Car Seat



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AN: Another prompt from Judi. Renji, Ukitake... prompt in the back of a car

Simple. Car seat. Seat belt. Arm rest.

Renji had no idea how it was done. There was absolutely no room in the back seat of a Honda. He had to get in a pretty painful position halfway on the floor, halfway on the seat and he could only imagine how uncomfortable the other man had to be pressed against the door like that. Renji wrinkled his nose in annoyance and pulled away from the pale lips and long white hair.

"Shit, fuck, hell," Renji muttered under his breath.

"What's wrong?" Ukitake pushed himself away from the door and rubbed where the handle had been unnecessarily prodding him.

"Nothing," Renji mumbled. "Damn car's too small."

"It's nothing we can't handle." Calm brown eyes flitted to the younger man's face. "Do you really want to had a reason for this."

"No, I don't..." Renji frowned, pink tingeing his cheeks. "I'm sorry for asking you to do this..."

"It's not a problem," Jyuushirou offered a small smile. "Everyone needs release sometimes. Pent up emotions aren't good for anyone."

"But you're so understanding about it," Renji huffed.

"She is in my division, Renji," Ukitake said softly.

"I know, it's just so annoying. I should be able to control myself." Renji hung his head.

"Don't let it get to you," Ukitake slid his fingers into Renji's hair and expertly snapped the tie out of it. Hair fell messily into Renji's eyes and he shook it out of his face, getting a small laugh from the captain.

Escaping to the living world for a "night of release" as Ukitake called it had been a stupid idea, but Renji had jumped at the chance, certain that the captain would understand how he felt. He hadn't expected to be led to an unlocked car and shoved in the back seat, but one look at the captain and Renji had their bodies pressed together in a matter of movements.

"It's not a big deal," Renji agreed slowly, swallowing heavily as the other man's tongue got a little too friendly with his throat. "Rukia's never been into me and I know it. It's stupid of me too keep thinking like this."

"You can't help how you feel," Ukitake said with a soft smile, pulling away. He leaned over Renji and crawled into the front passenger. A second later that the seat scooted as far back as it would go and reclined until it was almost touching the back seat. "You ready?"

"Uh, yeah," Renji nodded, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Lay down," Ukitake moved out of the way to give the younger man room to move. Renji nodded again and maneuvered himself into the seat. The white-haired captain straddled his hips and leaned down about to capture Renji's lips again.

The door flew open and the two very startled shinigami were surprised to see the wide-eyed face of a toddler.

"Damn it," Renji shot up, almost knocking noses with the captain. "I knew we should've picked a different car."

"I don't remember leaning the seat back like this," a woman's voice murmured as she set down her shopping bags. Jyuushirou grabbed Renji and shunpoed out of the vehicle.

"Well," Ukitake said a moment later as they reached the edge of the grocery store parking lot. "I guess that explains the car seat."

End...that was sadly supposed to be an angst fic...