Just had to write this when it popped into my head :)

A little early for a Halloween fic, but whatever XD

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"You have gotta be kidding me..."

"What's wrong with my costume?"

Rose sighed. This was going to be their first Halloween party in the parallel universe. Her mother insisted that they all celebrated in the mansion and invited half of the town. All of their friends (most of them working for Torchwood), politicians and celebrities not to mention the press were going to be present. And he decided to wear... that.

"I'm telling you for the last time: You. Are. Not. Going. As. A. Giant. Yellow. Banana!"

He pouted... of course. "But I like bananas! Bananas are-"

"-good as long as you eat them and not wear them. Now hurry up and get changed, we are gonna be late."

"No." He stomped his yellow clad foot like a little kid.

"Doctor, I know about your secret banana stock... Either you get changed or I will exchange every single banana with a pear."

The Doctor looked at her like he just saw her for the first time. "You wouldn't..."

"You bet, I would! Now get going!"

Grumbling some unfriendly words under his breath, he went back to their bedroom.

Five minutes later, he came back and Rose hit the nearest wall with her head.

Satisfied, the Doctor grinned and wiggled his toes. Bananas were good, but apples weren't bad either...