the lack of sleep that she had had. But Chakotay had been worth it. Idly she reached for the PADD on the center console at the exact same time that Chakotay did and her hand brushed his. She should have reacted, jumped back, but she had been looking foreword to the chance that she could touch him again.

Chakotay felt sparks zing up his arm and tingle in his fingertips just at the touch of her hand on his. "Sorry Commander." She smiled taking her hand back slowly. Kathryn gave him that teasing smile, that lop sided smile designed to drive him crazy. "Don't worry about it Captain." For most of the morning Chakotay had been licking his lips trying to find some remote trace of Kathryn, anything to get him through the day before they had dinner, before he could have her for dinner. His need for her was clawing at him, at his entire body.

"Never do." Kathryn smiled again draping her left leg over her right knee that sent a jolt of remaining feeling through her system. It took all her will power not to moan in pleasure. Kathryn bit her bottom lip to keep quiet. Beside her she saw Chakotay smother a satisfied grin and resisted the urge to lightly smack his shoulder. Soon, she was going to have to retreat to her office. For now she was going to stay right where she was, close to Chakotay, steal innocent touches, and enjoy the dull part of the Delta Quadrant until the next crisis popped up.