Chapter 7: The Surprising Answer

Rogue was speechless, "A-Ah don't know what to say."

"Say yes momma! Duh!" Jamie said.

"Yes Remy, of course Ah'll marry ya."

"Yeah!" Jamie yelled as Remy gave Rogue the ring (a silver band with small emerald in the middle of two diamonds), "C'mon Jinx." Jamie said as he ran around the room showing everyone his dog.

"Remy," Rogue started timidly as Remy stood up, "Ah got somethin' Ah need to tell ya."

"What is it Cherie?"

"Well, Ah'm kind of…well, pregnant. Ah found out about a month ago, but Ah didn't know how to tell ya." She said shyly.

"Cherie, ya mean Remy is gonna be a pere? We're gonna have another bebe?"

"Yeaa, are ya mad?" Rogue asked nervously, still looking at the floor.

"Cherie," Remy took her chin and forced her to look up at his eyes, "I could not be happier." He kissed her deeply, then turned to the crowd in the room, "Jamie, everyone, listen up." Everyone gathered around the couple, and Jamie ran up to the front of the group. "I wanted to tell y' all dat Rogue an' I are gettin' engaged an' are plannin' to have the wedding by the end of the month." The crowd started to talk and try to congratulate the couple, but Remy held up his hands and continued speaking, "We were plannin' on adoptin' Jamie officially. That is if he don' care. -"

"Not at all pere!" Jamie interrupted happily.

"An' finally, Rogue is pregnant and will be givin' birth in about eight months!" At that moment everyone clapped and eagerly congratulated the couple and new family.

"Jamie, can ya come here please?" Rogue knelt down in front of him, "Ah want to know if you are okay with meh havin' this new bebe. It will not replace you in anyway, ya know dat right?"

"Of course I know momma! I could not be happier to have a brother or sister! I can't wait!"

This is the final chapter of the story. As of right now there is no sequel, there might be in the future though!