It was raining before and after school every day for the next month in California… So we were visiting there. Rosalie wanted to see the beaches, and the rest of us were just happy to go out in public there. We were going to be assigned to someone who can show us around, someone who was sharing a dorm with Alice. The high school we were going to had dorm rooms, because it was a magnet school, and there were only two of this type in the country. Some of the kids there even had their own apartments. Alice was packing cloths for us, but we packed our own things, too.

"Edward, is it really going to be cloudy in California for a month?" Bella, my wife, my mate, asked me.

"Yep," I grinned at her. "And probably special for you. I can't imagine anything that wouldn't give you what you want." She smiled widely at me.

"And Renesmee. Don't forget about her."

"Of course not. Besides, I think Rose has her preoccupied for the moment." I grinned widely. Rose was playing dress up with Renesmee. She had her in a poofy, light purple, oops-I-Spilled-The-Cake-On-My-Birthday-Dress Dress.

"Come on, people!" We are leaving now!"

"Alice! No need to shout." Esme chided her as we all came downstairs.

"Well, if you weren't ready and downstairs, I wouldn't have to yell."

"Come on, Alice, Let's go, then."