Been dabbling in a few different fandoms as of late, so thought a bit of post-age might be fun. Uh... how did I go on 'Dark Angel; it's voices and characters'?

Max climbed the last three steps and inhaled a deep breath of the fresh morning air. Even so central in the city, the air up on the rooftops seemed clearer somehow, and the traffic noise much farther away.

She ambled out into the sunlight, out from the square grey shadow of the stairwell. It was an uncommonly beautiful day. So engrossed was she with the utter blueness of the sky that the X5 dozing on the air inlet took a moment to register. When he did, Max couldn't help rolling her eyes.

Max clearly hadn't been the only one to notice how fine the morning had turned out. Eyes closed, Alec was draped over the sun-warmed metal like a tabby cat. What Max found most interesting though, was the quiet vibrations emanating from somewhere deep in his chest. It sounded exactly like he was purring.

'Oi, lights on soldier,' Max ordered in amusement. She stood several feet away, hands on hips and waited for the jump. It was practically unheard of for a transgenic caught sleeping not to jump like a scalded cat.

''m awake,' muttered Alec, not moving. The purring stopped when he talked, but started as soon as his breathing resumed.

Max quirked an eyebrow. 'You look really awake.'

Letting out a long-suffering sigh, Alec cracked one eye open. 'You make more noise coming up the stairs than a whole platoon,' he informed her curtly.

'Hmpf,' was all Max replied with. She uncrossed her arms and sauntered over to the railing to look at the view. She heard Alec yawn behind her, then some scuffles that were almost certainly stretching. She resisted the urge to turn and look. 'Do you always purr when you sunbake?' she asked, trying not to let her laughing smile show in her voice.

'What?' Alec sounded surprised and a little confused. There was the quiet padding of bare feet on concrete as he came to stand next to her. His hair was all flat on one side where he'd been sleeping on it.

'You were purring,' Max told him emphatically.

'Was not,' muttered Alec sulkily.

'Aw, it's all right liddle puddy tat. I won't tell anyone.' She was really grinning quite a lot.

Alec's look was something approximating a death glare. 'I wasn't purring,' he growled. 'Besides, just because you missed out on the superior feline respiratory tract.'

'Sure sure,' retorted Max. She smirked and pretended to be interested in the cityscape. Alec obviously couldn't handle any more of an affront to his dignity.