Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach...or a calculator.

AN: Speed fic prompt by JudiKicksHiney...Yachiru and Shunsui...calculators.

"What is that?" Yachiru asked, prodding the device with a sticky finger.

"I'm not quite sure," Shunsui nudged it with an equally sticky finger. "Nanao loves it though."

"She does?" Yachiru frowned and stuffed another piece of cotton candy in her mouth. "It looks boring."

"It does," Shunsui agreed, licking some remaining pink fluff from his finger.

"What does it do though?" Yachiru pushed a button.

The screen flickered to life. Shunsui eeped.

"What are those?"

"Numbers," Shunsui whispered in terror.


"Hmm," Shunsui pushed a few buttons. The small screen flashed off. "What the heck? It's broken."

"She's going to get so mad at you," Yachiru gasped.

"Don't tell!" Shunsui's eyes widened.

"I won't...if—"

"What? Anything!"

"You have to by me some more candy!"

"Done!" Shunsui danced happily. Yachiru smirked.

"What are you two doing?" Nanao asked from the doorway, a fresh stack of paperwork in her hands.

"Nothing?" Shunsui shrugged.

"I see," Nanao didn't look convinced. She sat down and frowned. "Why is there half-dissolved cotton candy all over my calculator?"

"He did it!" Yachiru flashed out the open window.

"Well, dang," Shunsui murmured. "I'm not giving her anything now."