Chapter 1: Finding

Bayville, New York; September 4th, 2002 - streets around the mall

"Oh mah Gawd!" a fifteen year old girl, with auburn hair and two white streaks down the front and green eyes like emeralds, gasped as she headed away from her friends and towards an alley.

"What is it Rogue?" a sixteen year old boy, with brown hair and ruby-quartz glasses, asked the girl.

"It's a lil' boy." She told Scott as she carefully picked up the little boy, making sure none of her skin could touch him, turning to Scott with the boy in her arms and said, "Scott, take meh home."

"What?! Ew, put that thing down Rogue." A girl, also sixteen, with long red hair and light hazel eyes, said as she just realized what her friends were talking about. "It's nasty, and no one is going anywhere. We haven't even finished shopping yet."

"Scott," Rogue looked right in the boys eyes (as best she could because of the glasses), and her saw the worry in her eyes, "please Scott."

Wow, I have never heard her say that without being sarcastic. Scott thought.

"Jean," Scott turned towards the redhead, "you keep shopping. I will come back after I take Rogue home." Jean didn't say anything, just walked away as Scott and Rogue hurried towards the car.