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As predicted, approximately nine months later, Toshiro and Rangiku were blessed with a new addition to the family. On August 24 they welcomed little Hitsugaya Ai into their lives. When asked why the choice of name, Rangiku declared she wanted something singular and meaning quite the opposite of her name. Toshiro simply responded that no name could detail the beauty of their first child, but Ai definitely came close.

Ichigo and Rukia began residing permanently and full-time in Seireitei, first moving in with Byakuya and then three years later finding a small house of their own within the city. Granted, it was still on the Kuchiki grounds, but it belonged to them.

Little Chouko stole the heart of Byakuya more quickly than any female ever had. Until almost twenty years down the line when Yachiru burst into his office. So, Chouko had to learn to share. But, in all actuality, Chouko would simply end up with another aunt, rather than lose an uncle.

Two and a half years into their new life together Nanao and Shunsui finally tied the knot. Just under a year following them in wedded bliss were Juushiro and Soi. Kenpachi and Retsu joined the ever-growing number of couples six months after the Ukitakes.

Little Nel began treatments to heal her hollow mask with the Fourth Division only a few months after baby Chouko's birth. Three years after beginning her treatments she was fully returned to her true form. She and her lifelong love, Grimmjow, took up residency in Karakura, living in the apartment next door to Orihime and Ulquiorra.

Four years passed and the Kyorakus and Ukitakes welcomed sons Kenji and Daichi, respectively, only a week apart.

When year six rolled around, and Nanao and Shunsui announced number two (baby girl Sakura), Twelfth Division began a campaign to study the recent increase in true births in Soul Society. Juushiro, as soutaicho, set some very strict rules, and no one was harmed. Kurotsuchi taicho had no fun with his experiments, but no one else cared.

Rangiku and Toshiro attended, on Rangiku's strong recommendation that Toshiro accompany her, the wedding of Sado Yasutora and Karin seven years in. Yuzu and Ishida Uryuu were married (much to Ichigo's dismay) about a year later. Five years after the two weddings there were three new Quincies running around, accompanied by two future rock stars. Karin has sworn off more children, as twins are entirely too much for her liking. Ichigo has decided that maybe Quincies aren't so terrible after all. It probably helps that he is not only daddy but also 'Unc'a Ichi.'

Yachiru continued maturing, and at something of a rapid pace. Retsu and Rangiku took it upon themselves to teach her everything they knew about life and love. Rangiku showed her the practical side of things, while Retsu showed her the how and why. Both older women cherished her as their own flesh and blood. And, she made one hell of a baby-sitter for the days Toshiro needed a break.

Year eight brought about the results of Twelfth Division's 'experiments.' The findings were incredibly simple. All in all it stated that the increase in pregnancy and birth in Soul Society simply came from the fact that more shinigami (and citizens of Rukongai) were having sex with the intention of reproduction. Actually, in general more people were having sex. Like Yumichika and Isane.

Twelve years in and Hanataro braved Kenpachi and took Yachiru out a few times. They shared a first kiss, and Rangiku suspected a bit more, but nothing too serious. Hanataro was still far too timid (and intelligent) to try anything, and Yachiru simply not world-wise enough yet. She was still rather young to be partaking in too much of an intimate nature. They decided to split about five years down the road, as most first loves do, but kept in close contact and even resembled best friends. No one but Hanataro, Rangiku, and Retsu knew it was because Yachiru had finally begun maturing enough to date Byakuya. Not even Yachiru herself realized this.

Isane and Hisagi ended the relationship that never really went anywhere between them fourteen years in. She wanted children and he didn't. So, about a year after their relationship ended, Seireitei got the surprise to top all surprises in history. Yumichika was going to be a father, and considering the possibilities of being a husband.

Renji 'played the field' for several years, and has yet to settle down. Though there is speculation that his latest girlfriend might just be 'the one.' Sadly, no one knows who she is, therefore it's been rumored that she doesn't exist. What Renji isn't telling is that she's the "ugly one" of the Omaeda family.

Twenty years down the line, when baby Ai had become preschooler Ai, Toshiro was met with the same phrase as on the train to Yokohama. He couldn't fathom how the ash cat knew, but she was correct, as usual, when she told them to expect two. They had yet to be greeted into the world, but the expected were to be Daisuke and Akiko, to be born in October. It was the worst summer ever for Rangiku. September brought very little comfort, though she relished every cool breeze. At least Toshiro always seemed to have an aura of cool air around him. She made it to work on time everyday that summer.

Twenty years, eight months and seventeen days after their wedding, Rangiku's labor was just beginning. Yachiru finally asked Byakuya to marry her, and the resulting battle between Byakuya and Zaraki certainly did not help matters where Rangiku was concerned. Toshiro tried to keep Rangiku calm, but as always she was going to do what she wanted and how she wanted. She congratulated Yachiru on her success, but threatened to kill the two fool men for disturbing her nap and waking her child. Byakuya and Zaraki didn't make the same mistake twice.