A/N: All right! Finally. Chapter 8 and the final chapter (until I deem that this story could actually have a plot beyond sex). Seriously, I didn't know what the point of this story was supposed to be besides Sasuke and Itachi having their personal "Uchiha taboo lemon-festivities". Thanks for all the reviews, everyone. I really appreciated them.

My, My Sasuke

By: Apherion

Chapter 8

My hand reached out when I felt that his warmth had receded from me. I sat up, blinking, looking for him. He wasn't in sight.

My heart thudded against my chest, and I felt panicky. I became too absorbed in myself, afraid that he had abandoned me. I didn't take the time to notice that the atmosphere had shifted minutely.

"Boo," he whispered too close to my ear. I started, yelping and jerking away from him. He did not laugh at me, but a slight smile overcame his features. I breathed heavily, staring at him with wide eyes.

"Why did you do that?" I asked shakily as I got to my feet. Itachi reached out for me, grasping my wrist. His fingers were cool against my flesh as he tugged me closer to him. His smile morphed into something that suited his predator nature.

He lowered his head towards mine; lips, nose, eyes in line with mine. I stood still, not breathing.

"I'm still your brother." Our lips touched as he spoke, as we stared into each other's eyes. I felt my face heat uncomfortably, and I looked away, too caught up in how close we were. The electricity was still there, burning me where our skin made contact. How, how could he refuse me last night?

"Sasuke," he whispered, his fingers weaving through my black hair, ducking my head into his chest. I felt my breath coming in short gasps, and I was clutching at his shirt desperately. I wanted to jump him. His lips brushed along the shell of my ear, sending aching shivers coursing through my being.

"Restraint is key, little brother," he murmured, taking his hand away from my hair and letting it drift to the small of my back. I jerked into his body, longing for his hot breath against my throat.

I was denied again, and Itachi pulled away from me, relieving my smaller digits from their onerous hold on his upper body. Ever so slowly, he stroked one finger along my palm, soft and soothing—great and electrifying. He was either teasing me or testing me, seeing how far he could push me before I screamed in wanton—I mean, until my small storage of resolve broke.

"If you get your things now, we can make it to Hiroki just before nightfall." His calm demeanor did not betray the double-meaning, but there was a slight shift in his eyes. The change was tiny, minute, but I could see it, if only for the moment he spoke.

"Right," I said, noting that he had already held my bag. I wanted to ask him why we weren't continuing to Tsuuri, but I thought it better not to ask pointless questions that could come between me getting what I really wanted.

I quickly folded his blanket and dusted off his cloak, handing both to him. He stuffed the blanket in my pack, tossing it roughly into my chest. I caught it, grunting from the sheer force my brother had exerted on it. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes now. 'Those won't be the only bruises you'll sustain for today,' his eyes seemed to say to me. I couldn't stop the shiver that racked through me.

The trek through the forest went as well as to be expected.

I was impatient, and I didn't care. I was just hours away from have my mind sufficiently blown and I couldn't wait anymore. I was at my limit, or I thought I was.

It didn't help that every chance he got, he made my journey more difficult to manage. His fingers would periodically splay across my neck, toying with the tendrils of my hair that hung at the nape. Whenever he deemed we needed a break, he would whisper so erotically into my ear. I could feel his eyes devouring me, stripping me of my clothes. That heated, lusty feeling that tore through me began to increase steadily as the town approached.

I swallowed convulsively, realizing what I was about to embark on. He knew I longed for it terribly; if he hadn't, he wouldn't have tried to make the last nine or so hours sexually-deprived hell.

"Look," I whispered to him, noticing an inn when we had entered the town. He barely shook his head before leaning into my ear, licking the shell lasciviously before speaking.

"There's an inn deeper in the city," he murmured huskily. My breathing stopped and I couldn't swallow, the pain in my groin started up again. It became almost unbearable when he placed a hand on the small of my back to push me along. I tried to keep my mind focused on everything but his body heat radiating behind me, counting how many steps it took for Itachi to lead us to the inn he preferred.

"Here," he whispered softly, his lips brushing against my jawbone. I was biting the insides of my cheeks to prevent my pathetic whimpers. He immediately broke contact from me, but I could still feel every particle of him, as though our heartstrings were attached. Itachi opened the door, and we both stepped inside.

The man at the register did not wait for my brother to say a word. He called up his staff without delay and made sure that we were shown immediately to our room. The man had that look in his eyes, too. I wanted to accuse him, as I looked up at my brother with eyes that had been abandoned ten or eleven years ago. I wanted to say, 'You've threatened him before, nii-san,' but I couldn't find my voice. Itachi's eyes met mine, and this time he groaned mutely.

"Don't look at me with those eyes," he muttered in a strained voice. I smirked, and knew that my innocent face had been lost. He pinned me to a wall then, his lips harsh against my ear. "God, I'm going to have you sobbing." He pulled away then and followed behind the maid showing us to the room.

She unlocked the door, gave Itachi the key, and hastened down the steps. The same frightened look was in her eyes as the man at the register. Itachi did not go inside the room though. He stood there, waiting for the girl to get far enough away. I couldn't hear her footsteps anymore.

His hand was quick, and it yanked me by my collar, throwing me into the room. He shut the door behind himself, locking it, and setting the key on the table beside the door. His eyes were black, staring me down as he advanced like the predator he was. I dropped my bag to the floor.

He swept his hand behind my head, yanking my hair back, covering my mouth with his. I moaned, clutching at him, trying to bring him closer to me. His lips were hard and insistent, his tongue forcing my lips open. He raped my mouth, sucking and purring in a way I had never experienced before. I felt ready to melt into him already.

He broke for air, not letting me catch my breath as he began to grind our hips together. I cried out softly, his mouth hot against mine, tongue wrapping around mine and pulling on it. I saw stars behind my eyelids as his hands shoved my hips against his, and I moaned again.

"This is payback," he whispered between kisses, "for when you were too young to do this with." He lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. Our erections rubbed more fiercely through our clothes.

"I thought," I panted, "that you got rid of your…frustrations with…" His hands were still hard on my waist, forcing me down against him.

"Ha," he breathed in mock laughter, lips bruising my throat before biting down hard on the pale flesh. I screamed. "Never…when you were…little…I wanted to…" he trailed off, stripping me of my shirt while I clutched to his waist with my legs. He slammed me against the wall, shocking me, making me lose my hold on him. He used my astonishment to remove the last vestiges of clothes. I was naked against his fully clothed body, just like it used to be so many years ago.

"What…did you…want to do?" I asked, squeaking as he panted against my chest, licking at my hardening nipples. He bit one, while a hand came up and twisted the other. I writhed against him.

He threw me against the bed, still not answering. Adrenaline shot through my veins along with the electricity as he began to restrain my arms to the bedposts. He bruised my lips, brushing them with heavy insistency, breaking away sloppily.

"I wanted to…break you in half…" he whispered, bending down to nip more at my flesh, leaving long, slick trails of his saliva over my body. I froze beneath him, his spit cooling my flesh.

"W-why?" I asked, feeling his finger trace circles around the inside of my thigh. Itachi reached up and let my arms ago, flipping our positions. He lay beneath me now, and he was holding back his sighs of contentment. I could see that in his face now.

"Just thinking about it," he sighed heavily, and I felt his member pressing into my stomach through his clothes. "Ngh, mm—just think about it—do you remember what you looked like?" I muttered an assent and he continued. "Can't you see…your small, little body…with your back against my…chest as my hands make…you straddle my waist—mm—more while I'm shoving…so deep into you…forcing you on me, to meet me for every thrust…while you're crying…begging for more…begging to stop…but begging for more—ngh!" He bit his lip to hide the moan. I reached for his pants, fumbling with the button there. He arched his hips up, letting me pull the jeans from his person.

"Sasuke," he whispered, his hands searching for me as I leaned down against him. I wasn't afraid of doing this. I was willing to do as much as Shisui had, but I didn't want to overestimate my willingness.

My lips brushed up and down his shaft lightly, barely touching the appendage. I was gauging my ability to do this. I decided that I could, no, I would do this. I opened my lips and let my tongue slid against the tip as I wrapped a steadying hand around the base. He arched again into my touch. My touch was turning him on. It was me that he was seeing. His hands found my hair when I encased him entirely in my mouth.

My tongue sucked against him, rolling around his erection, pulling him further into my mouth. I hummed deftly, feeling him twitch in the hot, wetness of my mouth. I bobbed against him, teeth scraping just hard enough to get him off further.

"Keep going, Sasuke…oh—mm," he moaned, his fingers tightening in my hair. He pulled me away from his cock, dripping with a mixture of my saliva and his semen. It was the most delicious sight. He must have been at his own limit because he wouldn't let me finish.

I watched him with wide eyes when he rubbed two of his fingers against his throbbing member before placing them in front of me. I just stared, not knowing what to do. I hadn't seen this before.

"I don't have any lube, Sasuke," he whispered huskily, testily. I still didn't catch on. My brain wasn't in a position for thinking after all. Sighing in an annoyed fashion, he pressed those two fingers against my lips and I opened up. Those fingers filled my mouth, and he commanded me to suck them.

I rolled my tongue between them, around them, and through them until I felt familiar warmth brushing against my own erect member. I tried to ask my question around his fingers, but he pumped the wicked digits in my mouth, and I choked feeling his tongue kneading my tip.

He laughed, sending a shower of delicious shivers coursing through my spine.

I had never felt anything like his mouth, burning what was already hot. I arched off the bed, sobbing at his ministrations on my length, choking on his fingers in my mouth. He removed those, but my eyes were shut too tight to watch him. All that mattered was that he was sucking me down.

But then, the unfamiliar and yet still so familiar feeling was against my back. I gasped, opening my eyes to meet his as he inserted his fingers slowly into me. I felt him stretching me, and I bit my lip, throwing my head back. I tightened against the feeling, hating it, not enjoying this part. Itachi's tongue did something though, and I forgot about the digits inside of me.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was meeting the shallow thrusts of his hand while he managed to lick my most intimate part. The hot coiled tightly in my stomach, boiling more and more. I arched into his mouth as he pressed his fingers deeper within me.

"I…I'm…" I halted in speech, gaping for air, looking for something to tie me to the world. I found his beautiful hair with my groping hands, and I clutched him against my body as I felt the heated rings burst. Itachi, however, did not stop working me over.

He continued to suck with my essence moistening his lips. His fingers were scissoring, pushing in and out. I gripped around those digits, slowly becoming aware that they were no longer satisfying me. I could feel myself hardening again, moaning brokenly when Itachi finally pulled away.

He knew all of the right ways to tease me, and he was extremely slow at removing his clothing. I wanted to reach for his pants, his shirt, something, but when I tried he pinned me to the bed, lips converging on mine.

"Beg," he commanded into my ear.

"Nii-san," I moaned against his cheek, trying to conjure up the face of a past time. "Please," I breathed, looking at him with innocent-enough eyes. Itachi removed the articles covering his beautiful body, so much and so unlike mine. His warmth enveloped me, his hair pooling across my chest as he poured over me.

I felt his hands adjusting my legs, wrapping them awkwardly around his back. I could feel his shoulder blades rubbing against my calves, but he was being uncharacteristically gentle with my body as he positioned himself near my entrance. Had I forgotten how he really acted with me, or was it because he didn't have to hold back anything?

"Please, please, please nii-san," I cried for him, and I saw a twisted smile flash across his face.

"If you insist," he purred and he thrust forward, tearing into me. I tightened around him instinctively, shutting my eyes and gripping the sheets tensely. Itachi tried to bury himself further into me, but it was no use. I could feel the real tears falling from my eyes.

"Relax," he murmured, kissing my neck faintly.

"It hurts!" I choked, the sob ripping through my throat. His hands covered mine, massaging them softly. I loosened my hold on the sheets and his hands continued to feel their way on my body. His lips touched under my chin.

"You have to relax, Sasuke, it won't hurt as bad. Relax, little brother, relax." With every soft word, I could feel him embracing me deeper. His tongue licked gently at the tears staining my cheeks before he kissed me. Soon, he was sheathed within my body. The pain was becoming more manageable.

"Did…did you do this for Shisui?" I asked tentatively, reaching up to stroke his hair. He just smiled, shaking his head.

"No…" he paused while his lips and tongue touched my face, tickling it. "Shisui did this for me." I nodded, rocking my hips backward, feeling the sharp pain again.

Itachi ignored my grimace, pulling out only to shallowly shift in me. I felt one of his hands drift to my waist, guiding me to meet his small strokes. I gasped, arching into him as he gradually began to deepen the thrusts. One in particular made me cling to him, breathless and shivering.

He kept hitting that spot, and my arms were wrapped around his neck as I moaned into his chest. Both of his hands were on my hips, rolling me over him hard and fast. I quivered, feeling how insistent the moves on my body were. Something bothered me, though. I couldn't hear Itachi saying anything in between my own gasped praises.

"…'Tachi…" I breathed against his skin. I ran my tongue along his collarbone, back and forth, and I let my right hand skim over his shoulder, across the back of his neck. He purred from the touch, reaching between us to grab my arousal. I moaned loudly, the combined friction of his hard thrusts and his hand moving tight against me was overwhelming.

The hot coil built again and I held onto him, bracing myself for the glorious impact. He pulled out of me, shoving in deep enough to brush that spot within me again just right. I shuddered into him, gasping as I came into his hand, convulsing over his member as he sought for his release, too. I clung to him as his body connected in mine, still shaking from my orgasm. Two more thrusts and he was with me, lying on top of me in the bed as we both waited to recover.

I woke up with my head on his chest in the inn's bed. What was I supposed to do now?

"Itachi," I whispered gently against his neck, and he immediately pinned me to the bed. He stared down at me; control the last thing on his mind as he bent down to lick my throat. I moaned, arching into the touch until I felt a spasm ricochet through my spine.

"Wasn't last night enough?" I asked as he grabbed my bride-like body.

"Sasuke, one night with you will never be enough."