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Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama

Anime: Naruto

Main Pairing: SasuNaru, Hints of ZabuHaku

OneSided Pairings: SakuNaru

Main Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Haku, Haruno Sakura, Haku.

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Warnings: Yaoi, Sakura-Bashing, Pedophile! Sakura, Evil! Sakura

Summary: SasuNaru At their deathbeds, he promised he would drag the other back to that village. Thus, fifteen years into the future, they meet again. Unfulfilled destinies will finally come together.

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto.

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;;' C.h.a.p.t.e.r.0.1';; Rebirth

He stared at the other lying beside him, slight rain prickling his vision. The blond moron was still the same, even in his death bed. Confident and, a complete moron. He had no other words to describe him. And even then, he knew he loved him more than he could ever confidently tell anyone. He would have done anything, but give up his revenge. He had accomplished the impossible; he had almost destroyed Konohagakure. He was positive he had accomplished this, because of the way their one true shinobi was dying.

He knew, even at their deathbeds, that the blond was fully his.

When he had been in the village, he alone had consumed the blond's thoughts, time, and actions. He had been the one to continuously challenge him, and keep a steady bond. He had saved the blond too, many times over. Then, when he had left the village, he had taken the blond with him, completely. Soul and heart, he held both in his hands. They had been connected, despite being disconnected by distance and rank. And even now, when they had to fight, truly fight one another, he was connected to the boy.

They would die as one as well.

He noticed the blond move, his body shaking. He was dying, and he himself would too. Together, they would move on. Into a world where they might never be together, but know the other was theirs. It made him smile, almost smile.

"Te-teme, I swear… I s-swear I'll bring y-you back to K-Konoha… I-I promise…"

He shook his head. The moronic blond never gave up. It was almost too stupid. He would never return to the village, that itself was a promise. A promise he was going to have to maintain, whether in the Death God's hands, or wherever else.

He felt his face slip into a frown when the blond stopped moving, completely. He let a ghosted whisper of the boy's name out, before letting his hand reach for the blond's. He wanted to die entwined with the one he loved most. But, he found, as his hand reached the blond's, his energy gave away. It all went blank, and he knew, his last thought, that he never got to hold the blond's hand, as he had wished his last moment to be.


"Itachi has died…?"

Kisame nodded, before pointing to the boy in his arms. His eyes narrowed. "The boy's name, Itachi instructed, shall be Sasuke," he stated. The woman stared down at the boy and shook her head. He resembled Itachi greatly. She was almost certain this was some game of god's. "As he wishes. His son will be named Uchiha Sasuke," she whispered. Her hand brushed over the baby boy's cheek, and it giggled softly.

She sighed. So, she had agreed to give birth to Uchiha Itachi's son. The next heir to the Uchiha Clan. She regretted it instantly, because now she knew, she would have this child to look after till her death. She let her hand run down the boy's face, and slowly, let the feeling seep into her skin. Her son and Itachi's son. She shook her head and looked back at Kisame.

"So, tell me. Why the name Sasuke?" she asked. Kisame shrugged. She figured Itachi would never tell Kisame why. Once more, she looked at her baby boy.

"Sleep tight, baby Sasuke. Your Otou-san just died today…"


"Kio, what are you doing! He's your baby boy!"

The man, however, continued kicking the child into the room. He hated it. The very sight of the blond haired menace made him want to kill it. He kicked it once more, forcing a cry from the child's throat. A newborn baby that took his Kia from him. He wasn't going to rest with this, this monster alive.

He reached for the matches kept at the side for Kia when she lit the room. Their maid, Saia, gasped in shock. "Kio, stop it!" she screamed. But he pulled her into the room, a menacing smirk on his face. If Kia was gone, they would all go too. That damned murderer would die. He stroked the match on the side of the box, letting it light up. He then held it up to his face.

"My little son, Namikaze Naruto. I'm going to watch you burn, and I'll burn too. We'll all burn," he said, before cackling. The baby continued crying, remaining blind to the situation. But Kio knew well. This was the end of the Namikaze family. I'm sorry Minato, but I'm ending this branch as well. I don't know if you have any children, but for certain, this part is ruined.

He dropped the match, just as Saia screamed. In quick movement, he stood by the door, waiting for the place to burn down. The baby, in the middle of the room, screamed and cried in pain. But he didn't move.


"My little son, Namikaze Naruto. I'm going to watch you burn, and I'll burn too. We'll all burn."

Well, well. My little vessel, we meet again…

The baby boy continued crying. But the voice didn't stop, in fact, it grew louder. Fate's playing cruel games with me. I'll have to be your Jinchuuriki again. No matter. The baby's small body was suddenly surrounded by red chakra, steadily growing stronger. Kio noticed it, his eyes only widened in surprise.

A baby producing that amount of chakra? What kind of child did Kia and I produce? He found shock entering his mind and body, as the chakra seemed to encase the child, protecting it from the flames. Kia honey… this isn't a normal baby, our baby boy is a demon.

But it was too late. As the flames caught each side of the room, his death approached. The blond boy in the middle, however, remained, unknowingly in the clutches of the demon that plagued it once before.


Kisame raised an eyebrow at the progress of Itachi's son.

The boy had already grown much of his hair, and he was babbling at everything that his mother said. All at three months.

He wasn't sure if this was normal, but he was almost certain he knew why Itachi had named his child Sasuke. His little brother died. He must want this boy to be like the kid. He could vaguely remember the little Uchiha, and, Itachi's son was a spitting image of the kid. He wasn't sure if this was chance, or fate.

"Come to Mommy, Sasu-chan!" the woman said. Kisame still didn't know her real name. She only said to refer to herself was Mii. Kisame rarely visited the two, only once every month, but from progress, he knew the boy was a genius. Like his uncle and his father. An Uchiha genius, an inheritor of the Sharingan bloodline limit. "Kisame-kun, could you grab me a bottle. It's in the sink," Mii said. He walked into the kitchen, half expecting to find the bottle on the table. But, to his surprise, it wasn't.

"Mii-san?" he questioned.

When he turned around, he found Mii staring in surprise at the boy. No, not for any reason.

Sasuke was walking towards Itachi's marred Konohagakure headband.


"Look, that's the boy who killed Kio-san! He's such a monster!"

The boy was only two or three, but he looked at the other children and tilted his head to one side. His blue eyes widened at the disgust. A small light lavender haired boy only stared at him with disgusted green eyes. "You truly are a weakling. What kind of runt get's kicked around like that," the man said, snorting after. The boy's eyes watered over, as he continued watching them.

He then looked back at the sand castle he had been making. It was beautiful, to him. He wasn't too good at it. The boy quickly wrapped his arms around the castle, his one true home, only to find it break away with the dust. Once more, tears poured down his face, as he felt horribly said.

"Naruto? What are you doing here? I told you I was coming to pick you up!"

He looked over to the side, where a pretty girl with tanned skin and silver hair stood before him. His eyes widened in acknowledgement. "C'mon, idiot! We're going to my home to have some more ramen, aren't we?" she said, giggling after.

The boy stood up, having completely forgotten his sorrow.


"Fire style: Fireball jutsu!"

The flames pierced through the trees, and Mii watched her son in surprise. He was good, very good with it. She expected it since he was Itachi's son. Fondly, she noticed her son staring at the burnt trees with determination in them. "Okaa-san, I want to see the rest of the scrolls," he said. She could only shake her head. At five, her precious son was trying to master so many things. She was proud, but scared.

If Itachi's past village learns of him. I'll… I'll be losing my son. My only light.

Sasuke suddenly turned around, his black eyes narrowed. "Okaa-san, I sense a higher chakra presence nearby," he said. She didn't know what he meant, because she wasn't a ninja. She was only a mother, one Itachi had effortlessly hired because she had the looks of the perfect Uchiha. Dark hair, dark eyes. She wasn't sure if she was worth this boy's time either.

Instantly, Sasuke leapt forward, tackling her to the ground, just as a kunai lunged past them. His eyes narrowed, as he looked to the side. As he had expected, Kisame stood there.

"So, Shark-face, looks like you're here too, huh?"

"We have to talk about your lineage, Sasuke."


"You're really special, Naruto. Believe me."

Naruto continued sulking, however. Ishii wasn't sure how to convince him he meant a lot to her. She was sure he was sad because of what the Otokage had said to him. Useless my ass! Naruto's been a great help to me! What does he know? She noticed he was playing with the grass, his tanned hands circling them.

She had seen Namikaze Kio and Kia once before. They had fair skin, not tanned. And none of them had bright blue eyes like that. She knew the Namikaze family was a bit split up, but Naruto was so different from his parents. He's absolutely perfect. In his own strange way. She giggled as Naruto looked back at her. "Ishii-chan, can we go out and train?" he asked. She sighed.

Yet again, another one of Naruto's favorite past times. Training.



Sasuke trembled as he ran and hand over his mother's cheek. Who did this to her? He shuddered as some revolting thought came through his mind. Why would someone hurt a woman like her? Was this his fault? Was I not strong enough? Couldn't I protect Okaa-san from them? Was I too weak?

"Hating me will be the only way you will ever be able to match up to my strength, Otouto-chan."

He snarled at the voice. What was he hearing? He quickly looked back over the markings on his mother's body. Whoever did this would pay dearly for massacring his mother…

He took in a sharp breath when he noticed the headband his father should have worn. A hitai-ate from another village. Should I go to my father's family's home? He could guess his father wanted him away from there. The closest village is Otogakure. I should go there. He shook his head and looked back at his mother, stroking her cheek lovingly.

I'll hate you, whoever you are… that way; I'll be strong enough to one day defeat you…


"Stupid demon boy!"

Naruto groaned as he felt another rib crack. But he didn't attack back. His face kept still, his eyes trained on the place before him. He wouldn't break down, he wouldn't cry. He would be able to take on this pain. I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid. I-Ishii-chan, where are you?

His guardian was gone, that was what those people said. They said he had killed her. But I love Ishii-chan! Why would I kill her? He shuddered as he felt another rib crack. Slowly, bit by bit, but surely, they were breaking each bone in his body. How long till his five year old body collapsed. I'm sorry Ishii, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

He felt the blood dripping from his many wounds, and, within a matter of moments, he closed his eyes, seeping off into a deep sleep.


Sasuke walked onwards, his black eyes never looking back. He could wave goodbye to Shinshisei village without caring one bit. He didn't care. It was the idea of entering that village that somehow made his throat clench. Almost as if he wasn't supposed to go back. But he ignored the voice and walked onwards. How could he reach his destination without doing this?

"N-Nnng… A-ah…"

He blinked at the voice. It sounded like someone in pain. He was curious, but he shouldn't go. Yet, some part of him willed him to go spy on the person. I sound like an idiot. I don't need anyone, I hate them all. But that part of him ushered him towards the voice. This person in seemingly incredible pain.

He walked towards the bush, expecting to see a young boy trying to lift weight for his mother or father. When he opened the bush, his eyes widened. It wasn't anyone lifting weight, but a little boy with gushing wounds all over his body. For some reason, his heart reacted quickly to that. Who could do that to someone so small? He couldn't comprehend being beaten so bad. Where are his parents?

The boy almost collapsed, but his pride, or something, kept him up. Sasuke felt his heart clench at the destroyed state. But he noticed it, seconds after, that the boy was headed in the opposite direction of him. I'd aid him, but he's going to Fire Country. I'm headed the other way. He smirked and decided that maybe he could give the stranger some of his healing balm.

He stepped through the bush and walked to the path, as he approached it, he saw a bit of the stranger's features. Bright blond hair, slumped shoulders, and wounds all over his body. Sasuke's eyes widened at how the boy continued on.

"I'm gonna be the Hokage someday, dattebayo!"

He shook his head. What kind of voices were popping into his head nowadays. Two five year old boys headed to different destinations, each scarred. What were the chances?

He walked forward, flinching lightly when his shoulder bumped into the stranger's. He didn't look to the side, but he noticed the boy was barely conscious. He's running away from his fate. Like me. "Nnng… K-kuso," the blond mumbled. Sasuke almost wanted to turn around and just embrace him, but he walked forward. It isn't as if they were destined to meet again. Complete strangers…


"Oh my…"

Naruto opened one eye and looked up. His vision was blurry and he felt sick. How often was it that he felt this sick? He didn't know where he was? All he remembered was walking, and something hitting him. He remembered trying to go somewhere, anywhere. But he felt so guilty. He had killed Ishii. He was a murderer, a monster like the villagers said.

"Naruto-kun, you have woken up. I am glad."

He blinked as he found a beautiful little girl before him. He was half shocked by her beauty. "You're pretty, girl," he whispered in awe. The girl gave a soft smile. "My name is Haku. I don't think you remember me anymore, but I'm glad I could see you again," she said. Naruto sat up, instantly regretting it because of the intense pain that went through his body.

The girl named Haku quickly pushed him down by the shoulders. "Please stay resting, Naruto-kun. You are very injured," Haku said. For once, Naruto was glad he was with someone who barely knew him. But she knew my name! "How do you know me, Haku-chan?" he asked. Haku shook her head. "By the way, I'm a boy," the girl said. Naruto was, shell shocked. Such a pretty boy?

"You're prettier than Sakura-chan—Wait, what?" he questioned himself. Who was Sakura-chan? Why did he mention someone like that? But Haku only laughed at his words. "Don't worry, Naruto-kun. You'll soon regain your memories, till then, you may stay with me," he said.

Stay with you, Haku-kun? I wonder… what do you mean?



Kabuto dropped all of his papers at the sight of the raven haired 'avenger'. How did he come back? Sasuke, however, remained still, a smirk on his face. So, this person knew him? Did Otogakure have such good spies? He pointed to the man and said in a calm voice.

"I'm enlisting in this village. If you don't listen, I'll kill you."

Kabuto continued to look shocked. How often did someone dead pop up in their former village as a child? A five year old, nonetheless? "O-of course Sasuke-kun. Just, take a seat over there and—" he began, only to have the child interrupt. "I need admission, a top teacher to train me. One to help me learn the secrets of the Sharingan," he said. "My village lineage must be presented to me."

Kabuto shuddered at the same demanding tone, but nodded nonetheless. Orochimaru's true heir had arrived, five years after his death. He was, to say the least, afraid.


"Haku, w-watch it! You almost hit me with your ice needle."

Naruto jumped aside, rolling effortlessly. He and Haku were training hard and long, every day. Haku said it would prepare him for something inevitable. He half expected the brown haired boy to randomly tell him that he had some demon inside of him. Four years with Haku and he knew Haku was a fabulous fighter. With his strange ice jutsu, each practiced, Naruto was thankful Haku was his friend.

"Now, on the count of four, Naruto-kun, dodge each needle."

Naruto shrieked and dove for cover when Haku leapt back into the air, tossing needles down at once. He knew the boy was dangerous, but this? God, what have I done for you to do this to me? He's like a fricken assassin!

Haku smiled knowingly at Naruto's scowl. "Determination and courage come naturally to you, Naruto-kun. Keep at it, and you will soon reach the high level you were at before," he said. Naruto raised an eyebrow. Level? Before? What does he mean?

"Oh look, lunch break."

"Ramen time!"


Sasuke smirked, victoriously, as his flames hit the enemy quicker than the other person could attack back. He was prepared. I just have to graduate. His voice strained as he remembered just how long ago his mother had died. This was for his revenge. I am an avenger…

"Sasuke-san, you aren't paying attention—"

He instantly lunged another Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu at the enemy. The flames missed, but he instantly took advantage of the light situation and went in for a kick. His leg was position in an angle upwards, so as to kick them into the air. A move he had thought of not long ago.

"Lions Barrage!"

He kicked upwards, the enemy flying into the air. He then quickly jumped up with them, kicking in a serious that ultimately led the enemy to hit the ground with force. What the..? I don't know this… I don't understand. Lion's barrage?

"Good job, Sasuke-san. You… you have graduated from the Ninja Academy at the age of… of ten."


"Naruto-kun, are you okay?"

Naruto looked over at Haku, who was taking a seat beside him now. He felt depressed, slightly. Because today was the day Ishii had met him.

"Today's the day Ishii found me as a baby…"

"We'll celebrate two things, then. You learning how to use the Kage Bushin, and your Ishii finding you during your second birth."

He blinked and looked over at Haku. "My second birth?" he asked. Haku laughed knowingly at his confusion. "Yes, Naruto-kun. Second. You will know what I mean in time," he said.

Second birth… me.