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She was in the hospital. Naruto worriedly sat outside of the hospital and kept a tearful gaze to the ground. He was so sad about having to see Sakura-chan like this. What if she died? He bit his lip and continued to pray for Sakura. Beside him, Sasuke, no doubt, prayed she died. But kept it away from his face.

"Sasuke… I feel bad," Naruto whispered. He leaned his head against Sasuke's shoulder, for a moment feeling his world burst from sorrow. She may have lied, and tried to hurt people, but she did it to gain love. No one deserved to die for that. Sasuke wrapped an arm around him, holding him close. It was comforting, the closeness.

Sasuke tenderly kissed his forehead. Nothing perverted, just sweet and innocent. "If she does live, I won't kill her. I'm content knowing you're mine," Sasuke said. Naruto grinned childishly. "Yeah, well, I'm happier knowing you're in Konoha! I did my goal!" he exclaimed. With a smirk, Sasuke, instead of being light with his kissing, bit down on Naruto's ear lobe, the blond turning dark red.

"Oh, I'll be happy soon too, dobe. You, on the other hand, you might be missing some clothes."



Sakura opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. She was alive. I want to die, she thought. I hate living without Naruto at my side. Her eyes darkened. If those two could be reborn, who says she couldn't be? She could be reborn, and she could take her revenge against Sasuke for ruining her plan.

Shock filled her eyes at seeing Haku sitting beside her bed. He wasn't wearing his mask, but she knew by the beautiful face that it was him. "You're awake, Sakura-san," Haku said. His voice was light, carefree. She knew why, too. He had accomplished his goal. Naruto was finally with Sasuke, and he was close to Naruto too. As someone close to Naruto.

Her eyes watered over. "Why does he get everything? He got Naruto, he got respect and fame. I get nothing," she whimpered. "I hate this so much. I wish I could just end it." "That isn't the solution," Haku said, plainly. At that moment, a knock echoed on the window. Sakura looked to it, and to her surprise, a bandage covered hand was there. Haku was first to stand and walk to the window. Opening it, he leapt out, leaving Sakura alone.

Without hesitation, she pulled the IV drip, supplying her with blood, out. Life swept out of her, but a smirk filled her face. I promise, Sasuke and Naruto, I'll return… to get my revenge on both of you.


Haku's brown eyes widened at the sight of that familiar guillotine sword. He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't believe who was standing before him, with the same poise and the same grace he had been so attached to before. Without hesitation, he hugged the man tightly.

"Zabuza-sama, you're alive," he whispered. The man, even though a bit younger than in the past, nodded. "I couldn't just let you do this on your own," he answered. Haku's eyes watered over, no matter how hard he tried to hold it back. His one wish had been fulfilled, Zabuza was back. "The clone… the Zabuza clone that ran off, that was you?" Haku asked.

He pulled away and Zabuza nodded again. He would love to go around with Zabuza again. He had done his goal, and he could see Naruto whenever he felt the need to. "We'll leave once I say goodbye to Naruto-kun," Haku spoke. He turned around and looked back into the hospital room. Much to his shock, he saw Sakura had--

Killed herself. No doubt, when she comes back in the future, Naruto and Sasuke will have to handle her. Till that date, they are happy.


Naruto was crying way too hard. So what if she was dead? It was for the better. Sasuke just wanted to go to the Uchiha Complex and spend time with Naruto, all alone; doing things no one else should be there for. "I-I… Sh-she should have d-done that," Naruto mumbled. He was clinging to Sasuke, crying into his shirt. As nice as it felt to have Naruto in his arms, he didn't like that he was crying for Sakura.

Haku seemed to be happy, it was obvious. But sorrow too. "I'm… afraid I must go, Naruto-kun," Haku spoke. Naruto looked up, his eyes widening. Here it comes. No, don't go. You can live with us. And I won't have any sex. "I understand, H-Haku. Just visit me, or I'll come with a rasengan and make sure you regret leaving me," Naruto said. His grin brightened everything.

Hugging Haku one last time, Naruto reached into his shirt and pulled out a necklace. Tsunade's necklace. How did he get that? Unless… unless Sakura had it—She must have taken it from Naruto's corpse. He had the necklace now, because maybe she had given it to him, unknowingly. Naruto pulled it off and handed it over to Haku. "This is from me, your little, but very powerful brother, Haku. Make sure you visit, or I'll really come after you," he said. Haku nodded and turned around, leaving the Hospital, and Sasuke assumed, the village too.

So many losses, but one thing was finally gained. Sasuke had a reason to live again.


The night poured down on them, as Sasuke and Naruto walked home. It felt good to be back, Sasuke had to admit. He missed the way he felt so safe here. With Naruto in his arms, a whole new level of warmth was introduced to him. He never wanted to lose the feeling he got.

"Sasuke? Why didn't we just not die in our past lives?" Naruto asked. Shrugging, Sasuke wrapped a loose arm around Naruto's shoulder, smirking at the blush on his dobe's face. "I don't know. Maybe because we're supposed to have sex at a much younger age," Sasuke mumbled. The way Sasuke brushed his lips against Naruto's collarbone made the blond shriek and step away.

Things are finally getting better… even if Naruto accomplished his goal, I found a reason to live.


Unheard however is Sakura's last thought. Her last wish.

I promise, Sasuke and Naruto, I'll return… to get my revenge on both of you.