"Well I don't honestly see what the problem is." L replied in a low monotone, as usual.

"You and the cake...You. I can't believe you did that!" A very pissed Light replied.

"In some countries, it's quite normal." He said cleaning himself.

"Bullshit!" Light hastily yelled.

"Well I should be the one who's angry; you ruined a perfectly good moment."

"You call that a good moment! I will never get that mental image out of my head!"

"What's so bad about it?" L said throwing the rag across the room into the laundry basket.

"Don't act like you don't know! I get that as long as we're chained together, that we have to do things close to each other…but Ryuuzaki there are limits!" He said continuing his rant.

"Like what?" He replied in an innocent tone.

"Like…well you know."

"Raito-kun I won't know until you tell me." L said trying to act dumb.


16 minutes ago…

Something was wrong. Normally Ryuuzaki sleeps quietly, you know whenever he gets around to it. But he was grunting a lot and rumbling around on his side of the bed. Maybe he was having a nightmare. Light smirked at the fact that his 'friend' was feeling in anyway pain, fear, or sadness.

"Ohh I like that" He said from his side of the bed.

'He…moaned? What the hell? Well that rules out the possibility of him having a nightmare…or being asleep.' Light thought.

"Hey Ryuuzaki? What are you doing?" Light asked, trying his best to sound tired.

"R-Raito-kun! Y-You're awake!." He said shocked.

"Well how can I sleep if you're moving around so much? I'm turning on the light."

"No, No!" He yelled.

Light turned on the…well light, and saw something horrific. L was completely nude, but with cake smeared all over him, and had a plate covering his pelvic area. There were also strawberries lying around his side of the bed.

"Ryuuzaki…what the hell's going…" then it hit him, "What the fuck are you doing!"

"Now Raito-kun, be calm about this-"

"How the hell can I be calm? When you're…"

Present time…

"Screwing cakes!" Light yelled continuing his out burst.

"I can't do that? You should have told me that." L said with his low monotone.

"You knew that!" Light barked.

Then there was a silence between the two. Both were trying to come up with some form of conversation. Neither could have reached that conclusion. They sure as hell couldn't go back to sleep. Light finally managed to bring something up.

"So…how does it feel?"

"How does…Oh! That. Quite nice actually."

"Does it matter which flavor the cake or icing is?

"Not the cake no, but the icing yes."

"Oh…how does it matter?"

"Some icing is made thicker or thinner than others."

"So you like vanilla icing?"

"Raito-kun…the icing was chocolate."

That night was the loudest Light had ever screamed in his life. It was a mixture of disgust, pity, and revelation. It woke every one up in the building, gave Light a sore throat for 2 weeks, and managed to shatter 3 windows and Watari's glasses.

Also, whenever L told Watari to get chocolate cake, with strawberries from that day forward Light cringed. Altogether it all gave Light a whole new reason to kill L.