Not In Public!



Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.

AN: Prompt by JudiKicksHiney...Hollow Ichigo, Ikkaku...public restrooms

"No way am I doing it in there," Hichigo looked vaguely disturbed. "It's disgusting!"

"There's no where else," Ikkaku snorted. "We're not exactly in a secluded area, you know?"

"But," his yellow eyes widened. "It's public!" Hichigo hissed, pulling Ikkaku away.

"It ain't gonna kill you to do it in there," Ikkaku grabbed the front of the hollow's shirt and pushed open the door.

"It might. Do you know how many germs are in there?" Hichigo shuddered at the thought.

"I'll wash my hands," Ikkaku said boredly.

"There's no way I'm going to let you do it in there!"

"Fine, but don't come crying to me if you trip over that shoe lace. Stupid sissies should learn to tie their own shoes."

"It's not my fault I don't know how!" Hichigo huffed. "It's embarrassing enough...let alone learning how to do it in a bathroom."

"Whatever," Ikkaku sighed and leaned down to tie the string. "All better."

"Stop treating me like a baby," Hichigo pouted.