It was one of those nights, It was quite, warm, not to hot not to cold. It felt as if magic was in the air. Sesshomaru sat on a hill starring off into nothing. Jaken was building a fire while mumbling something about nothing and Rin was playing in the field. It was not pitch black, there was still evidence of day left, but the stars were out.

Rin stopped playing and looked to the sky. Sesshomaru took note of the little girls now quite form, it was not like her.


With out turning away from the sky..."Yes Lord Sesshomaru"

"Is something troubling you" In his almost never changing tone. She turned to look at him.

"Oh no Lord Sesshomaru"

Then turned back to the sky and watched for a moment.

"Oh look Lord Sesshomaru! a shooting star!! make a wish hurry!"

Sesshomaru and Jaken both looked to the sky to see the star she was referring to.

Rin closed her eyes and made a wish.

Sesshomaru looked back to the girl "A wish?" he was of course talking to one heard him.

"You silly girl! you cant wish on a stupid!!" Jaken stated.

"Yes you can Master Jaken and I just did!!" sticking her tounge out at him.

"No you cant!!...and what do you have to wish for that our great Lord had not given spoiled child!!" waving his staff at her.

"I'm not telling master Jaken...if I did it would not come true!" and she started running around.

"What!! you come here right now!!" Jaken proceeded to chase her around.

Their arguing faded into the background as Sesshomaru started his thinking again. A strange child she was to him, she always had these games and thoughts, hopes and dream. A human child.

Sesshomaru thought nothing more of ramblings...she was a child and she would grow out of it, tho when he was a child he could not ever remember himself being like that, but then again he was a demon prince and she was a human child. Their arguing came back to his ears and he had enough.

"Jaken...that is enough"

This to, got Rin to settle down...and they both nodded. They returned to the fire and ate their dinner as Sesshomaru went back to his thoughts.

sorry its short,and fast,it was just in my head and I had to write it down...let me know if you think I should keep going...I know iv got alot of storys going but..I have to write it down and post them when they come to me, to see if there worth writing about...thanks